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Of Jungmin's message left on 3/7/10, Of DSP's announcement 3/7/10

Before we continue, this was what I read on KST6.20pm. The time Minnie wrote this "peas" (piece) was at somewhat KST2.00pm.

So even before I'm requested yet again to share my thoughts, I thought I'd better draft this first before everything turns chaotic and the poor girls come wailing to me "unnie, what happened???" , "unnie, what does he mean??? "

(fantastic, just when I'm typing this, another piece of news came up. Saw the update in my twitter)

So, here are the news / rumours / updates I've read:

Credits: Liezle's blog
Pls re-post with proper credits.


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Hello? This is SS501’s JungMin.
Always wanted to say something, but I wrote the message and erased it, wrote and erased..
Finally dragged till today!!
With the situation now, I thought about..if my message were to hurt the other members, what should I do,
In any case, I thought that saying this would be good, so I wrote this message today.

First of all!!
The activities for this album of SS501 ended after Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards.
Really a lot of people came.
In Taiwan, HongKong, Japan~, and even China too~~ Our Triple S!!
I thought.. it is really great if all 5 of us could perform together.
Thank you for coming and supporting us~!
(Firstly, I wanted to say a word of thanks.)

Let me start with the conclusion first,
As SS501, the contracts for all members
Even though it is true that there were offers made from our current company and from other large management companies in Korea,
All of them fell through.

And at the moment I have not signed contract with anyone yet,
Even though I received offers from various companies, I have not replied yet.
I said…I will reply after I discussed with our members. Currently, I have not given a reply yet.

If we were to sign a contract, we will let everyone know officially.
(DSP will be managing us until we sign a contract...!)

Hmm... We had discussion meetings before we ended our activities for this time,
Each and every member had a face to face talk with Madam (Teacher’s wife? not too sure who he's referring to).
Though we should share more conversations among 5 of us..!
Prepared sufficiently and going to do it.
The question on our future, even though I am certain that it has no doubt became a personal question,
Before that, in order for SS501 to continue its activities, SS501’s album and concert, etc...
I am saying about the activities.
Project-based singer is NO THANK YOU..!!

Even though I have a lot more to write... I will just write this much first.
Actually, I was sleeping late but woke up startled... TT TT
I called the members in case they were shocked too, but the phone didn’t get through~~!
Well in any case, let’s continue with the discussion meeting~~ Let’s meet~~ With this going,
Because there will be sad news.. in such an already bad time.. I am full of sorry.. TT TT

Ah! And also, I will continue to come over to the homepage in the future too,
Will be able to continue to see me here ^^
I will leave message often..!!

So JM doesnt want a project group?
How would SS501 move from here?! TT_TT
But good news here is that they havent decided anything yet..
I hope there will be good news..but what's the 'sad news' he's referring to? maybe rumors?

Original Hangul Message

정민입니다..^^ 2010-07-03 오후 1:51:49

안녕하세요? SS501 정민입니다.
자주 인사드리려고 했는데, 글을 쓰다 지우다 쓰다 지우다...
결국 오늘 까지 와버렸네요!!
지금 상황에 괜히 나의 글이 멤버들에게 해가 되면 어쩌나..하고 있었는데,
아무래도 이야기를 하는게 좋을 것 같아서 오늘은 글을 씁니다.

SS501의 이번 앨범 활동은 대만의 금곡상 이후로 마무리되었습니다.
정말 많은 분들이 와주셨어요.
대만에서도, 홍콩에서도, 일본에서도~,또 중국에서도~~우리 트리플에스!!
다섯명이 무대했으면 정말 좋았을텐데..라고 생각했습니다.
와주시고 응원해주셔서 감사했어요~!
(먼저, 감사하다는 말 하고 싶었어요.)

결론부터 말씀드리자면,
SS501로서 멤버 전원의 계약은

지금의 회사는 물론, 국내외의 대형기회사에서 제안이 있었던 것은 사실이지만,
모두 불발되었습니다.

그리고 저는 아직까지 아무 곳과 계약을 맺지 않고 있는 상태이며,
여러 곳에서 제안이있었지만 아직 대답하지 않았습니다.
멤버들과 상의후 대답하겠다...라고 까지 대답해 놓은 상태입니다.

계약을 맺는다면 여러분들께 정식으로 알려드리겠습니다.
(계약을 맺기전까지는 DSP에서 모든 관리를 해주고 있습니다..!)

