Sunday, January 31, 2010

SupportHyunJoongPetition via @cath_ts

I said I'd archive you girls' tweets right? I did. And boy it's tedious. :) Since I'm doing in alphabetical order...

First up! Catherine's ^^

Who came up with an ingenius idea of re-using those tweets from the infamous 25 tweetspams for the trending. ^^


(Please start reading from bottom!)


@bieber_chixX95 Can tweet again now, Uya? Hehe xDD SupportHyunJoongPetition

RT @yenps Here's a reward for those busy tweeting... HyunJoong attends Uncle's wedding SupportHyunJoongPetition

Belom makaann... Luaaappppeerrr!!!! SupportHyunJoongPetition

RT @ndayuu: Congrats TS :) *just update and go again* hyunjoong and supporthyunjoongpetition .

RT @NovKyu HyunJoong is The Only Leader for #SS501. I'll keep SupportHyunJoongPetition no matter what.

Aduuh, kyna jari gw agak berotot d. Ga usah jd pianis biar punya jari ramping kyna. Hahaha LoL SupportHyunJoongPetition

Ding dong!! Time's up!! Still... SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition

I've no idea. My followers kind of increase tonight I guess. Nice to meet you all! ^__^ Sorry for spam around 2nite SupportHyunJoongPetition

Yuppie... DSP sucks! xD @tatavita HyunJoong & members ngeliat usaha TS&DSP melihat kenyataan yg sbnrnyaDSP sucks SupportHyunJoongPetition

Me too!!! xDD @cheryltsz RT @NovKyu this is the craziest TT mission I've ever joined... SupportHyunJoongPetition HyunJoong a

Banyak yg bikin id baru gr2 overtweet?? xDD SupportHyunJoongPetition

RT @ZOELLEEEE apologies to followers. really sorry for making your page 99% of my tweets O-O SupportHyunJoongPetition

13 minutes again... SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition

RT @nisaho Without HyunJoong , no SS501. SS501 always united!!! SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition

What is this?I got Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit?I'm glad if it's real though @8146TwitPrize2 SupportHyunJoongPetition

@hjl_chixx95 Me too at first, but after few minutes I sign out and in again, and I'll still able to tweet ^^ SupportHyunJoongPetition

LoL It's the best way!! xDD @hjl_chixx95 yes it's me..i'm in such hurry.,hehehe SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition

Bangga kali dikau xDD @NovKyu test diterima, nyaha,saya msh bisa donk. HyunJoong RT @cath_ts Kena juga gw Tweet ove SupportHyunJoongPetition

@hjl_chixx95 Just sign out and in again... SupportHyunJoongPetition

@hjl_chixx95 OMO... Uya? U too? Tweet overlimit? Actually we still can make it. I try it just now... SupportHyunJoongPetition

@VieFerdinand @fennyw Bless me guys, I still can tweet right now. Hehe ^^
@tatavita Pokokna qt ga bs ngetweet lg aja gitu... SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition

@tatavita Ga tau jg ta. Gw jg first time ky gini. Tp kalo lo sign out trus msk lg, ternyata msh bs koq. Hehe xDD SupportHyunJoongPetition

Kena juga gw Tweet overlimit.... Test... Test... SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition

Tweet overlimit? Baru tau ad begituan x( SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition

Test... Test... SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition

Buakakaka LoL RT @kie2703 ak m'bicrkn seindonesia dia bersin2, sekorea dia kesandung, sedunia dia kegelian kale supporthyunjoongpetition

Pasti donk!!! @irennluphSS501 @cath_ts tetep SupportHyunJoongPetition

@ZOELLEEEE Yeah I heard it took Rihanna's song. But I haven't hear it too though ^^ SupportHyunJoongPetition

Bgs dong mel... Waktunya gajian!!! Hehehe LoL @shinhw4_girl kenapaa sekarang dah tanggal 28 *akhir bulan* HyunJoong SupportHyunJoongPetition

I'm curious to hear yours, Mai RT @Maisimus 5 reasons to love SS501....... SupportHyunJoongPetition

Buakaka... Come back soon Uya ^^ @bieber_chixX95 Toilet alert...brb SupportHyunjoongPetition SupportHyunjoongPetition

