Friday, October 1, 2010

Officially outta mid twenties. Tsk.

6 days passed. And I was officially off the "mid twenties" category. Say hello to the LATE 20s yo! Not that it bothers me anyway. I'm still behaving like a juvenile. ^^ (Random: Hey, it's 01/10/10 today. 10 is my lucky number~)

This girlfriend got me this thing that could put up to 6 x 34C bras. Stats disclosed! I'm only a 32B.

That'd mean I could put in 10 bras? 12? Maybe.

Ok, enough of the bras and stuffs. So this was the first birthday I had with the tweepeas. Knowing how horribly sweet they can get at times, I knew I was in for some tear jearking moments. Either they are really good at making people cry or I'm a tap. Or both.

Am grateful with every each and individual birthday wishes. Long or short, close or not, I'm awefully grateful. Least to say, I really tried my best to reply all msges be it in facebook, twitter, and sms. My fingers nearly went ICU from the intensive typings. Oh yeah, I'm boasting. Like it or not. I'm popular and well loved. Equal amount of haters too I guess. Lol.

Amidst the many lovelies, some did extra for me. Which was really heartwarming because I'm sure if they are here, they'll prolly be the ones that will throw be some surprise party. Sweet.

Introducing Menu ah. The nonsensical one. Kekeke. The one whom like "Calvin and Hobbes" too. I knew she's weird. Everyone that like Calvin and Hobbes have this weird sense of humor. One that I like. We never added each other in FB till god knows when. Not that we dislike each other, it turns out we behaved the same - we were too lazy to click on that "add as friend" button.

But the friendship remains. She's the type I can simply not chat with, but reading her tweets itself makes me laugh. She knows that. Menu's like.. a strapless bra. (Omo, why bra again?)

Strapless bra's.. cumbersome. I hate wearing it. You try not to have it on when you have the strapped ones. But you'll need strapless ones when you wear something nice. An off-shoulder, a toga, a tube. Strapless bras enhances your dresses. When you knew it's not there, you'll feel unsafe. Nothing could replace that. The moment you found your strapless bra, you'll go "damn, can I not wear it?" - and the vicious cycle remains. Menu's someone you won't realise her importance until she disappears. Like how Hyun Joong said he wants to be Hwangbo's oxygen. Yes, oxygen. :) But I like describing Menu ah as a bra. Period. xD

Menu she said she is keeping her wishes to me till it's 12am (25th) on her side. There was a time difference of.. 6 hours I think? And so I read. That was the time where Maisimus sent me her little token. Boy that made me weeped! And weeped! Annnnd weeped. Boooo!


Here's from Menu. Sweet. Wicked too... =.="

(I knew she can never remain too sane)

There you go! It's officially your birthday also in Italy! \o/ SAENGIL CHUKA HAE, CAL EONNI! :-* (I know, it's Mai the one who calls you eonni, not me. But it's a special day. I'll be the troublesome Menu ah again tomorrow. XD)

"I'll be the troublesome Menu ah again tomorrow" - See? Toldja. Hmm.

This is my gift. I know you're superduper busy these days so you can read it whenever... you have time. It's long just like all my blog entries, therefore you're gonna need A LOT of time. XD

Oh, BEFORE YOU CLICK! Love Ya, Cal! ^^

I'm tellin you now because you may not believe it later. XD

No, jk. This entry's not that mean.

HAVE AN AWESOMELY AWESOME DAY...and week, month, year, decade, century, next life. \o/

I'm gonna say the nice things first and the Menuish things later.

So...Cal is precisely the third TripleS i met in my life. There was Tata, then Cath and then Cal.

She's like that childhood friend who's been there beside you through everything and anything. In everything i've done as a TripleS, Cal was there. From buying my 5 Men's 5 Years DVD to anticipating Human Theatre to sharing our love for Hyun Joong in We Got Married and celebrating Kyu's, Jung Min's, Leader's and Baby's birthdays, spazzing before and after SS501's comeback, biting our nails and virtually patting each other's back when their destiny wasn't clear.

