Monday, October 24, 2011


Good Monday morning y'all! So many things going on, pretty out of thoughts. Work had been hectic, as usual. Rough Monday morning I had. Or rather, rough Sun night I had thanks to work, so it kinda dragged to this morning.

Changed my phone to Samsung Galaxy S2! So far so good. No complaints aside the battery, which drains rather fast, imo. Had to charge every day. I later found out from tweeps that it's normal.

Yeah, touch screen. Graphic intensive. What am I expecting for, right? Lol. That's because I can charge my BB every 1 1/2 day. Sometimes, even charging it after 2 days. Which is very powerful compared to this one I'm holding onto now.

Adjusting to touch screen (I had a bad experience with HTC Touch back then so I swore not to use it until.. read on) phone because I've been using Blackberry. Good ol' Blackberry hasn't failed me (that much) but the fact that its lack of applications (which is quite a deal these days, else you get outdated) really got me worried so I had to source for something else. Considering I'm in the IT industry, it daunts me how far I've lacked behind in terms of technology. Everyone knows Technology advances F1 fast.

Still heart my blackberry.

Anyway anyway, I'm jetting off in, less than 20 hours' time. Going on hollies!

And where will I be?

No. Not Korea. Yet. Unfortunately. :( But soon. Soon. Sooooon.

And meanwhile,

I'll be taking a quite break here. ^^
Updates when I'm back, lovelies!

*P.S. Haven't pack my luggage!

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