Saturday, January 16, 2010

Autumn's concerto (ep 15) *spoiler alert*

Episode 14 we know GuangXi regained his memory and had a huge fight with MuChen. Learning that XiaoLe is his own flesh and blood, he was bent on winning XiaoLe's custody.

Worried by what GuangXi said, MuChen planned to HuaTian village with XiaoLe. Since the main reason why MuChen might lose XiaoLe's custody is because she is a single mum without stable income, to assure MuChen she'd win the lawsuit, TuoYe proposed.

(Geez, it's so annoying to see how enthusiastic GuangXi and MuChen in such hostility. When they were so much in love. Reminds me of reality how most couple claimed to love each other till death *roll eyes* and yet when they parted, things goes sour. And I mean, really sour)


GuangXi went crazy, literally, upon learning TuoYe planned to marry MuChen and provide XiaoLe an entire family which he will be blissful in. He starts reciting the past inappropriate behaviours of TuoYe, his seemingly aggressively personality and his not-so stable income. On top of that, GuangXi uses underhand means and created trouble in TuoYe's mum's restaurant.


Rat. Chinese saying, "氣得我牙癢癢的". (Meaning: So angry I'm biting/grinding my teeth)

Then again, I'm glad GuangXi went crazy. Crazy with jealousy.


XiaoLe was perturbed with GuangXi telling him he is his father. Time and time again, GuangXi tried to explain to XiaoLe, but XiaoLe was too used to what MuChen told him - "Uncle GuangXi is not your father."

Overwhelmed with exasperation, GuangXi threatened MuChen to marry him. But claimed it's not because he loves MuChen, but because his son needs a mother and he is aware his son needs his real mother. (well, all of us know that that's not entirely the case, right? GuangXi you selfish, egoistic liar!!)


On the other hand, YiQian was kept busy explaining to her friends and relatives why the wedding was called off..


Show of hand who wasn't touched at the part where the father was consolling the daughter? You wasn't? Whyyyyyy? Heartless.

YiQian looked for GuangXi and hope they could be friends after what happen. Learning GuangXi's plan, YiQian felt GuangXi's so-called revenge was actually his undiminished love for MuChen..


The 2 officially ended things after GuangXi thanked YiQian and admitted he truly loved her before. Truly. (If you missed this part then you might as well don't watch the entire episode! In my opinion, I love this scene most! The music was cued peffectly I tell you)

MuChen eventually relented to marry GuangXi. Needless to mention, GuangXi treated MuChen with much hostility and coldness.

Despite the other side of him didn't felt happy at all doing this to her...


"找回空白的記憶, 你有比較快樂嗎?" -以茜
"Are you happier, after finding back those blank memories?" - YiQian

I guess some things are best left forgotten - jinxed

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