Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SS501 is so good it needs a replica

"Imitation is the highest form of flattery".

Well before I start, lemme thank the girls for informing me the news (you know who you are. :) ) while I'm sick and stranded in Phuket with absolutely no internet connection in the hotel I'm staying.

Am already couple of day late but yeah, I'm gonna pen my thoughts.

Question: DSP and their frivolous idea of forming another boyband named "SS502"?

Insane as it seems. No wonder so many TripleS are upset.

Again, I always have my own set of opinions. Sure. DSP is most crazy with this idea of forming SS501 number 2. But SS501 WILL BE SS501. The original is always the original. Like you know, how the most popular celebrities have their wax figurine landed in Madam Tussauds. It's an honour you know?

I know I know, it's normal for us to feel affected with a replica of.. hey wait, replica? I don't think I should even call them replica. Prolly "Grade B". But replica is a nicer word lah huh...

I wonder what will SS502 (assuming DSP really do it) fanclub be named? Either way I'd think it tickles me.

Now if you ask me, I don't think DSP will execute this.

Even if they do, honestly, do you think it'll affect SS501 in any ways? The usual tripleS will laugh at the idea of a replica, let alone join them.

And for those who joins SS502, they'll prolly be new kids. And guess what, then we can stand up and proud to tell them "hey, did you know how your idols get their name? It's from our idols." ^^ Not to sound angsty or snobbish in any ways, but thinking that another boy band origins from OUR boys - simply makes me happy. No?

Peace sweethearts, peace. Even if DSP comes up with Double Heirs Five Oh One or SSS01 or whatever nearer terms they can think of, think - will it affect our boys?

Well if anyone were to answer "yes", then here's my reply:

So, I call out to the TripleS - be calm. We've been through more than enough hurdles to overcome this. If the replica gets strong, we'll get even stronger. If they are good, we'll be better.


  1. you're right, omma! keke thankyou! (':
    and before i messaged you, i posted something myself too: i wonder if it makes sense to you? :'D

  2. *I really miss lotz things rite?! damn..*
    agreed with u..
    and btw.. I'll laugh to death if there is another BB hv similar name with SS501. kkkk..
    this DSP n SS502 rumors really funny, no?! :))


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