Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Park Jung Min is homeless" - via Liezle's blog

I swear I hyperventilated when I saw the title.

Source: Liezle's blog + SS601 + ☆ SS501 ☆ Saranghaeyo ☆ + @kowji13
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It says JungMin will be acting as a beggar in MBC Every1 on 10th January.

@kowji13: think the program is compilations, "Theater Life", and he act as "homeless comedian"

^^v He looks horribly cute acting as a homeless beggar too. Am prepared to laugh till stomach burst.


Credit: http://gb.cri.cnchinese/
Translation: LOVE小馬馬@NO.43 Park
English Translation:
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Comic artist [Cui Du] and SS501 Park Jung Min became homeless!

- In the MBC every 1 – [Life Theater 2010] Park Jung Min wonderful acting can be seen.

Let’s us give our expectation on the frozen body of SS501 Park Jung Min’s superb acting after the first heavy snow in 70 years.

We will see Park Jung Min and comic artist [Cui Du] as a homeless together with a short shot in the ending scene.

This new revision of the “Life Theater 2010″, have invited one or two popular idol to co-starr in. Also, as a result of new comic artist [Cui Du] were invited to be a homeless will expect to be rather more interesting.

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