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175 reasons why we love SS501 It's 250 reasons why we love SS501!


And so, we got 75 more reasons added after I did my first entry.

**Scroll down for the additional ones**


Eh seriously, it was just a random thing I did to entertain myself. Little did I know they were so sporty..

And boy did I die.

I attempted my first try on [10 reasons why I hate DSPent] sometime last week. So I thought I'll do something similar this time.

Was bored and decided to come up with 5 reasons why I like each of the boys. Randomly asked 3 of my regular tweepies to do it for fun (you know ah, twitter sometimes can be get boring when everyone twits about their own things) and that I'll blog about it. ^^

And it turned out to be somewhat a trend? Omo. Madness. I was shocked to see them tweeting still when I was in class. That's like.. 2 hours after I did my 25 twit spam?

*clap clap clap*

So as promised, I'll consolidate ALL of their reasons and do a post. ^^ (Dongsaengies and chingoo deuls, this is for you all. :) )

5 reasons why I like #SS501 's Young Saeng:
1) He is the main vocal for SS501!! =)
2) His hair is always nice ^^ ← (jinxed: ??? LOL)
3) I like looking at YS's selca pics cos its just tooo cute !! xD
4) I like how he blush shyly on tv =D
5) I like YS because he's the shortest in SS xD ← (jinxed: This is why you like him? xD)

NOW! 5 reasons why I like #SS501's Kyu Jong:
1) I adore his nice and kind character :)
2) I like how he's always the first member to wake up in TYFWUU :D ← (jinxed: I like this!)
3) I think Kyu Jong has the most soothing voice in SS !!
4) I like reading his sweet messages that he wrote for TripleS. :)

5 reasons why I like #SS501 's Park Jung Min :
1) I totally love his wacky character!! Never fail to make me laugh!!
2) I'm in lovee with his pouts. (^^ V)
3) He's the tallest & sexiest member in SS!! ← (jinxed: thumbs up up)
4) I think JM has the most beautiful eyes among the other members in SS!! Seriously!! ^^ ← (jinxed: thumbs up up up)
5) I love love love his low vocals. Simply.., sexy ? ^^

5 reasons why I like #SS501 's HJB :
1) He's the cutest member in SS! :D
2) I like how he's always getting bullied/pranked by his hyungs!! ;D ← (jinxed: and I thot I was evil..)
3) He cries a lot, and that makes me like him more :)
4) I like hearing his voice on MusicHigh, his "Annyong's" is sweeet :) ← (jinxed: oh yes! uber endearing!)
5) I simply love his blur or rather his 'i-didnt-do-it' look

NOWWW My 5 reasons why I love #SS501's HJL!!
1) He's my first love on tv.. xD
2) I can't get enough of HJL's 4D-ness!!! :D *who can?*
3) I love his fear of insects!! =D ^_^
4) I adore his 'obsession' with skulls-related items ^^ =x I find it too cute xD
5) AND FINALLY, he's simply my first love on tv xD

§S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1

5 reasons why i like #SS501 HJL :
1) I LOVE his unique 4D-ness
2) I love his blurblur face(:
3) The fact that he cant wake up easily ← (jinxed: I like this!)
4) His killer smile!
5) He is a awesome leader..

5 reasons why i like #SS501 JM :
1) His sexiness is SUPER.B! (:
2) Love his cuteness
3) He is the friendliest member in SS
4) He is the mal who always bully HJB(: ← (jinxed: another evil girl..)
5) He is an unicorn

5 reason why i like #SS501 HJB :
1) He is the maknae(:
2) He superduper ultra cute
3) He is always being bullied ← (jinxed: hah! Another evidence of being evil!)
4) His previous vampire teeths!
5) he has the best voice in SS ← (jinxed: indisputable, baby.. his voice is insatiable)

5 reasons why i like #SS501 KyuJong :
1)His Looks
2) He is afraid of dogs ← (jinxed: ??? You like him because of that?)
3) He is kind
4) He is always the one who gets hyper
5) He is filial to his parents

