Tuesday, April 13, 2010


For months, I've been neglecting this space.

There are time where I just feel like giving this up. All the hard work I've been putting in all these years. The facade I've created. Just because it's parts and parcel of life. I know I ought not to whine, yet I think I ought to.

You ought not to know, but sometimes, I think you ought to. Because it's me afterall. All the joys I love, but it's slowly disappearing, as I grow up...

Sanggwaneopseo.. I don't care. I really feel like not caring all these anymore.

But.. can I?

I can't.

Gimme strength, please.. Gimme all the strength I need.

There are times I feel like giving up. Today happens to be one of those days...

Really not fun being an adult where you know you had to do the real stuffs. Pragmatic stuffs.

"That's life", people say.

Thanks daddy, meanie, kymmy and all the tweepies... Muahs. :)

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