Thursday, January 21, 2010


So, I log in to twitter and found names like @SShyunjoong @SSyoungsaeng...

WAH! Like, finally SS501 had their twitter account up. How cool is that.

dot dot dot.

You thinking what I'm thinking too? Hmm?

Well of course. How real can the account be right? Furthermore, 5 of them had their account set up overnight? Nayyyy.

BUT! The never sane me went ahead and shouted "Park Jung Min, Saranghaeyo!". LOL. In case. In case the account is a real one. Hey, even if it's 0.0001%, you still gotta try it right?

It all started with seeing Nisa's tweets and me mentioning "I swear I'm laughing so loud RT @nisaho @SShyunjoong I'm by your side, oppa.. :) saranghaeyo! / omo, did i really send that twit"

So Nisa suggested we spam them. xD Damn on. So we did.

Here's what the tweepies wrote:


@SSjungmin Jungmin oppa,you have no idea how I curious now to watch ur first act now.Oh, 2nd I think, sorry, I don't watch ur musical.Hehe=)

@SSkyujong Sweet Kyu oppa, please take care all members, ok? Keep write msg 4 us on DSP web. We always counting on you ^^

@SSyoungsaeng YS oppa, where have u been these day? Are u busy practicing? Don't smoke too much, ok?It's not good 4 ur health and ur voice ^^

@SShyunjoong Oppa, you cheer up already? Keep smiling, ok? Triple S always support you. Have you received about 2500 msg from us? :)



@SShyunjoong oppa, I hope you're not sad anymore.. :) TripleS believe in you! Please continue to smile :)

@SSyoungsaeng oppa! :) how are you?

@SShyungjoon annyeong Hyung Joon oppa! :) are you asleep? No right? :) I like listening to MusicHigh! ^^V

@SSjungmin Jung Min oppa!! :) how are you? are you tired from all the filmings? congrats on your Golden Ticket! ^^v

@SSkyujong annyeong oppa, are you asleep already? Hope you are well! =)

Wanna see mine not? Heh.

Unlike them, my "arrow" pointed at 1 person only.. I'm gonna get reported for harrassment sooner or later. WAHAHAHA.

@SSjungmin JungMin ah~ How are you? How was the filming? Did they really slap you in the drama? If they do, tell unnie!

@SSjungmin Minnie, you heard my chants everynight in twitter, that's why you came here isn't it? You heard us isn't it?

@SSjungmin is HyunJoong really feeling ok? We all hope he is. And I hope you don't quarrel with Leader this period of time..

@SSjungmin JungMin-ah.. if you can't read what I type, please ask @SShyungjoon translate, oh?

@SSjungmin I got long black hair, and I'm a city girl, you know? ^^ (jinxed: this one I type already I myself keep laughing)

Sometimes I really think I tweet like mad. (pun intended)

P.S. Watched episode 1 of JM's Human Theatre already. Dunno wtf he's talking. But hell, who cares.

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