Thursday, February 4, 2010

SupportHyunJoongPetition via @magicmanula

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Poor girl, line got halted and couldn't continue tweeting. Had to use her mum's office computer to log into twitter henceforth. I hope your line is alright already hunnie. ^^

VCal: DSP, again I must ask, what EXACTLY are you doing? SupportHyunjoongPetition

VCal:Kim Hyun Joong merely told the truth! Why vindicate him for that?! SupportHyunjoongPetition

And i was wondering if i should calm down. XD SupportHyunjoongPetition

OMG, I love this!! XD XD RT: @s2rene DSP I hate you! SupportHyunjoongPetition

VCal:I know we can do better than that, go on!! Go go go! SupportHyunjoongPetition

That's basically what i was trying to say. Thanks, DSP!! SupportHyunjoongPetition

VCal:Have you give you 100% to HyunJoong leader? SupportHyunjoongPetition

VCal:HyunJoong gave his 100% effort on stage, for us, the TripleS! SupportHyunjoongPetition

And they're things i totally agree with. SupportHyunJoongPetition

Ok, now i'll post some of Cal's tweets. :D SupportHyunJoongPetition

Can i be random again? 134 new tweets. I don't dare clicking that bar. XD My computer may not take it. XD SupportHyunJoongPetition

Nothing...Ah! No i should stop thinking about DSP. But it's kind of unavoidable. We all agree it's their fault.. SupportHyunJoongPetition about

Our dear, lovely, caring DSP Ent. -_- That poor guy's given everything to them and what have they done? SupportHyunJoongPetition

Ok, that was random...Where was i? XD I think no one will blame me if i say a big sarcastic THANKS to DSP. SupportHyunJoongPetition

Aaaaah!!! My mom is keeping talking to me!! I need silence!!! XD SupportHyunJoongPetition (this one funny. xD)

I was so happy to see the pics of his cousin's wedding. Then i read he got drunk. Well...Thanks!! Whoever did this..SupportHyunJoongPetition

Let's just say the main point of today is what i've been saying all along: RIZE UP, LEADER!!! XD SupportHyunJoongPetition

So...I'll try not to be too harsh, since this whole situation is getting on my nerves like nothing else in history. SupportHyunJoongPetition

I should have prepared something to say...-_- I'm stupid. But yet...i can write anything, as long as i post SupportHyunjoongPetition, right?


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