Isn't in Rihanna's song? ^^ @ZOELLEEEE i sing SNSD's OH OH OH OH 오빠를 사랑해 ♥ SupportHyunjoongPetition

RT @shinhw4_girl HyunJoong SupportHyunJoongPetition *gak tahu mo ketik apaan* about
Welcome anin @anin_noy @cath_ts @Tha_Saengi @NovKyu @S_Purple @tatavita @chumills @septi_tik @Anggun_njuun@_CinCin_ supporthyunjoongpetition

There wouldn't be SS401, cause it will always be SS501, Hyun Joong leader, you're in! SupportHyunJoongPetition SupportHyunJoongPetition

Check FB for a while... SupportHyunJoongPetition

Aduhhh, padahal di kamar, tapi koq panas bgt se??? SupportHyunJoongPetition

Ga seind, sedunia malah Hahaha xDD LoL RT @kie2703 HyunJoong! gila nih orang dibicarain orang seindo ga bersin2 ap? supporthyunjoongpetition

RT @triplechangjo: - a caps when Hyunjoong become number 2 on TT list 28th Jan 2010 07:50 PM West Indonesian Time

Thx 4 info. Cal is the best RT @NovKyu twit gw VCal nya it buatan cal dititipin ke gw.klo udh abis kata2,RT itu aj. SupportHyunJoongPetition

RT @caca_babyjoon sekali lagi maaf ya menuhi timeline kallian para followers SupportHyunJoongpetition

RT @RachelLoveHJL 4D Hyunjoong brights up our every single day! SupportHyunJoongPetition

OMO.... Jari uda mau copot, tapi tetep SupportHyunJoongPetition xDDD

RT @kyunicole TripleS Fighting! SupportHyunJoongPetition

Tenang, ga nafsu koq. Saya sukanya mencari mangsa yg lebih enak. Hehe xDD RT @shinhw4_girl jangan, uchi cuma mlk sy SupportHyunjoongPetition

Honestly, I don't like ur style at BBF, but thx u let me now abt #SS501 from it SupportHyunJoongPetition

Kalo HyunJoong se ud jd trend topic skrg @NovKyu bgitu kah? @triplechangjo maybe we shld trend Hyunjoong instead SupportHyunjoongPetition

Sama... Belom makan mlm ne... T_T RT @shinhw4_girl pengen gigit Uchi..... -___-; SupportHyunJoongPetition

@dhewiTS @Varian_Joong Tweet na di unlock dl say, kalo ga, ga keitung ^^

He's just in the wrong place and wrong time... That's sucks SupportHyunJoongPetition

Glad to see u here ^^ @deebhagalz hyunjoong really should down that typo & playing thing!aja aja ,tripleS fighting! supporthyunjoongpetition

Omo... Mulai pake bhs dewa jg y ta?? xixixixi~~~ RT @tatavita SS501 ni men jiu shi wo de xing kong SupportHyunJoongPetition

Triple S will always SupportHyunJoongPetition

RT @Maisimus C'mon fans of HyunJoong!! We can beat the top 3, I know it!! Fighting!! SupportHyunJoongPetition

OMO... what else now?? SupportHyunJoongPetition

5 reason why I like #SS501 SupportHyunJoongPetition

I'm finished now... SupportHyunJoongPetition

5) He's very talented. Can sing, can dance, be a DJ, composing music and lyric, etc =p SupportHyunJoongPetition

4) He's very ambitious and not afraid to show it to the other SupportHyunJoongPetition

3) Love his voice. His voice has some mysterious charisma :D SupportHyunJoongPetition

2) Always bullied by his hyung and keep fell on it wkwkwk =) ← (jinxed: evil evidence again... xD) SupportHyunJoongPetition

He's the most cute and handsome man all the time SupportHyunJoongPetition

5 reasons why I like #SS501 HJB... SupportHyunJoongPetition

my fav song now #SS501 A song calling for you remix version SupportHyunJoongPetition

RT @Maisimus VCal:Who is the best-looking namja in the universe? OUR NAMJA HYUNJOONG OF COURSE! SupportHyunJoongPetition

OMO... HyunJoong on trending topic now!!! SupportHyunJoongPetition

nowplaying #SS501 Wings of the world SupportHyunJoongPetition

I'm hearing lead's rap just now. Love him the most!! SupportHyunJoongPetition

5) He's full of energy to do sexy charisma exploded all the time ^^ SupportHyunJoongPetition