5 reasons why i like #SS501 YS :
1) His prince look
2) His Shyness in front of camera
3) His pretty smile
4) He is the shortest in SS ← (jinxed: same as @nisaho. ROFL)
5) His high voice(:

§S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1

5 reasons why I like #SS501 HJL:
1) He's the best leader I've ever known
2) He always taking care all the members all the time
3) I'm impressed with his gorgeousness
4) He doesn't being selfish, always thinking about others than his self
5) He sometimes against DSP rules go boy ^^

5 reasons why I like YS:
1) His voice when singing mellow songs makes me always melt all the time
2) His dimples when smiles makes me so drooling
3) He's so health thats why I'm not too worries about him. He's body not skinny aww am proud of him
4) He seems younger than his real age, Kyu u shud learn from Saengi ^^
5) It said that he against plastic surgery, wow that impressed me much ← (jinxed: jinja??)

5 reasons why I like Kyu:
1). He's a real family man, always protect his family & love his family so much
2). Kyu's sideburns makes me drooling also ← (jinxed: fetish again! fetish!)
3). He treats his fans so nice, always being humble
4). His name makes me easy to create many words hehe, his KYUteness makes me KYUddict thats why I like kyU, KyuJong ^^ ← (jinxed: as usual.. Tata is always good at that =.=")
5). His a peaceful person not a fighter ones, thats why he's so lovable...

5 reasons why I like JungMin:
1) He's the friendliest & nicest ever among the members, he always treat TS very nicely
2) He's body so sexy, no wonder he stated that his nick sexy charisma ← (jinxed: ask him to marry me, pls!)
3) He always reply TS messages fastly on UFOTown
4) Just love when he laughing so hard and singing a mellow song
5) Mal never tired learning all the new things, especially when he like to learn another languages ← (jinxed: me too! ^^)

5 reasons why I like Baby:
1). He's the only one whom got stable voice when singing live
2). He doesnt smoking nor drinking
3). He's such a talented person: a singer, DJ, actor also writing lyrics & composing songs ← (jinxed: absolutely)
4). He's the one who always handsome ^^
5). He got such good DNA :-)

§S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1

5 reasons why I like #SS501, start from HJL...
1) I like the way HJL ROFL when min's ripped pants tragedy. Instead of laughing coz of min, I laughing coz I see HJL's ROFL (jinxed: don't forget Kyu's too! His face turned red. Omo stop talking abt my Mal's embarrassing moments already! xD)
2) I like HJL's needs further explanation for it
about 5 hours ago from web
3) I like HJL's vampire life style (more active on nite)....exactly same as my life style xDD
4) I like HJL for his perfectionist, always try to do everything perfectly
5) I like HJL's haunted look at solo collection MV

next...5 reasons why I like YS #SS501
1) I like YS's cute, no one can beat that
2) I like YS's new bad boy image...complete it with ur 1st kissing scene please, LOL ← (jinxed: ROFL)
3) I like the way YS sings only one day, he always sings with whole hearted
4) I like YS's special talent, imitates others voice....I've tried once, so I know its not that easy to do, LOL
5) I like YS bcoz he has so many nice shoes.....Ooohh would u share some to me?? kkk ← (jinxed: jinja?)

5 reasons why I like #SS501, it's JM turn....
1) I like JM bcoz seems like he never run out energy, always cheer up the atmoshphere ← (jinxed: like me right! Unnie always make the atmosphere fun too. Kekeke)
2) I like JM's special talent, together with baby, creating Tom n Jerry scene...LOL
3) I like thw way JM smirk....the best devil's smirk ever. I think he's perfect to act as antagonist character
4) I like the way JM bullied person who tries to wake him up ← (jinxed: evil girl no.3.. -.-)
5) I like JM bcoz he has 4 bank account....what a good financial strategy ← (jinxed: but inside empty! EMPTY!!)

