Tuesday, January 5, 2010

[Gossips] For Autumn's Concerto ep 15 preview

I dunno how many of you have watched episode 14. Anyway it's out on majority websites. Hmmm, I've yet got time to do the hi-lights, but just to share abit on what my gf and I thought about episode 15's preview..

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Jeanie says: u watch autumn concerto
Jeanie says: 14
Jeanie says: its so sad
Lady Jinxed says: watch liao
Lady Jinxed says: but didnt get to watch ep 15 preview
Lady Jinxed says: wat happen for 15 huh
Jeanie says: he wan xiao le
Jeanie says: his mum suddenly becum gd wif xiaole
Jeanie says: then he take a paper to muchen n tuoye
Jeanie says: ask muchen to sign
Lady Jinxed says: oh dear... den den den?
Jeanie says: oh
Jeanie says: got 1 line is
Jeanie says: he tell his mum
Jeanie says: he getting married
Lady Jinxed says: huh? to who?
Jeanie says: no say
Lady Jinxed says: DIAOZ
Jeanie says: preview mah
Jeanie says: but muchen was ard when he told his mum
Lady Jinxed says: i go watch at YT now
Lady Jinxed says: oh, i read the comments in YT
Lady Jinxed says: say he gg to marry MuChen, if base on the novel
Jeanie says: ya my sis got the novel
Jeanie says: novel very diff
Lady Jinxed says: but if really base on novel, he marry MuChen only for revenge
Jeanie says: ya lor
Jeanie says: so sad right
Lady Jinxed says: oooooh ep15 looks good
Jeanie says: y le?
Lady Jinxed says: i tink he really will marry MuChen
Lady Jinxed says: i dunno lah, but to me it seems like he's gg to marry muchen

Jeanie says: ya
Lady Jinxed says: he look like he hated her
Jeanie says: i thought they will live like a happy family
Jeanie says: ya
Jeanie says: saw yiqian part
Lady Jinxed says: but i tink he noes MuChen wun marry him if he tells her the truth
Jeanie says: on treat muchen better
Jeanie says: wat truth?
Lady Jinxed says: as in, if GuangXi tell MuChen he still love her, cfm MuChen wun allow him to marry her
Lady Jinxed says: so he threaten her? If she dun marry him, she will lose XiaoLe
Lady Jinxed says: make sense?
Jeanie says: ya lor
Jeanie says: stupid mother la

Let us look forward to episode 15!

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