Thursday, September 4, 2014

Confession of a TripleS

(Penned this couple of days back. Decided not to share because it was ridiculously stupid since the person I’m addressing to, will never get to read this.. but still, IT TOOK ME EFFORT TO TYPE ALL THESE SO I DON’T CARE WTFLOL)

Dear Leader,

Thank you for your honesty and admitting things you have indeed done, although it is not something to be proud of. At least you do not attempt to hide the truth.

Thank you for proving that we were right – in trusting you are someone with guts and backbone.

But like I said, supporting you doesn’t mean we (or rather, I) have condone your wrongdoings. That explains my confession.

Maybe you were really driven to the wall by her. Maybe she attacked you too much it was a self defense mechanism. It is sadly, a social stigma that a man shouldn’t lay his hands on a woman.

In my utmost honest opinion – this is true. And false.

First of all, allow me to share something private – I was once a victim of an abusive boyfriend. He was 1.8m and very built. (Not that I drove him crazy in any way he has to abuse me wtflol). I’m a 1.6m and very.. erm, fat? 

What I’m trying to say is that there is no way my strength is greater than his. Lol. Anyway, he was really psychotically possessive and too much a liar I had to leave him. And for that reason, he abused me. He tried to break my wrist. Ok period. Enough of my history.

So I thanked the law for protecting women. That law helped me to fend him off for good.

Now, pls be patient and allow me to tell you a story. I chanced upon this video clip. It was a hidden camera. In the footage, there was a fake couple pretending to have a heated quarrel. The man started to getting physical and pushed the woman. Once. Twice. And the surrounding people almost immediately, stepped up and stopped the man. The crowd was protecting the woman.

The 2nd half of the footage showed that same. Heated quarrel. This time round, the woman begin to hit the man. Again and again and again. What did the crowd do?

They stood aside to watch. And they chuckled. All of them.

None of them stood up for the man. The woman continued to abuse the man.

You see, social stigma protects women. Which is really not wrong. But hey, thinking deeper, some men are going through the same thing. But yet no one is there to protect them.

No one but themselves.

However, if a man were to retaliate (all human does) and the receiving party is a woman – the man naturally gets it, in this modern society. This is done so because many men abused woman for the wrong-est reasons. As a woman, I agree to this law. Some man are just plain crazy.

So are some woman.

As one who practices being objective, I can’t help but to see both side of stories and at time, voice out for the man.

I feel (really just my own sentiments) you ought to walk away. It is the best a man could do. Walk away, have a booze. Even if you are mad, venting your anger on a woman is socially wrong even if your aren’t.

Dear Leader, my boy - I hope this has taught you a good lesson. A valuable one. In relationship, in life, in your career. EQ is very important. You are 28 (international age system) - not young, but not old either. I hope you will change to be someone better, strong and wiser. For your junior, your friends, and your fans will take you as a role model. It is unfair, but you have soared high to be a hallyu star – hence the responsibilities. We are all role models somehow, somewhere. Bear that in mind. Engrave it to your heart.

Translate negative into positive – I always try to do that. I hope you will, too.

I believe this has affected your career somehow. But over here, we are all rooting for you. Because..

1)      We still yet know the entire story,
2)      You have instilled an impression to fans that you are never someone abusive,
3)      We knew you have done many kind deeds,
4)      You have your friends that are telling us NOT to trust what we are reading.

A voice is telling us to hang on. Something is not right. Wait for the truth to be unveiled.

This whole saga has once again proven our unity as your fans. Well of course, this saga also helped “spring clean” a little, ridding off the fans that probably are over your looks and perhaps, just over your popularity, I don’t know.

Meanwhile, I wait for more truth to be told by you.

Yours sincerely,

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