5 reasons why I like #SS501 HJB....
1) I like HJB when he told that he doesn't smoke and drink, he wants to keep his body healthy....two thumbs up for him
2) I like HJB's "I didn't do it" look
3) I like HJB bcoz he always supporting his brother whereever he is.....nice brotherhood figure
4) I like to see HJB when he's being bullied by his happy to see him suffering, hehehe ← (jinxed: evil evidence no.2 ...)
5) I like HJB bcoz he's crybaby HJB...LOL

The best last...5 reasons why I love Kim Kyu Jong #SS501 so much
1) I love Kyu Jong bcoz he's too good to be true...I can't belive that a good great kind hearted gentleman really exist in this world
2) I love Kyu Jong's hands.....the most beautiful hands I ever see, and it surprised me most bcoz that beautiful hands belongs to a man
3) I love the way Kyu Jong did that "full respects deep bow"
4) I love Kyu Jong bcoz same as me, he dislikes doggie too....LOL
5) I love Kyu Jong bcoz he's a family man....what a nice son and brother
6) I LOVE KYU JONG BECAUSE HE LOVES ME TOO.....*stress fangirl *LOL, ok I'm done with my 5 reasons why I like #SS501 boys ← (jinxed: you're gonna get killed by Kyufans...)

§S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1

5 reasons why I like #SS501 HJL...
1) His 4Dness. No one like him in this world =)
2) He's very honest and straightforward
3) His gorgeous looks and typical perfect man
4) He has the most ultimate hotness body in this world ^^ ← (jinxed: jittjoong jittjoong! *nosebleed maximum*)
5) He’s a great leader, very humble and always take care of his dongsaeng

5 reasons why I like #SS501 YS...
1) His angel voice always make me *melt* every time
2) His chubby looks and love his dimples when he smile. The most cute person in the world :D
3) He can play piano very beautifully
4) Love his awkwardness with HJL
5) He keep insist to have bad boy image LoL

5 reasons why I like #SS501 KJ...
1) He’s a very nice person and love his family
2) His effort to try very hard the most
3) He's very gentle and warm hearted
4) He always concern about other first before himself
5) He take care HJL the most when they’re still roomate

5 reasons why I like #SS501 JM...
1) Love his devil smirk xp
2) He's always bullied maknae, yet still care about him ← (jinxed: evil girl no.4 .. xDDD)
3) He always forgot to zip his pants, or had tragedy with it, make me laugh so hard LoL ← (jinxed: jeongmal!!! where you saw that!!!!!!! show me the link!)
4) He loves talk the most, so he can cheer up the atmosphere ← (jinxed: like unnie, like unnie)
5) He's full of energy to do sexy charisma exploded all the time ^^

5 reasons why I like #SS501 HJB...
1) He's the most cute and handsome man all the time
2) Always bullied by his hyung and keep fell on it wkwkwk =) ← (jinxed: evil evidence again... xD)
3) Love his voice. His voice has some mysterious charisma :D ← (mysterious charisma? first time I heard this, but sounds good. I like the description..)
4) He's very ambitious and not afraid to show it to the other
5) He's very talented. Can sing, can dance, be a DJ, composing music and lyric, etc =p

§S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1

i like Hyungjun because he looks like an Austraelopithecus HAHAHA JKJK
1. i like Hyungjun for the way he laughs
2. i like Hyungjun because he can be all manly and also all cute ← (jinxed: oh yeeeah baybae~)
3. i like Hyungjun's low but can go very high too -vocals
4. i like Hyungjun because he's the toughest Maknae, even though he always gets bullied by his four hyungs
5. i like Hyungjun because he has a pretty face; like some doll's

1. i like Jungmin for his mischiveous-ness and nonsense
2. i like Jungmin's unique vocals
3. i like Jungmin because he's the Sexy-est among the five ← (jinxed: thumbs up up!)
4. i like Jungmin because he has the tough look, and even sometimes his hyungs are afraid of him
5. i like Jungmin for his super height
i like Jungmin because he looks like a horse KEKEKE JKJK ← (jinxed in Mal's tone: you wanna die?!)

