Friday, August 6, 2010

See to the And to the CN Blue~ Kim to the Hyung to the Kim Hyung Jun~

See to the And to the CN Blue~

Alright. A quick update.

You know, I've got my tickets for CN Blue. (Ohmyjungshin~~~!!) Still grieving over the fact I can't get the cat 2 ones. Which was why I settled for cat 3. Response was way overwhelming than I've expected the cat 1 and 2 were sold out even before I could blink my eyes.

Anyway, so I purchased the tickets. And opt for registered mail because the pickup location for gatecrash dot com was way out of the place so heck, $3 more to make my life easier.

Called them up couple of days later after my confirmation. I was expecting the mail to reach my place within 48 hours. Like hello, this is Singapore. A registered mail don't take so long to reach me wad..

He told me it takes them about 5 to 7 days. Nasty as I could be, I could have jolly well played with his words. Instead I repeated, you mean 5 to 7 working days? (The customer service fella was nice, so cut them some slack la..) Ok, done deal. I accepted his explaination.

BUT, he said some of the cat 1 and 2 tickets were duplicated due to the system breakdown hence their's was somehow affected. Mine wasn't. Thankfully.

And so, if they were to delay the delivery, I'll jolly well jump at them. If mine was affected, then I should not see any delay in my supposedtoreachmeearlyearly tickets.

Gimme my CN Blue tickets already!


Kim to the Hyung to the Kim Hyung Jun~

The Malaysians are in luck! They get to see HJB. Details as follow:

Date: 28 August 2010, Saturday
Time: 2.30pm - 5.00pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Plenary Hall
Official Poster: Coming Soon

VIP Plus Package (Numbered Seating) – RM400
Entrance Ticket
Poster Signing Session (Hand sign on stage)
Group photo with Hyung Jun (20 people per group)
Chance to interact with Hyung Jun on stage (Pick by seat number)
VIP Package (Numbered Seating) – RM350
Entrance Ticket
Poster Signing Session (Hand sign on stage)
Chance to interact with Hyung Jun on stage (Pick by seat number)

ACE Package (Free Seating) – RM220
Entrance Ticket
Get poster on stage from Hyung Jun [Printed Signature] (Handshake allowed)
Special Gifts for 2 lucky fans
Lucky Gifts for 10 lucky fans

TOP Package (Free Seating) – RM130
Entrance Ticket
Event Poster [Printed Signature]

Cr: @jacinthoriya via twitter;

For RM130 we get to see, maybe the hand or the tip of HJB's head.

EVERYONE'S HEADING FOR THE VIP ONES LAH OF COURSE! And so by the time @jacinthoriya tipped me the infomation, the VIP seats are long gone..

Or rather, left 10. Opened for public sale that is.

Madness much.

And so it's quite likely this pretty boy will head down to our sunny island to visit us but I guess WMS team are busy with.. the National day? Or maybe the YOG.

They haven't release any news.

Okok enough of the sacarsm. Ahjumma is just being dorgy here because I'm getting a little tensed up with the announcement and worse, the ticketing method. I am so getting the most expensive one to see this boy. But it turns out that you might not even get the ticket albeit you are prepared to pay.

Oh boy.

Oh boy I'm nuts.

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