음...이번 활동을 마무리하기전 회의들도 있었고,
각 멤버별, 사모님과의 면담 역시 있었습니다.
5명이 좀 더 많은 이야기를 나누어야겠지만..!
충분히 가능하며 해야하게하는 것.
거취문제는 물론 이제는 개인적인 문제임이 되어버린 것이 틀림없지만,
그에 앞서 SS501의 지속적인 활동을 위해서 SS501로서의 앨범과 콘서트등...의

활동에 대한 이야기.
이벤트성 가수는 노땡큐니까..!!

더 쓸 글들이 많지만...일단 접어두겠습니다.

실은 늦잠자다가 깜짝놀라 깬거라...ㅠㅠ
멤버들 놀랬을까 전화해봤더니 전화가 안되네요~~!
안그래도 계속 회의하자~~만나자~~이랬는데,
슬픈소식들도있고해서..가뜩이나 이럴 때에..미안한 마음 가득입니다..ㅠㅠ

아! 그리고 앞으로도 홈페이지는 계속 열려있는다고 하니,
여기서 계속 볼 수 있을꺼예요^^
글 자주 올리고 하겠습니다..!!


(Another translation I saw from the comments section, which I thought was slightly better)

Anonymous said...
Here's the translatiob i found on soompi...not sure how accurate, but i hope it helps :)

Translation of Jeongmin's message on DSP

Credits: DSP homepage + (Chinese translation) LOVE小马马@NO.43Park + (English translation) SS5014ever @ Superstar Subbing

I'm Jeongmin.. ^^ 2010-07-03 1:51:49 PM

Hi? I'm SS501's Jeongmin.
I've always wanted to greet everyone, I wrote the message and erased it, wrote it and erased it...
in the end, it dragged on till today!!
I thought, with the situation now, what if my message hurt the members...
but no matter what, this is something good so I wrote the message today.

SS501's activities for this album has ended after Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards.
A lot of people came.
From Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan~ and China~~ our TripleS!!
I thought...It'll be really good if all 5 of us could be on stage together.
Thank you for coming and showing support~!
(First I would like to say thanks)

Starting from the conclusion,
As SS501, all the members' contracts,

even though it's true that there have been discussions with big companies within and outside of Korea,
it all ended with no conclusion.

Also, up till now, I've not signed a contract anywhere,
many companies have made me an offer but I've not replied them.
I'll answer after discussions with the now the situation is a situation with no decision.

When our contract is confirmed we'll officially let everyone know.
(Before that, DSP will be in charge of all our matters..!)

Erm...there's been a few meetings before our activities this time ended,
All the members have met and discussed with our mentor.
Sufficient preparation has been made.
Although it's true that the question of staying or leaving has now become a personal one,
but before this, talks about continuing SS501 activities, SS501's album and concerts...

Singers for events, no thank you..!!

Even now
Even though there's many more that I would like to write..I'll write this much for now.

Actually, I was shocked just as I was napping... TT TT
I called the members because I was afraid they'd be shocked too, but they didn't pick up~~!
If so, continue meeting~~ during meetings~~this will do,
Such saddening news...during such tiring times...I feel so sorry.. TT TT

Ah! And, in future, the home page will continue to be open,
will be able to see (messages) here ^^
I'll come to leave messages often..!!


Here's one via dkpopnews

There has been rumors that SS501 member Park Jung Min has signed an exclusive contract with an oversea's agency, but Park Jung Min explains that "I have not entered a contract to be in that state".

Park Jung Min on the 3rd of July at 1:51 pm KST on the official website of SS501 explaining the rumor of him signing an exclusive contract with Sony Music Taiwan, "I have received many offers from different agencies, But I still have not answered" he explained further, "Us members are still going to consult with each other until we make a decision"

Following this, Park Jung Min said, "I will formally notify you what my standing is".

He also said, "As a member of SS501 I am still under DSP Entertainment as well as my activities abroad. It is true that all these rumors are not true".

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong has moved to KeyEast Entertainment.

Source: SPN
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews


Ok... *exhales* Let's us digest this portion first, before we move on to DSP's announcement.

1. SS501 SS4 has not sign any contract with any big companies within or outside korea despite there were discussions. There is no conclusion.

2. I think "madam" / mentor refers to their music teacher. That lady whom taught them their vocals and made them ran in the stadium, remember? Anyway, this is what I guess lah..

