Thursday, March 22, 2012

4th post of the day!

Lol I'm spamming my blog. Too free! Anyways, here are some mundanities of everyday life:

"Pooch why you SOOOOO cute!"
Pup was licking my finger as if it was a popsicle. I'd fear my finger bitten off if this was not a pup we are talking about.

"Done with emcee-ing at Meanie's big day!"
Annnnd, it clashed with the bloody IT Show. Again. I went back to work after her wedding lunch. See? No fun, no glam.

"Where got people's
shutter door so cute one!!!"

"Finally, the hot pink I've wanted.
Colour not true to real one."
$6 bucks, was all I spent.

Manicurist asked if I was a student when I asked for the price! *glees* (Diligence of applying skincare product every morning and night showed results!) Should have told her yes I am a student and get some discounts. Shall do that in future.

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