Thursday, January 21, 2010

SS501-less, Kpop-less, blog-less

Finally, a moment for me to sit down think through what exactly happened. This entry is entertaining not. So you may wish to skip this.

This is my blog afterall. My ranting ground. I haven't been ranting. Haven't been voicing out.

3.55am and I'm still awake. Reason being, yesterday was my last day. Need not work today. Did a little bit of brainstorming for 1 of my many assignments, will continue to do em' later.

The past few months felt surreal. I didn't exactly had the time to really sit down and plan for things. Everything was moving so quickly..

So quickly that I didn't even realised it moved that fast. So fast I didn't had the time to realise..

Not that my life was in a mess. Just not.. organised. You know, being an adult really ain't easy. You hardly have the time to think at all. Basically living each day on it's stride. You thought you've planned..

But is that what you really want?

See, simple question like that - many of us don't even get to have the luxury of sitting down and really ponder. Because time is so precious we did not want to spend time thinking of these.

And that is why, sometimes adults lost their way.. worst, even before we can find the correct routes.

This is how little time most of me and my peers have now. We are slogging, without really knowing that we are slogging our lives away.

Tweeting's fun. Blogging's an interest too. Kpop? SS501? They are insatiable.

"But do I have the time for them?" I finally sat down and critically ask myself. Seen how pathetic things can be? It took me months before I have the time to sit down and ask myself that question.

As much as we cannot live without the virtual world, it can be a very malicious tool too. Ironically. Addictive as it is, but lingering too much in the reel world, just isn't that practical, right? We are humans afterall. I'm am not letting go of the human touch we were born to have..

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