Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Been quiet, huh?

TADAAAH! Here's something to make us laugh abit when they are not around.

I know, very funny right?!! Laugh until cannot.

Credits: credit: MBC + sgTripleS.com + josielai@soompi


And some (stupid) things I did when I was bored..

[To JungMinnie] Please stay away from Gyuri, will you? And rest of the female celebrities. ^,________,^

[To JungMinnie] When are you boys showing up as 5 again?! You know, the chemistry btw the 5 of you is irreplaceable!

[To JungMinnie] Was it cold acting as the homeless in "Human Theatre"? Korea was freezing cold w/ heavy snowing back then! My heart aches

[To JungMinnie] ..as popular as your hyung Hyun Joongie! Fighting!

[To JungMinnie] Unnie is glad to see your popularity raising based on the award and shows you are in. It's tough, but I hope you can be as..

[To JungMinnie] Dear Minnie, have you been hearing my chants? I twitspam and call out your name almost everyday~

[To Kyu] Oh, I got you a new fan. How are you going to commission me? Will you gimme Mal's no. please? That's all I ask for.

[To Kyu] And isn't it great to hear you will be starring in "Black City" alongside with the rest of your brothers? ^^ Thou' HJL is not incld

[To Kyu] And miann aren't we glad to hear from you. We were worried sick~ Well, most of us were.

[To Kyu] Glad you had the heart to leave us message at the TOK (was it?) board. You felt it, didn't you? That tripleS deul are missing you

[To Hyun Joong] Dear Hyun Joong, next time if you quarrel with Minnie again, I'm afraid I'd have to stand on his side. xD

[To Hyun Joong] Dear Leadja, how come they haven't had any updates on your next assignment? Pali! The fans are waiting.

[To Hyun Joong] Have you heard what the Joongboers said? They never fail to amaze me with their findings. Netizens are the new paparazzis

[To Hyun Joong] I hope you had a great vacation with Jae Joong, leaving Saengie behind! xD

[To Hyung Joon] Btw, I hope the rumoured kissing scene in "Black City was really a rumour. Else you'll be breaking alot of you fan's heart!

[To Hyung Joon] Was the filming of "Black City" smooth? I hope you didn't get hurt! Ukiss and Kibum's looking mighty fine, thanks to you ^^

[To Saengie] Dear Saengie, I hope your health is well. Please stop smoking! Exercise if you need to sleep down! Go gym with HJL! [To Saengie] Are you mad with Leadja Joong? Please don't!

[To Saengie] Are you upset with Hyun Joong and Jae Joong travelling together w/o you? Is that why you refuse to show up?

[To Saengie] Dear Saengie? How have you been? How come still no news with you at all? All the boys are kept busy, what about you?

And the usual, I managed to make some of the fellow tweeps laugh.. which I'm glad I did! ^^ Even thou' I wasn't intending to. xD So cute right they all?

deebhagalz @violettacal lol , i hope SS boys will read your tweet

cath_ts @violettacal LoL ur tweets very funny xDDD We definitely miss our boys that much, isn't it? My life was so bored without them.... T_T

ndayuu @violettacal haha... imagine, what SSBoys's reaction if they read ur tweets. XD. ROFL. especially, MIN !! OMO.!!

yenps @violettacal Love your tweets to the boys... Very funny... If only they do tweet... Wouldn't it be nice?

nisaho @violettacal lol ur tweets to the boys are hilarious!! made me laugh! xD especially the ones to Jung Minnie n the one mentioning Gyuri. xD

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