Monday, January 11, 2010

Autumn's concerto (ep 14) *spoiler alert*

The previous episode, YiQian found out XiaoLe is GuangXi's child after the commotion of the blood transfer. After the surgery, MuChen went to find YiQian, who was at the hospital's balcony. YiQian was agitated with MuChen lying to GuangXi about XiaoLe and she, was worried, what if GuangXi suddenly remembers everything..


GuangXi's mum met MuChen at the hospital and gotten jumpy that she might remind GuangXi of the past. Thus moving up the date to 3 days later.

GuangXi had a short chat with his teacher. Asking him what exactly happened before his brain surgery. His teacher mentioned recapping his past is like a pandora's box, no one will know whether it is good or bad...

While washing off (XiaoLe's) the bloodstains from his wristband, an USB card dropped. GuangXi plugged it to his laptop instaneously.

And unveiled his past he so badly wanted to know.


Finally, the moment of truth. GuangXi remembers everything.


On the day of GuangXi and YiQian's marriage, MuChen went to their church to finalise the decoration. She saw the piano and reminded herself of her childhood days and those short but blissful moments spent with GuangXi.

And got startled by GuangXi.


On the other hand, YiQian was anxious prior to the wedding. Whether or not GuangXi will come. (What d'ya know? A woman's instinct can get eerily accurate at times)


Agitated as he is, GuangXi drove (recklessly) MuChen to the scene where he was stabbed. The 2 had a heated argument. GuangXi's love for MuChen turned into hatred.

Despite MuChen telling GuangXi she had no idea he was being stabbed, h went on blaming MuChen for her wrongdoings all these years - his agony of being left behind. The betrayal. The fact where MuChen told XiaoLe GuangXi was not his father, separating XiaoLe and him over and over again.

Evil mum hurried to YiQian upon learning that GuangXi wasn't at home nor the church and he was last seen out of the church with MuChen.

Needless to say, GuangXi cancelled the wedding with MuChen. MuChen was grief-strickened to see GuangXi's message - A picture of him and MuChen, titled "My Love" (my favourite part of this episode! Tiffinay Hsu was amazing!)


Ending of this episode showed GuangXi rebelling his mum. Like how he used to be. He is bent on getting XiaoLe back no matter how she is to going to object to his idea...

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