1. i like Kyujong because he's a really caring person; you see from the way he treats people
2. i like Kyujong because he's working very hard for his parents, sister and future
3. i like Kyujong for his ability to wake up at the slightest sound
4. i like Kyujong for his irresistably cute pouts ← (jinxed: my Mal is the true "KOP"! King of pouts!! My Mal! My Mal!!)
5. i like Kyujong's equally good vocals too

1. i like Youngsaeng's super high vocals
2. i like Youngsaeng because he always gives his electrocuting and cute smiles
3. i like Youngsaeng for his awesome piano skills
4. i like Youngsaeng for his beautiful lips, like a girl's ← (jinxed: I'm gonna go observe. Thot' leadja's lips are the best)
5. i like Youngsaeng because he knows how to cook more and better than me

1. i like Hyunjoong for his 4Dness that never fails to make laughing
2. i like Hyunjoong because he's an independent, and indeed the best Leader
3. i like Hyunjoong for his straightforward-ness and honesty
4. i like Hyunjoong because he has this smile that makes you smile too, when you look at it
5. i like Hyunjoong he works really hard and doesnt give up easily

See her full post here

§S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1 §S§S§5§0§1

Last but not least, how can we forget about the creator's the 25 reasons right...

5 reasons why I like #SS501's HeoYoungSaeng:
1) I like YS because of his amazing vocals
2) I like YS because he plays the piano beautifully
3) I like YS because he's always doing the bad-boy winks (and yea it kinda electrocutes me too)
4) I like YS because he's the only one who hasn't "debut" his kiss among SS501 xD
5) I like YS because he's part of SS501

5 reasons why I like #SS501 's KimHyungJoon:
1) I like HJB because of his previous set of vampire tooths!
2) I like HJB because hell, he's born with natural good looks. He really has indisputable good looks, my friend
3) I like HJB because he's always being bullied by his hyungs yet he always endured it thru
4) I like HJB because his falsetto in "Never again" was, breathtaking. In fact I like his vocals better than YS.. Miande Saengie.
5) I like HJB because of his dorky laughs and aegyo from time to time. Awwww~

5 reasons why I like #SS501 's KimKyuJong:
1) I like Kyu because of his kindness and fillial piety to his parents and sister
2) I like Kyu because of his simple mindedness to things where people will often treat it complicatedly
3) I like Kyu because he is always putting people before himself and considers about them first
4) I like Kyu because he is clear of his duty as a son, a brother, a future husband, a singer, an entertainer, an SS501 brother.
5) I like Kyu because he always seems docile yet michieveous, shy yet sincere ^^

5 reasons why I like #SS501 's KimHyunJoong:
1) I like HJL because of his 4D-ness of course! No1 could beat that
2) I like HJL because of his persistance to fulfil his dreams and never let it go..
3) I like HJL because his actions always shows he cares, even when he says nothing. Action spks louder than words, my friend!
4) I like HJL, simply because he is HJL...
5) I like HJL because he is always so straightforward and less pretentious

5 reasons why I love #SS501 's ParkJungMin:
1) I was first and foremost, attracted by his amazing low vocals..
2) I love Minnie for his eloquence and ability to help answer tacky questions
3) I love Minnie for his vibrant character, his nonsense and dare-to-show personality
4) I love Minnie because however nasty he may seems, he is always showing his care & concern to his brothers
5) I love Minnie because he's gorgeous, sexy, cute and pretty. Especially when he smile ^^

*additional 75 reasons starts here*

okay, first, 5 reasons why i like #SS501 Leader HJL :
1. he is so cute at the debut moment :D
2. his 4d personality that make him unique
3. he always wake up late :D
4. he almost die until 2 times for music
5. he is so cute ! no one can ignore this reason :D

now, 5 reasons why i like #SS501 minnie :
1. he has an unique personality :D
2. he is so cute ! i like him so much
3. me and him like carrots :D
4. he will bully everybody who wake him up ! it's cute. ← (jinxed: agree!)
5. he is so smart to manage his money. 4 bank accounts ? it's great !

