Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random updates (of food, pics and songs)

Good news and bad news. Bad news, I can't sleep. It's like, 7 in the morning now? And I've got class later in the evening.

Oh well, good news is, I'm blogging. LOL.

Bad news, I still can't see through "the fog". Good news, I'm gonna skip the fog and continue reading other reference books. Note to myself: You are seriously neglecting other subjects. Reads: Dangerous.

Ok, dunch know what I'm blabbering.

Buddy Kym was complaining my blog is getting very boring, so I thought I add some stuffs.

First up! Fooood~

I dunno what is this, but I'm telling you, it taste fantastic. Mum got it from her workplace and pacified me to try but I was reluctant.

Nonetheless I gave it an attempt and voila! I thank god for his invention of mankind which in turn, created such delicacy. Yums!


Park Jung Min spazzes! Finally did my long planned montach of his and boy wasn't I happy to see so many minnies at one go. Absolute eye candy. *loony hops*

Look at him, just look at him! He's soooo effing adorable can!? (Yes x 3 I know the 5th pic from the 1st row, left on, looks wicked funny. Eh wait, got duplicate image! Darn)


And of course, how would it be possible, that I do not use it as my mobile wallpaper right? ^^ Off note, GO GET A BLACKBERRY ALREADY! Has got to be the best phone I've used thus far. Totally lurve it.


Heart bb + Park Gorgeous to death.

And guess what? Another pleasant surprise from tweetie @nisaho! Whom sent me this pic...


... of Jung Minnie revealing his brief.


I was oggling and giggling like some peevish otaku shouting "pantsu! pantsu!". xD


Songs! I managed to sniff some old but very nice kpop! May I present...

8eight! Awesome I tell you!

30 minutes ago

No one cries because they want to

And there's Han Hyo Joo, who practically melts us with her immaculate falsetto. (Amma total sucker for falsetto I tell you. The higher the better. :P)

Break Up

The newer ones which I find, worth spending the 3 minutes sitting down and listen.

Laundry by Nylon Essay

You can fly by hybRefine

Believe I Can Fly by Yoon Wha Jae In (윤화재인)

Literally forgot credit the vid uploaders.. And I'm too lazy to trace back for all 6 videos. Mianhe..


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