Cal: Amma weeping again.

I said this on my birthday, too: i don't rate my TripleS sis. You don't rate family, right? But there's inevitably someone i've shared more things with. And Cal's the one i've shared THE MOST with.

So, Cal...I'm glad we met, i'm glad we are what we are and i hope you'll have a birthday as awesome as mine or more. I'll always pray for life to treat you kind. And if it won't, just call me and i'll kick life's ass.

*Menu ah, do i have to remind you your surname means life, therefore you are life?*



How am i supposed to deal with myself, then?

*Well, i've been practising to deal with you. I can teach you.*



Who are you trying to trick? You're Young Saeng. Eternal Life. You're life, too!

*=.= Great, then if Cal has trouble with life, you and I will have an argument.*

As long as you don't let her kidnap you...

*I always came back in the end, didn't i?*

...Nevermind. Let me say the Menuish things now. Everytime you butt in, things get longer.

This is the real reason why i dedicated a blog entry to you. *runs*

Cal: Shit.


CAL: Ok sorry, I officially declare I'm a Kim Hyung Jun bias.

MENU: OMG! CAL! I'M PROUD OF YOU!!! *_* *runs away in tears*

CAL: I knew Menu's gonna say something... =.= *whistles and walks away*

MENU: Sorry, it's just a dream coming true. XDD

CAL: Yea... xD Until JM comes to my country, I guess it's peace for now.

MENU: But even when that day comes i'll have the small comfort that for one second u moved to the dark side of Menuism. XDDD

CAL: *whistles and walks away like Hobbes* Baby lemme love ya love ya love ya

MENU: Well, then *runs after her like Calvin* XDDD Oh, &in case guilt gets overwhelming just ignore it. It'll pass. ^^ Even if you're the eonni here i have more experience than u in this field. \o/ Though i shouldn't boast.

CAL: So.. am I suppose to thank you for the advise? xD *stop pulling my sleeves* Ok ok I get you~ point noted menu ah!

MENU: Totally. It's useful to fight boredom. XDD Why focusing on just one dude if you can have them all? *throws confetti at herself*

CAL: I have no doubts bout that dongsaengie. I guess being fickle smtimes does help, huh?

MENU: just started. Switching groups is like pro level. You're still a beginner. XDDD Have a little patience.

MICHELLE: LOL!~ then me? I totally switched from Eng grps to Chi grps then now, Korean grps within.. 4yrs?

CAL: Sounds familiar...

MENU: I guess this makes u...uhm...what's between beginners&pro? XD 'Cause i switched from english to korean in 2 months AND ..from koreans to koreans and more koreans in the next 10 months. I think i'm worse. XDD

CAL: I'm so not gonna be a pro.

MENU: Well, then no prize for you. XD I'll still be happy 'cause u moved a first step though. XDD

MICHELLE: Intermediate?

MENU: Ok, cool. Then i'm the pro, you're the intermediate and Cal is the beginner w no ambitions to improve. XDD

CAL: i'll probably get killed by HJB and JM if I were to get any prize frm you pro menu..

MENU: Ani...Baby loves me. Jung Min ah...he may be a problem. So do me a favor&just skip the topic. XDD

CAL: Jungmin or HyungJun bias, I'm proud to be a TripleS. Just. Proud.

MENU: And here's when Cal is back to be the eonni. XD

The night this happened, you sensed i was going to blog our conversation. Well, take it as my birthday gift. \o/

And no, i'm not doing this to get revenge on you for taking Jung Min away from me, sending Saengie using the deflating mission as cover, kidnapping him on a daily basis and so on. XD

I'm just making your birthday unforgettable my own way.

ADMIT IT! You'd miss me if i disappeared for good. \o/

But seriously, I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH that a blog entry would never be enough.