now 5 reasons why i love #SS501 center kyukyu :
1. when there is a disagree situation, he will be the center :D
2. he has the coolest smile on the world ! ← (jinxed: not Mal's? Sobs )
3. he always waku up first in the #SS501 dorm.
4. he is afraid to doggie. his face will be cute when he see a dog in front of him.
5. when he was a DJ at youngstreet, he was as crazy as mal. hahaha

n now 5 reasons why i love #SS501 prince saengie :
1. he has such an angelic voice !
2. his chubby cheeks. aah~
3. he isn't as talkative as minnie :D
4. he is the king of #SS501 slow songs like find, again etc. he can make it great, (the other member too :D)
5. there is no reason to dislike him :D

the last, 5 reason why i love #SS501 magnae baby jun :D
1. he is the magnae. as same as me at my family :D
2. he always bullied by #SS501 sexy charisma minmin. ← (jinxed: evil evil!)
3. when he act childish, he is too cute !
4. he would never buy food for another #SS501 members. hahahah
5. his voice when he woke up, is totally different at the other time, or when he sing a song. it's like andre Kim :D ← (jinxed: oh yeah I lurve that to bits)

So...5 reason why i like Kim Hyun Joong:
1- I wouldn't know #SS501 if it wasn't for him. ← (jinxed: applies to everysingleone of us I guess ^^)
2 - His smile. The 1st thing i thought when i saw him smiling on BOF was 'WOW!'
3 - He always says what he thinks. And that's something i appreciate in people 'cause it can make you laugh but it's also a sign of honesty.
4 - We share the same idea of 'perfect partner'.
5 - He always looks annoyed or sleepy and that amuses me. XD

5 reasons why i like Heo Young Saeng:
1 - He makes me want to hug him. XD
2 - He's the shyest among the members, yet as funny as them. (I can't forget Intimate Note XD)
3 - He simply can't allow his hair to be messy. XD
4 - I was so touched by his performance in 'The man who could turn back time'.
5 - Last, but not the least...he has the best voice! *_*

I'm gonna be murdered in my sleep for these messages. XD But let's go on! Kim Kyu Jong:
1 - I cry everytime he talks about his family.
2 - Like me, he's afraid of dogs. *simpathy*
3 - He's probably the kindest person on this earth.
4 - He's probably the humblest person on this earth, too.
5 - I've wished many many times to have HIM as brother, instead of mine. XD ← (jinxed: Awwww~ you know what, I thot of having him as a brother too!)

HIGHLIGHTS: 5 reasons why i like...PARK JUNG MIN!!
1 - His smile in Love Like This MV is the reason why i searched more info about SS. XD ← (jinxed: good one good one. This girl has got very good foresights. Keke)
2 - He lives in his own world, but i wouldn't want him any other way. ← (jinxed: I live in his world xDD)
3 - YS&HJB have the most powerful voices, but JM's voice is the most original.
4 - He communicates with aliens! XD (Idol World) (jinxed: HUH?! Since when?! LMAO!!! Was it the "hurrican and umbrella flew away" episode?)
5 - He simply is Park Jung Min! (5 reasons aren't enough...XD)

And now the last member&my bff's favorite: Kim Hyung Joon.
1 - He's the 2nd best voice of the group.
2 - I think he's the best dancer, too.
3 - Tom&Jerry moments are my favorite #SS501 moments. XD
4 - No matter how old he is, he'll always be 'our baby'. :D Even when he'll be a father. XD ← (jinxed: Awww~)
5 - I have to admit something happens to me when i watch the 'I Am' MV. o.O ← (jinxed: what h'pen?)

