Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guess who's back? @violettacal is back!

I'm sure many twitter addict would have felt me. Those of you whom are very much reliant to a social portal and found out your account is suddenly suspended and the network are pretty much gone, I'm quite sure none of you will keep cool.

Yeah yeah, I've been whining about this the past 2 days.

But I'm not going to whine no more! Twitter reinstated my account! Guess the email I wrote did work afterall.

@iamsom realised my account was back and tweeted me. But alas, I was asleep.. (because I don't really wanna tweet, you see..)

And so I was swarmed with a handful of congrats. I bet they pefer me to appear as violettacal too. Hee.

@iamsom @violettacal \(^^)/ u back!!

@cath_ts @iamsom where? I didn't see @violettacal She's back alr? o.O
hyunderella aww~ yeah! she`s back! (/^o^)/ RT @iamsom @violettacal \(^^)/ u back!!

@LeadtheWin @violettacal Welcome back! I never knew 2 months is so short lol~

@hyunderella @cath_ts @iamsom yeah! mansae! @violettacal is back! =) red carpet? keke...

@cath_ts @SS501tags cal, where are you??? @violettacal is back! Pali! You can going home now! xDDD LOL

@hyunderella @LeadtheWin lol! yeah! 2 mth is so short.. hehe @violettacal
cath_ts @hyunderella *give @violettacal 501 flower bucket* xDD LOL @iamsom

@hirominnie43 whoa! she's acc was back!? congrats!! RT @cath_ts: @SS501tags cal, where are you??? @violettacal is back! Pali! You can going home now!

@cath_ts @hirominnie43 yes! Thanks God! You can see @violettacal again soon! xDD LOL

@ZOELLEEEE yes yes omma your @violettacal account is back (!!!!!) @SS501tags RT @cath_ts

@LeadtheWin @hyunderella @violettacal Hours ago I wanted to ask twitter make a statement why they suspended ur acc. Now I must cancel it xD

@hyunderella @cath_ts okie dokie ^^ i`l cut all my mum`s flower for @violettacal welcoming ^^ LoL @iamsom

@iamsom @cath_ts: @hyunderella *give @violettacal 501 flower bucket* xDD LOL @iamsom // yey..mansae!!

@mjardz08 cool! i guess twitter can't live w/o unnie RT @cath_ts: @SS501tags cal, where are you??? @violettacal is back! Pali! You can going home now!

@hyunderella @LeadtheWin i want to go cruise around the sea to see which whale mess up with @violettacal but now its ok..lets giv the whale a

@cath_ts @hyunderella omo~ what if she get mad because we took all her flowers for @violettacal ? xDD LOL @iamsom

@hyunderella @cath_ts haha! she won`t! i won`t tell her that us cut it.. lol.. @violettacal what flower? =p haha @iamsom

@fran_FTkiss501 yeah unnie's acc is back ^-^ @violettacal

@violettacal Omg my account is back! @violettacal is back!!!! Is @stalking_hj @ss501facts ok too?

@SS501tags @violettacal is back!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Ormyiets HOORAY welcome back @violettacal ! :D

@jacinthoriya @violettacal hello :D finally you're back. Welcome back!!

@yastyas1103 RT @Ormyiets: HOORAY welcome back @violettacal ! :D

@arviena @violettacal Omg what did u do to get it back?we're still suspended!*cry*

@anieandriyani @violettacal wellcome back, unnie ^^

@YuL_HJL10 @violettacal congrats onnie u account is back..kkk

@renes2khj @violettacal good! What did you say????

@501pea_ @violettacal morning :)..welcome back!!

@wipa_TS @violettacal welcome back unnie...

@missjkhan @violettacal Welcome back cal!

@arviena @violettacal @renes2khj Allright! Ssfacts r still down tho T_T

@dubTripleSS13 hurray! Welcome back @violettacal unnie!

@innoy @violettacal gyaaaaaaaaa.. uniieee... u r back!!!

@ellenasss RT @dubTripleSS13: hurray! Welcome back @violettacal unnie!

@0131chaez congrats @violettacal unnie for getting your acc back! ^o^

@ss501facts2 Great news, one of d 'kidnapping' victims is released! Welcome back, @violettacal! Lets pray they release ssfacts n @stalking_hj a s a p.

@Ormyiets haha congrats unnie ;D RT @violettacal: THANKYU THANKYU!!!! Nv been so happy b4! RT @yastyas1103: RT @Ormyiets: HOORAY

@che_KHJ @violettacal morning eonnie..congrats!!you got your account back.. ^^

@ZOELLEEEE @violettacal glad to see you back with your omma account! keke did you receive my sms early this morning? :'D

@violettacal First person to realise my acct was back -- RT @iamsom: @violettacal \(^^)/ u back!! -- thank you lor!!!!!!! I wanna kiss u!!!!!!!!!

@as26s @violettacal Atlast, Whoa, welcome back! =))

@Saz33na @violettacal welcome back nice to see u back

@501rainbow @violettacal welcome back unnie~~~ XD

@NonnaLonny @violettacal kyaa...welcome back unnie^^ so happy to see u again.. :D

@che_KHJ @violettacal and everyone is rejoicing that you got back your account finally.. @_@

@_22813 @violettacal YOU'RE BACKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@LileneL @violettacal ho ho ho ! welcome back !

@ininoy @violettacal nyahaha.. guess Twitter miss u after all..kkkk.. u can't lose a one crazy spammer like Cal unie deh? hahaha

@meeyzha @violettacal hai..!!! u r back !!! SSory for the late wish~ btw,, miSS ya so much..!!!

@dewi_uci Ur account's back :)) ‎​♡, but 2other not "@violettacal: Omg my account's back! @violettacal back!!!! Is @stalking_hj @ss501facts ok too?"

@babyput Unnieeee!!!haaa your tweeps back :DRT @violettacal: KST4pm to 530pm - will try to spam #CNBlue mini live concert as much as I can. Sta...

@quizzy501 @violettacal wow have fun there.. and weee.. twitter finally returned ur account!! welcome back!!!

@ZieHwaiting @violettacal xD You're account is back ^^

@faithxxHS @violettacal uhhmmm..i just realized that ur account is back unnie~! kewl!! thnx Shisus!!!!

@rachellermhjl16 @violettacal your back?! whaahahha

@deebhagalz @violettacal lol, you are back !! :D

@haneultriple501 @violettacal aigo, cal unnie you're back ! Great to know it :)

Thank you for the encouraging words when I was down. Means alot, you know? ^^

Did I missed out anyone? I hope not... By the way, CN Blue mini live concert was a blast. ^_-

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  1. welcome back, sweetie~ X"D
    I'm so happy coz u were back!!!!


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