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For so many months, I kept this place dormant. Little did I know I'll update this space for such reason.

Alright, still I must say, thanks for listening to my ramblings. Even better, thanks for trusting me and allow me to guide you all along..

I understand we are all worried. That is totally acceptable. But the thing I'm very upset about is seeing us attacking one another...

I'm sure you all know what happened. So I'm not gonna elaborate that.

Some of you have been asking me questions.. Mostly the same ones. ^^

So here is the Q&A.


Q: Why did Kim Hyun Joong chose to leave DSP and SS501?

A: I believe he must have had a proper thought and discussion with the company and his fellow members. There is no way he made the decision by himself.

The offer from KeyEast might be highly promising such that the HJL that we knew, one whom is very focused and clear of what he wants in life, to see the need to discuss the issue. Afterall his contract's expiry date is near.

My question to you is: Can you fault him for that? If today, you are very sure of what you want and your parent stop you from doing that because they feel this this this, that that that, how would you feel?

For those of you who are reading this, if you have trashed him in any ways.. sorry but I have to say, shame on you..

I know we are all worried. But don't you think the boys are old enough to make decision? Or, they must rely on you and me, to make decision for their careers and their life..? You girls are smart. You know what I mean. ^^

I did some flashbacks, the boys doesn't seems too stressed or emotional. I'm sure they are the first few to know HJL's departure. Don't you think HJL had a good discussion with his brothers such that they all agree it's for the better?

Think of it this way: HJL might feel reluctant to leave, but because the rest thought it was an awesome idea such that they encouraged him to pursue? (my speculation, really.)

One day if all your friends and family encouraged you to do something where you know you couldn't bear to initially, and then you get scolded by your.. boyfriend/girlfriend - how would you feel? Think. :)


Q: What is your opinion of him going to KeyEast?

A: Lemme ask you a question. :) Your best friend has to leave you for another country to pursue his/her dreams - what will you do?

Whine and keep her by your side? Or you let her soar high and fulfil her dreams you know she will be blissful?

Love is not about keeping someone by your side. Love is when you learn how to let go..


Q: What can I do now...?

A: Again, can we do anything? There's pretty much nothing we can do. And the last thing you wanna do is to go round jumping into conclusion and bashing how mean HJL is. So, what if HJL remains in SS501? Let me tell you something, for those of you who ranted about HJL this and that.. next time please don't disgrace me and tell people you are a tripleS and you know me.. Lol. I'm serious. I'm nice generally, but I guess I'm plain nasty if people just go crazy for the sake of going crazy. Arraso? ^^

So if you ask me, I'd say - you can choose to not do anything. But if you want to do anything, that is, to be brave. Or even better, help others to be brave.


Q: Is it confirmed that SS4 renewed their contract with DSP?

A: Like you, I rely on major websites and blogs for my daily treats of SS501. I have not seen anything that says "News has confirmed that SS4 renewed their contract with DSP".. So I really don't know.


Q: Will they still work together?

A: Again, I don't know. Meanwhile, please try to remember what HJL said during the X-concert. And what HJB said. Now it all makes sense. They were trying to pre-amp us. They were trying to protect us by hinting so that we don't get so affected that much.

Althou' it's almost impossible for us to be the least affected. That part, I understand. But discriminating HJL because of things not even finalised? Over things we call "rumours"? I don't wanna say so much. Cuz I will be at my most sarcastic which I don't want to. :)

Go dig out the video if you forgot. Go... :)


**edited to add**

Q: If the boys really go on their separate ways, would they still be named SS501?

A: I'm guessing. Since DSP reserves the rights for the name "SS501", it really depends on DSP. IF they get to colloborate with HJL afterall, my bet is the name remains. But if they are going to recruit a new member or simply retain the group as 4 members, DSP will probably change the name. :)


Q: If HJL goes to KeyEast, does that mean he will act only?

A: I've read that KeyEast has a singer. So HJL might be the 2nd singer, the first actor cum singer? ^^


Here's all I'm suppose to answer. Will edit to add if there's more request. ^^


  1. Honestly i've read on some sites that the other members are renewing their contracts, but considering how much people are speculating abt this issue i'll just pretend it's not true until DSP itself says something.
    Anyway i don't freak out to the point that i dislike HJL for this. Until 3 days ago we all agreed DSP wasn't the best choice. And i'm relaxed enough to understand that if he left there must be a good reason.
    Nevertheless i can't be calm like everyone seems to be. I keep thinking of their words at their last fanmeeting&that helps a lot but i would lie if i said i can only see the bright side.

  2. You're fast!! Lol.

    Yeah I won't deny we get to go ballistic after all those news. Afterall SS501 is like a family to us. What saddens me was to see those few whom I'm sure, ever termed SS501 as family, to bash HJL..

    I've saw some of the sites saying that too. Likewise, I've queried myself where exactly they got the information when DSP itself has not affirm anything.. *sigh*

  3. Nicely put...facts are fact no one can change...n ppl should stop being selfish...am glad to know ur views and way of explaining to those ppl who still not getting the point....ty for ur support


  4. Saz~ ^^ Thanks for dropping by. Well I suppose we all want to help in our best possible means. I'm ready for bashing anyway because I'm sure there will still be some, that will never get it.