4) He loves talk the most, so he can cheer up the atmosphere ← (jinxed: like unnie, like unnie) SupportHyunJoongPetition

3) He always forgot to zip his pants, or had tragedy with it, make me laugh so hard LoL ← (jinxed: jeongmal!!!) SupportHyunJoongPetition about

2) He's always bullied maknae, yet still care about him ← (jinxed: evil girl no.4 .. xDDD) SupportHyunJoongPetition

Love his devil smirk xp SupportHyunJoongPetition

Ati2 salah ngitung ya... Duit tuh urusanna. Hahaha xDD RT @shinhw4_girl ngitung bon sambil SupportHyunjoongPetition

RT @bieber_chixX95 Triple S will always by HyunJoong side SupportHyunjoongPetition SupportHyunjoongPetition SupportHyunjoongPetition

Ok, no matter what better continue SupportHyunjoongPetition

Damn... SupportHyunjoongPetition (this one so funny!)

Shit... I mistyped it SupportHyunjoongPetition

Just watched him became vampire which more sexy than Robbert Pattinson SupportHyunjoongPeitition

Ow, time for our sexy charisma SupportHyunjoongPeitition

5 reasons why I like #SS501 JM... SupportHyunjoongPeitition

5) He take care HJL the most when they’re still roomate SupportHyunjoongPeitition

4) He always concern about other first before himself SupportHyunjoongPeitition

3) He's very gentle and warm hearted SupportHyunjoongPeitition

2) His effort to try very hard the most SupportHyunjoongPeitition

He’s a very nice person and love his family SupportHyunjoongPeitition

Let's continue SupportHyunjoongPeitition

#nowplaying #SS501 Honto ni Sukidatta SupportHyunjoongPeitition (ah ah ah, again!)

OMO I Love Lead's rap very much!!! SupportHyunjoongPeitition

#nowplaying #SS501 Man SupportHyunjoongPeitition (Silly girl! Already trying so hard to help trend SupportHyunJoongPetition yet still contribute to the cursed #nowplaying? xD)

Cut a moment SupportHyunjoongPeitition

5 reasons why I like #SS501 KJ... SupportHyunjoongPeitition

Next is our sweetest center SupportHyunjoongPeitition

5) He keep insist to have bad boy image LoL SupportHyunjoongPeitition

4) Love his awkwardness with HJL SupportHyunjoongPeitition

3) He can play piano very beautifully SupportHyunjoongPeitition

2) His chubby looks and love his dimples when he smile. The most cute person in the world :D SupportHyunjoongPeitition

His angel voice always make me *melt* every time SupportHyunjoongPeitition

5 reasons why I like #SS501 YS... SupportHyunjoongPeitition

Member always support each other, esp in the time like this SupportHyunjoongPeitition
Better continue with other member now.. SupportHyunjoongPeitition

Persona Budokan is the coolest concert i've ever seen SupportHyunjoongPeitition
Love #SS501!!! SupportHyunjoongPeitition

#nowplaying #SS501 Wasteland SupportHyunjoongPeitition (Eh, why trend #nowplaying? Our rival!)

Heard that he's still drunk a lot last time SupportHyunjoongPeitition

Now he's getting thinner SupportHyunjoongPeitition

He's been through a lot of hard time... SupportHyunjoongPeitition

should more respect to leader... SupportHyunjoongPeitition

5) He’s a great leader, very humble and always take care of his dongsaeng SupportHyunjoongPeitition

4) He has the most ultimate hotness body in this world ^^ ← (jinxed: jittjoong jittjoong! *nosebleed maximum*) SupportHyunjoongPeitition SupportHyunjoongPeitition

2) He's very honest and straightforward SupportHyunjoongPeitition

His 4Dness. No one like him in this world =) SupportHyunjoongPeitition

5 reasons why I like #SS501 HJL... SupportHyunjoongPeitition

I'm gonna use game I've played be4 with other Triple S SupportHyunjoongPeitition

Still don't know what to say SupportHyunjoongPeitition

Sorrry non Triple S... Gonna spaming around tonight ^^ SupportHyunjoongPeitition


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