Friday, January 29, 2010

For you, Cal / For you, unnie

You guys probably know I tweet alot already. (Lesser these days thou)

Twitdom is gaining its popularity, so for those of you who even knows about twitting, you know it does help in publicity if we managed to make a subject, a trending topic.

We rallied, came up with a project to trend and voice for HJL, but the first time, was a complete failure.

Yes, I bet many of us felt shitty. Hence explains we were all in for the second petition. So I'm sure someone will send our success to Korea FC after what we have done.

Me, yours truly, were unable to join the girls. They knew my side was hopeless. I couldn't be around. But they still thought of me! The moment I read tweets like "Cal/unnie, this is for you!", there's just this unexplainable feeling of warmth. *touched*

I nagged and nagged and nagged. xD And I guess they were somehow subconciously threatened by my constant reminder. (P.S. Take extra note at @ZOELLEEEE's tweets. You can see her fear. Literally. LOL)

It's never wrong to fail. But never try to fail the 2nd time. Yesterday, was our second attempt. We cannot afford to not reach out goal. Thus, most of us were literally, worried. Some spread the message across, some blogged, some made videos, some went to make sure we get all the things right.

I read from the timeline, few of them even felt anxious minutes before the trending starts. Cute. ^^

Girls, I hope this taught us a good lesson too. Always go for the second attempt, even when you failed the first time. Don't let the first failure disheartened you. Remember that.

"Do me proud! / Bring me #1! / I trust you girls!" - violettacal

And they did me proud afterall. ^^


(Read from the bottom up. Bottom ones are the earliest, top ones are the latest. Twitter work this way if you must know. Unlike MSN)

@violettacal unni we made it unni *hugz and crying*

@NovKyu @violettacal @ZOELLEEEE @Maisimus @MagicManula YEAH! Awesome job girls!!!! =) we all deserve some of HJL's ddukboggi..

@violettacal That 70 tweets already show ur feeling, though u're not here cal. But I think it's difficult to put it all on ur blog coz it's too much and from all around the world. Wew... I can't imagine that ^__^

@violettacal It's okay, unnie ah. We all know your love & support for HJL XP.

don't be...u alrdy made 70 tweets,remember??u've joined it too :)RT @violettacal hw guilty I am not to being able to join u girls just now..

@violettacal i feels that proud to :) and unnie don't need to feel guilty bout that cause we all know you want to ^^

@violettacal of course we remember you, unnie :) glad that i still can to see your words tweeted by sme friends ^^

@violettacal we made it, unnie! Gahh, everyone worked so hard, I'm soo proud!!

@violettacal @ZOELLEEEE @nisaho @Maisimus @MagicManula thou HyunJoong just #2, but I think we made it girls....yeaaayyy

@violettacal unnie, we made it :D

@violettacal This one too unnie ^^ RT @phtriples HyunJoong Is A Trending Topic In Twitter! Well done Triple S...

@violettacal HyunJoong now down to no 3, but we made it to be 2nd on TT tonight ^^

This is for u @violettacal ^^ RT: @bieber_chixX95 - Triple S, we made it xDD

@violettacal I think I'm a tweetspammer too...1hour&45mnt had passed, but I haven't lose my words yet to SupportHyunJoongPetition HyunJoong

let me continue with my hw. don't worry, i'll still tweet. *afraid of @violettacal* O-O SupportHyunjoongPetition

@violettacal I'll use my 5 reasons why I like #SS501 to SupportHyunJoongPetition HyunJoong

calderella would most probably be wondering if our topic is trending~ @violettacal SupportHyunjoongPetition

@violettacal unnie , really hope that you are here to see our leader name hangin on that incredible TT :')

@violettacal hope you're having fun where you are, Unnie! We're doing this for you and leader oppa! Supporthyunjoongpetition

@violettacal, this is the last tweet. VCal:I love korean. But I dun like ANTIS nor the blinded Korean netizens. SupportHyunJoongPetition

ok I'll start to tweet @violettacal's ....this is for u eon, SupportHyunJoongPetition

Let's go everyone! Let's make @violettacal unnie proud of us!!


To honour them, I'll be archiving all the tweets into my blog. It's gonna take some time to complete them because there's some 800 tweets in total!! But I'll do it nevertheless. ^^

I'll pause here for the time being. Come back to check for the updates. Not that soon. But, soon. Heh.

Ok bye. Love you blogders. ^^

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  1. omooooooooooo.....
    now I know why did cal secretly weeeping last night
    all those messages are very touching
    feel so proud that I've became part of our amazing work...
    girls....this is what we called "together forever as one"
    (501 = 5 forever as 1)

    thanKYU so much cal, we love u <3 *hugs*


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