Sunday, August 15, 2010


You know, my peers are half-ignoring because of my obsession. Hell, I hardly get obsessed with anything. But if I do, I do it good.

The gatecrash whom's system really crashed, finally delivered my tickets. I can never feel at ease until I see the hard copy of my entry confirmation.

6 days later. Meanie's seeing her Yoooong, me, Jungshin ah~

Fortunately, the fanmeet starts pretty early. I get to be a fillial daughter and rush home to celebrate daddy's birthday. :)

This entry was supposed to be done yesterday, somewhat at 4am in the morning. Where I was fuming mad. With the ticketing system. OF HJB's fanmeet. In Singapore. The details provided were way ludicrous there was simply no way out for me.

Given me whom hates asking favour from people, went on but nothing available.

Worst I felt, was the organiser, Warner music. Whom we thought will be announcing the details, was not the one whom apparently released the ticketing information. So much for watching that damn space. What, if I were to stupidly wait for Warner's information, the tickets.. ok, or rather the good seats, would be long sold.

Well thankfully, @xiaochu1004 was kind enough to answer my query. No promises, but she will help to ask if she can get her contacts to help. That very action of hers was well enough to deem my utmost appreciation and salute. Not many souls here in Spore are kind enough to help you this way.

More unlikely when you hardly know each other.

Anyways, I owe her once. And let's hope she likes ice-cream..?

So, the deal was like this, she'll check and then get back to me today, no, yesterday. Since it's technically Sunday now.

I didn't actually bear any hope from her side. Afterall, it's a bonus if people help you. It's normal if they don't. So I'm prepared to call off the entire hoo-hah. Despite I've spent fair amount of trouble.

Then it was bridesmaid gown trying, alteration, makan, rush to Cyrene's house, do the scrapguestbook, dinner, discuss how to sabotage the groom and brother with my 748,754,09 ideas...

Nevertheless a corner of my heart simply isn't very happy lor. Am seriously contemplating if I should wake up before 2pm later to buy the ticket. It's just such a turnoff. Ok, not grieving over the fact I can't get the ticket. But frustrated on the amount of difficulty that was obstructing me to get it. (FYI, WMS has still yet make any announcement about HJB's ticketing where the fandom is literally in chaos over the tickets already. Brilliant)

Surprisingly, the sms buzzed at some 12.30am. Fwah, @xiaochu1004 took the effort to text me the updates! She could have chose not to text me. But she did, both twitter and mobile. Believe me, I pulled a tired face but I was overwhelmed. Informed me she managed to get 20 (very good) tickets and the details.

How happy can I get right?

Answer: Very happy.

Maybe the $0.50 I donated to the deaf society worked today.

Make me tio 4D later I'll buy the tickets for the lovelies, whom I know they badly wanted to attend but were either financially constrained or affected by the payment channel.

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