Wednesday, January 13, 2010

[vid] SS501 Park Jung Min - New Variety Show "Life Theater 2010" Preview

Credits: WWloveHJL@YT

Gwiyeoptaaaa~~~ xDD So much so I cannot resist not doing screencaps of my beloved!
(by the way, I think I'm getting better with screencaps these days. Snap of fingers and it's done)


Puppy! He looks like a dirty, cuddly lil' puppy!


How can anyone possibly look so adorable being a tramp? *fangirl*


P.S. My photobucket account had it's bandwidth limit exceeded so I had to create a new account..

*beams* Have you all been clicking on the pictures too frequently? Hmmm! Cuz I found out from my new photobucket account, I had 618 picture views! And there's only 8 pictures. Ok, screenshots to be precise. Not even clear, high resolution images.
Ok lah, I shall not fault anybody because I know you all love me.

P.P.S. Alright alright, I know I "owe" you all the hi-lights of Autumn's concerto ep 15 and Hi, my sweetheart ep 10 + 11.. (Geez, total of 3?!?!)

Like I said, screenshots are easy, it's the writing that kills my pathetic amount of braincells left. I most wanted to write a good, proper summary or synopsis if you may call it.. but more often I did a haphazard one even I myself is ashamed. (Hey I'm a BSc in Marketing student k!)

K lah, off to reply tweets. By the way, love my playlist not? Am so addicted to Jewelry's "Love Story" these days.

Saranghae chigoos, saranghae..

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