    Nevertheless, I pray for the best and hope they stop venting their anger aimlessly.. *exhales*

  5. he never say a lie
    he always stick to the words he say
    what ever he do
    he will never hurts any one especially his SS brothers and all TripleS and all his fans

    i believe he know what he do
    and he will not make any decision in short term of time
    he must be think about it for along time, and talk about it with the other member.
    he wont take this decision on his own without talking it with his brothers.

    i believe in they brotherhood

  6. unnie your blogs are straight to the point..i do hope that those whom they call themselves "TS" and keeps bashing HJL can read these..Actually, I was never shocked with his joining KEYEAST (happy though that he is finally gonna do work again)..what really shocked and saddened me were the comments that aggravated and downgraded HJL for his decision..I'm just hoping for the best of SS501.

  7. @chulills I like what you said - "he will never hurts any one especially his SS brothers and all TripleS and all his fans"

    Yes, that is what I believe too.. whatever is his decision, double and triple S will be the last he wants to hurt...

    @Cheryll Somehow, I hope they get to read it too. I don't really want to scold the girls cuz I understand some of them are young and feels insecure, but throwing tantrums is simply not the way to settle things.. :'(

  8. unnie,,thanks for share your thought,,
    really inspired me,,
    This morning, my friend told me to read about Leaders news,and I just too shock to hear that he's leaving DSP..OH MY GOD,,my brain start to BLANK !! this news really ruins my day,,I start to cry at office and all the WHY questions are pooping up one by one in my mind..I cant concentrate to what I'm doing,,I even feel nothing when having my lunch and dinner,,
    I scare to open all the SS501 blogs, even I scare to read my timeline..
    I afraid to being provocated, so I just keeping in my mind that Leader has his own reasons..keep repeat it all the times in my heart,,
    Truly I really MAD of him..
    really really mad,,but what can I do,,I just an ordinary girls who loves SS501 so much..
    all I'm thinking off is how the other members feel..but read this "I believe he must have had a proper thought and discussion with the company and his fellow members. There is no way he made the decision by himself." and "I did some flashbacks, the boys doesn't seems too stressed or emotional. I'm sure they are the first few to know HJL's departure. Don't you think HJL had a good discussion with his brothers such that they all agree it's for the better?" makes me realize that Leader is Leader that will not forget his dongseng and his past..
    once again gomawo unni for share your thoughts..thanks for being so positive in every tweet you did today..
    *hugs* juli

  9. @juli I'm glad u shared your thoughts with me too. I bet u are not the only one that cried. I read, afew of my frens did too. Lol.

    It's unavoidable that some of us get angry, upset, or even mad at him - simply because, like what you said, u are just an ordinary girl who loves SS501 so much. :)

    This is the reason why I wanted to share my thoughts. To ease the pain hopefully. I hope you can be brave sweets. Whatever is the outcome, do rembr HJL is NOT sm1 who treats his brothers or his friends, tripleS - lightly. ^^

  10. omma, you really give out your best thoughts to share. i'm sure many TripleS, not only many but lots and lots will understand what you mean now. meanwhile, i believe SS501's ; Five Forever As One (:

    thanks for making me better again, omma! at least now i get a clearer view of probably why Hyunjoong gorgor left DSP (':

  11. @zoelle I truly hope so~ I hope they approach me and tell me how angry they are, so I get to hear them out.. rather than gg round aimlessly..

    Read your tumblr too. Truly sensible. Umma is proud of u sweets. Given you age u can think this way, I hope other chingoos, can too.. :')

  12. thankSS a lot unnie : )
    you've made me feel a bit better..
    like what Menu unnie said..

    " I keep thinking of their words at their last fanmeeting&that helps a lot BUT I WOULD LIE IF I SAID I CAN ONLY SEE THE BRIGHT SIDE. "

    whatever SS4 esp. HJL's decisions are...
    i hope and i know it'll turn out good!
    for now, i or we can't do anything for these Y_Y
    all we can just do is to support our boySS, wait and trust them...

    uhhmm..ONE QUESTION!

    •Unnie, if ever SS4 will follow HJL's destination.. [uhmm..keyeast..]
    will they have to change their group name? and how about their songSS... and albumSS...?
    all copyrighted to DSPE???

  13. @faith I'll see if there's anymore question so I can edit my entry. Otherwise I'll reply u via here or twitter. ^^

  14. Wow, this was inspiring. Hehe.
    To be honest, I saw it coming... the fact HJL would leave DSP. I'm sure many of you girls did too...

    But, I still trust 5 members together as 1 forever. :) (That's what their name connotes after all!)

  15. @cathy Thanks for the encouraging words. Yeah we saw it coming, but we chose to believe. Even until now. As long as the final news had not be announced, we will cont'n to persist on our beliefs.. despite the possiblities seems smaller and smaller..

    Still, it's a good lesson learnt I'm sure. That we all persisted our faith.. ^^

  16. That was what he meant during the X-Concert..TRUST them..even if they don't work together with DSP they will always be the same 5 Forever As 1..they live and fight for each other.

    And as TS, we should do the same thing. As I've said on my tweet, RESPECT and TRUST are essential vitamins to harmonious relationship.

    SS501 will live forever in our minds and deep in our hearts. FIGHTING!

  17. unnie cal, im with you. i know that HJL leaving DSP isnt like we didnt see it coming we all felt it. but when i read the news my jaw just drop. and all those questions kept flowing on my mind. like what will happen now, how are they now. like those thing.

    but i believe in HJL i believe in them. and i know HJL isnt the kind of person who will decide on one thing without properly thinking about it.

    im just sad that there are some TS bashing HJL. i think that would hurt HJL the most. he loves us. he loves TS.

    i love SS501 and i will trust them and respect them.



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