Friday, May 20, 2011

Gone, but still around

Yo my sistas! Howdy? Miss me not?

Been refraining myself to do the explanation why I quit twitter because I don't see a need to. :) But if you happen to come across anyone in twitter, and (to my honour) is looking for me, please let 'em I'm eating and living well in Mars, not twitterverse. Cool? Well I mean, IF anyone is looking for me lah. I know there are. LOL. Confident some of the very stressed-up chingoos miss my sometimes very nonsensical tweets that somehow makes them laugh which is something I'm very proud of.

SS501's trending session from what I see, had been going very well! *elated* Even better than those previous ones I organised. Wah speaking of ashame. I ought to repent! Which was why I left..

Ok that was a joke. xD

Thank you ah @DS501fanpage! Ok lemme recall all the admins' names without any help - they are Angelia, Bizhen, Jiaying, Racheal and Tzeyin. 5 awesome girls.

'nuff of that. Reason why I drop by here is to say hi and send some misses. I've been kept updated with SS's infos via mobile and facebook, albeit not as fast as compared to those days I'm in twitter, still I'm a contented girl.

Ok, bye. ^^

P.S. Chatbox got spammed by shit people.

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