first, 5 reasons why i love #SS501 HJL are ..
1. i love HJL`s 4D personality :) he`s awesome !!
2. i love the way HJL treat or even making fun of other member
3. He is sooo GORGEOUS !!
4. His straightforward-ness and honesty , absolutely ^^
5. i love him simply because he`s HJL ^^

second , 5 reasons why i love #SS501 Young Saeng :
1. his voice is totaly awesome 0.o
2. he allways show us his cute smile that makes me melt :)
3. i really like his chubby looks
4. he can do anything ~ singing, dancing, composing , DJ-ing (?) , acting... woww ..
5. 5. i love him because his awkwardness with HJL, lol :D

and now , the most important : 5 most important reasons, why i love #SS501 Kyu Jong :))) :
1. he is the greatest and KYUtest man that i`ve ever know !! X))
2. he has a very kind, warm and strong heart, and he`s soo sweet to his family and #SS501 members ....
3. i love his beautiful hands !! i don`t know why it looks different, but it`s tottaly awesome XD
4. i love Kyu Jong`s smile that always make me have no strength to take my eyes off him ^^
5. i love his smooth voice , it always give me strength when i`m down
may i do more T.T ?? i love him because there`s nothing on him that can makes me dislike him XD

and , 5 reasons why i like #SS501 Min Mal :
1. he really has that sexy charisma ;D
2. i love the way he treat (read: bullied) HJB , LOL
3. i love his vocal , , it`s , uhm, sexy ? isn`t it ? ;)
4. i love his efforts to allways cheers up another
5. i love his irresistably cute pouts , he is KOP (agree with you, cal) haha ^^

the last ones : 5 reasons why i love #SS501 HJB :
1. he is soooo cute and childish XD
2. i love his unique voice, it`s always easy to directly guess his voice everytime i hear it ← (jinxed: totally agree!!)
3. i always love to see he bullied by other members ← (jinxed: again! So evil. LOL)
4. he can do anything ~ singing, dancing, composing , DJ-ing (?) , acting... woww ..
5. he looks so man and wise when he with his dongsaeng : Kibum , soo different than usual XD

*End of additional 75 reasons*
To sum things up: Distinctively,

We love Kim Hyun Joong most for: His 4D personality
We love Kim Hyung Joon most for: Him being bullied by his hyungs (xD. pardon me, but I tink tripleS can get quite evil)
We love Park Jung Min most for: His sexy charisma
We love Heo Young Saeng most for: His amazing vocals
We love Kim Kyu Jong most for: His kind-heartedness


Alright that's all! Believe me, I bet each of us did the 25 twitspams in less than 15 mins... Sure there are alot of typos and mistakes, but that's because it'll be no fun if we were to take so much time to think right?

Mentioned 5 is too easy and I should have done a 10 reasons one instead! (Lucky I didn't do that.. else I'll die consolidating them all.. Imagine 700 hundred reasons? I'll die young and early I tell you. LOL)

For newbies, the above is a good start to know each and every one of the SS501 boy's personality and see which "category" you fall under. ^__-

What about you? What are your 25 reasons? ^^


  1. kyaaaaaaaaa.....thanKYU so much cal
    thanks for that fun spam tweet idea

    all those reasons are spontanous thoughts which pass through our mind at that time, it more fun than think it first

    after read all our reasons, I find the most popular reason why we like HJB is because he's always being bullied by his four hyungs...LOL

  2. Cal ...
    may i take a part on this too ?
    i feel so sorry for can not beung online on twitter for soo long time so i can`t take a part on everything you guys talked about :((

  3. cal...
    I really wanna take this part, see all ur tweet bout it make me so envy X((
    I dunno have much time to tweeting longer for now..huwwaaa, killing me killing me T_T

  4. Waa... Thank you cal for come up with this idea. No idea you'll post it in your blog. I'm so surprise. Hahaha... It's really fun. I love it ^^

  5. Wow the end results REALLY sums it all up.
    I really love leader's 4D ness, I love it when they bully baby, I love YS voice, I love KJ because of his bigheartedness, and JM who's just toooooo sexy! HAHA :)

    5 as 1 forever :)


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