3. "Project-based singer is NO THANK YOU..!!" - I saw someone commented that if this means JM doesn't want a group activity. My definition of "project" is something short-term.

My take is, he's referring to "I don't want a project basis" - which KeyEast or DSP or other agencies might be proposing? An album, 1 collaboration. Again this is MY speculation.

Moving on, I think he means "I want a permanent activity for 5 of us". ^^

That is why he said they just need to keep on discussing. You get where I'm coming from my dear?

4. "I was shocked just as I was napping... I called the members because I was afraid they'd be shocked too, but they didn't pick up~~! If so, continue meeting~~ during meetings~~this will do. Such saddening news...during such tiring times...I feel so sorry.. TT TT " - this one leads us to the next post I've saw:

Again, via Liezle's blog

Please re-post with full credits.


07/03 [news] SS501 Park JungMin “Is in discussion with Sony Taiwan, but has not signed contract yet”

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


“Priority is agreement with the members.. Mutal agreement on SS501 activities”

With regards to news reports on SS501 member Park JungMin signed a contract with Sony Music Taiwan, Park JungMin’s representative said “This is not true.”

Park JungMin’s representative said to Nocutnews on 3-Jul through a telephone interview “The news report today on Park JungMin’s future (contract) is untrue. Even though it is true that they have some discussions about contracts with Sony Music Taiwan, but they have not officially signed on any contracts yet.”

The representative continued “Before signing the contract, the very first question is member’s agreement. The members have not been having sufficient conversations, especially for the case of HyungJun, who is very stressed because his very close friend Mr Park Yong Ha’s death. Question on Park JungMin’s future is also the question for the whole of SS501, therefore they must have ample discussions before they come into conclusion.”

He added “They must come into a conclusion on SS501’s continuality of activities such as album, concerts, etc before they consider the contracts. After they solve the problems such as those mentioned just now, they will then sign the contracts, and after they signed a contract, they will announce it officially.”

SS501’s contract has expired in early June with their current management company DSP Media. Leader Kim HyunJoong signed a contract with Bae YongJun’s company Key East, while the remaining members Park JungMin, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJun have not decided on their future contract yet.


The above was what I'm betting why Jungmin said it was a shocking news, because again, there had been rumours saying that he signed with Sony.

Therefore Jungmin felt upset he worried us, especially in such downtime.

Alright, so let's have a quick re-cap of what's going on.

1) HJL is a confirmed artist of KeyEast

2) KeyEast is supportive of SS501 - I'm sorry but I have to say this, KeyEast being supportive to SS501 does not accentuate to KeyEast signing the entire group over. However, I'm sure KeyEast is probable to the idea of doing an album or collaboration with the other 4.

That is why Jungmin say he doesn't wants to be a project based singer? ^^

3) MinJun has re-contracted with DSP - myth busted.

4) DSP does not want Kyu, HJL "sacrificed himself" - since this comes under the same piece of article as point (3), I'm happier believing that this is a myth rather than it's true. So yeah..


Lastly, I'm gonna say, from all these, at least we know no one from SS501 wants a disbandment. So may I dig up the past to remind and educate you again - do you think the words hurled at HJL is valid now? Now you see how silly you were saying those nasty things to him?

And IF HJL did want to leave the group, do you think the very egoisitic JM will fight so hard to keep them together? Next time, do think twice before you jump into any conclusion. Be it here or in your life..



  1. To be honest, I am trying to refrain from reading SS501 translated news, unless its actually official.
    The unverified rumours and speculations about the future of SS501 are so confusing for me... :S

  2. @cathy Lol then you ought not to read my entries too!!! It's the speculation of all speculations! xD

  3. 1. DSP does not want Kyu, HJL "sacrificed himself" a myth - (as you've discussed)

    Then, KHJL's leaving DSP is all but agreed and approved to by them it's not an individual decision then...

    2. Do you think the words hurled at HJL is valid now? it true or not, us fans should not judge them right away...being too narrow-minded will not just hurt SS5 but also the other "peas" who believe in them.

    As for me to quote: Being a fan doesn't mean you've had to be there since the beginning. Being a fan is willing to be there until the end.

  4. haha, but i can't refrain myself from reading them :P

  5. when could they release an official statement so everyone can stay at ease...or maybe not if it's really good...hahaha...dreaming alone..


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