Friday, August 20, 2010

Hyung Joong got 1st, we got suspended.

Royal highness is here to grumble.

So, Project Kisseu round 1 - was half successful. Hyun Joong dominated the throne but 장난스런 키스 was no where to be seen. Chances are twitter does not recognise hangul at all. Oh well, an experience learnt. You never try, you never know.

But that wasn't what the title tells you.

This, is what I'm saying.

The account got suspended. I was trending halfway when I sensed something was wrong. Thinking it should be the normal over capacity or tweet limit that shuts me off for maximum of 2 hours, boy I was wrong.

Twitter suspended my account.

I couldn't even continue trending. I had to find a solution to this. And till this very moment, the solution is nothing but to wait. And wait. AND wait.

Sorry I know I've been whining since the very 1st second I knew my parent account is dead. No matter how much I try to be cool about it, I ain't. Not that I can't tweet anymore, I have a sub account @SS501tags. And most of my lovelies are aware that I'm pretty much using that to tweet. Umm, ok. Not most. If I have a total of 900 followers (round down) with @violettacal and 200 with @ss501tags (round up), it'd mean 70% of my usual tweepbase, might not be aware of what's happening. Anyway, that's not the problem.

I'm just used to the momentum of the parent account. Afterall, I was known as violettacal, not ss501tags, not cal4cnblue and not calovescarrot.

Worse, I promised to do my very 1st live tweet for CNBlue. With the parent account. And then those that are unaware, would log in, and realise "hey how come the last time Cal tweeted was 2 days ago? That's unusual of her." - People whom will be realising that, I hope somehow they are resourceful enough to find out what happen. I can't possibly be whining 3 times a day, 7 days a week.

Moreover, I'm not the only one whom had the account suspended. Major accounts like @ss501facts and @stalking_hj wasn't spared either. Evil me, I was secretly gleeing knowing some share the same fate as me. xD ok, I should say, if it's me alone getting all the demerits, I'd really feel it's unfair.

But the lovelies are very supportive and helpful la.. bitching together with me against twitter, helping me spread the words that I am now in @SS501tags. Then I saw familiar names following the sub account I was elated because hey, at least I knew they saw the notice. Well they might have seen the notice and not follow my sub account. I'm ok with that. So long as you know, I haven't abandon twitdom, that's fine.. ^^

Meanwhile, I hope twitter gain some conscious and return me @violettacal. I love that account. @violettacal had been my nick for 6 years. It's a 2nd name to me for chrissake.

I'm seeing CNBlue tomorrow. I'm half demoralised because of what happened because a huge portion of tweeps are not being able to see what I'm going to share. Or maybe, I'll just dump all the infomation here and do a fan account. No tweeting.. I don't know. We'll see how.


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  1. hopefully @violettacal returns quickly ...

    fan account or live updates doesn't matter ~ or if u want we'll just RT your tweets through our accounts so it will spread anyway :)


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