THANKYU for bearing my nonsense for almost one year and for being my friend! My mind won't get better in the future so don't waste your birthday wish on me when you'll blow on the candles. But i still hope you'll want me around anyway. XD


[And if someone else is reading, don't get mad. I love you all to the max, but i'm sure you'll agree with me: Cal eonni is and will always be Cal eonni. \o/]


And shortly, I received Maisimus's video. Followed by using a packet of tissue. And made her cried too. Lol. Eeish. Girls will be girls. So Menu ah is a strapless bra, then Mai is a... blusher. Makeup without a blusher makes you look pale. Few strokes of pink on the cheeks turns one from crude to cute!

However, over-doing it give you a negative effect. Maisimus's not one that you can be overboard with. She never lets you off. xD But without her, life's plain. When one looks unhealthy, blushers gives you the healthy look! When I'm down, Mai's there to give me a pad on the shoulder, nudging me to move on. Giving me the strength, telling me "everything's gonna be alright."

Blusher can be used in many ways. Giving you the different feelings everytime you experiment. Maisimus likes all sorts of fun. And she reverts the fun you threw her - with more fun. Lol.

So here's her:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @violettacal, my darlingest, bestest most... glorious(?) Unnie! xD Hahaha, I hope you enjoy my little viddie for you! Aigoo, it's so short, but all I had time for!!!:3

Cal.. oh what to write here? Cal you are wonderful! A wonderful, caring and seriously underrated person! I mean, what have Shisus been thinking? You should be given anything you want, served on a silver platter! xD Be it MinWoo or JungMin or Hyung Jun or Leader or Kyu or -draws breath- or Saengie.. xD Do u get the picture? xD Aigoo, idek how I should express myself when it comes to you! But everything Menu-ah wrote on her blog made me nod and think "She's so right!!!" xD Cal, I can laugh, mess around, cry and love around you, it's like you're the angel from heaven sent to be there exactly when the twitter girls need you to! Sometimes, I wonder if even the SS boys deserve you!D: xD

Haha, anyway, I wish you nothing but happiness, whereever you go, whatever happens! And I hope I can join in to give you some, every once in a while!:3 Kekeke!

I'll stop my ramblings now, and get back to my other -MUST-BE-DONE-BY-TOMORROW- video! xD All u need to know is.. I love ya, sooo friggen much, and don't EVER think I won't care about something that's bothering u, cuz I WILL care and I'll kick whatever it is 501 miles away to the moon! xD


Here's what I felt after seeing what M&Ms did..

On Saturday 25th September 2010, @violettacal said:

Gees.. the M&Ms;(@Menu_ah @Maisimus) are making me real emo suddenly.

Not that I'm not grateful to the rest of you, but this 2 girls.. are really.. eeish. Idk.. I'm refraining myself from reading every single word they wrote for me cuz I'm not prepared. Not yet. I don't even think I fit their descriptions sometimes, I'm just.. me. Normal. Me.

Emotional or rather.. I'm really thankful. Thankful that I get to meet girls that even bother to write such sweet stuffs for me. Obligated but they still made an effort. Even a simple well wish, touches me deep beneath.

I can never do that. The words remain deep in my heart but I nv did really tell them, or even the rest of the girls - how much I adore them. Truly. At times, I adore them more than my real friends.

I adore them for their nonsense. I adore them for sharing their ups and downs with me. I adore them, simply by calling me "unnie ah~".

Virtual or not, I feel.. it has been my pleasure meeting these girls. Meeting you. And you. And you too...

Love, Cal (unnie)

Now pass me tissue paper already!! My mucus all showing.


To sum things up, I'm awfully glad I glad to meet the friends around me. My besties, my buddies, my loved ones, the usual tweepeas ^^, the tripleS of course! And you reading this. Even if I don't know you and you happen to read this, I pray that you get to meet nice people like them. XOXO.

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