Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Autumn's concerto (ep 13) *spoiler alert*

Tear-jerking episode again! My eyes were welled up at least 3 times watching this.

Previous episode, we saw from the trailer where YiQian confronted MuChen. The beginning of episode 13, YiQian admitted she already knew who MuChen is.

YiQian reproached MuChen's doing all these year and claimed she should not have left GuangXi. Even more if MuChen were to know how helpless he was after his neurosurgery. While MuChen was teaching XiaoLe to speak and walk. GuangXi on the other hand, was scared. Because he lost the ability to recognise, to speak and to even call his mum.

Because he didn't remember how to do so.. (first scene that welled my eyes)

Guilt-ridden, but MuChen still kept her secret well and chose to let YiQian misunderstand the whole story. TuoYe came to her rescue shortly.


Back in MuChen's house, TuoYe finally confessed to MuChen his feelings for her all these years. He did not want to see MuChen suffer any longer thus he seek for her acceptance to the relationship. For TuoYe to take care of her and XiaoLe.

MuChen agrees. TuoYe was overjoyed.

All only to be witnessed by ChiXin and GuangXi, who were standing quietly outside.


XiaoLe stood in silence while looking at GuangXi who was preparing to leave. Seeing XiaoLe's grief, the equally upset GuangXi went over to pass him his address and lucky wrist-strap.

The whole parting scene from GuangXi talking to his son to his son chasing after the car was heart-wrenching. (2nd scene that welled my eyes)

- Reminded me I did that to my dad when I was young too. About 3-4 yrs old? ^^ I stayed in M'sia with my nanny while dad visits me (from Spore) every weekend. So when he leaves and IF I happen to wake up (they usually coax me to sleep first), hah hah, Dad would be in trouble cuz I'll take chase with losta crying~ LOL.


Saddening!! Sad people watch this will become depress. Depress people watch this will become suicidal. Suicidal people watch this will become... ghost. xD (Can you see I'm trying to ease some of the tension here? Hmm? My blog is a happy place!)

Night falls when XiaoLe talks to his mum about how he misses uncle GuangXi and wonders if Uncle GuangXi will miss him too. Seeing how much XiaoLe misses GuangXi, MuChen finally admitted to herself she misses GuangXi alot (3rd scene that welled my eyes) and let her tears flow..


Remember the heartbroken ChiXin? She finally decided to leave TuoYe. This time, for good.

Why does this screencap and her dressing reminds me of those people in a red-light district...

I'm starting to like her alot. If it's not for her annoying accent.

From the trailer we were pre-emp XiaoLe would go look for GuangXi in Taipei. Without MuChen knowing off. Upon reaching his office's building, XiaoLe happened to pick up some dropped document by Granny aka GuangXi's mum. (drama will be drama..)

Details omitted. XiaoLe fainted because he hasn't had his daily injection and hurt his shin. The wound was bleeding profusely, XiaoLe was sent to YiQian hospital by GuangXi's mum.

XiaoLe requires type B blood transfer but again, coincidentally the hospital was short of type B.

(jinxed: Funny. See ah, type O can save any blood. So don't tell me the hospital also short of type O blood? *roll eyes*)

Anxious MuChen requested for her's to be transferred because she's type O but was rejected by YiQian bacause there might be complications if it's direct family member's blood donation.

GuangXi and TuoYe both qualified for the blood donations but MuChen exclaimed, "GuangXi can't do the donation! He cant!"


I've watch episode 14 already. GuangXi went beserk learning the truth! Omg. K lah, wait for my hi-lights. ^^ Tarah lovelies.

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