Monday, April 4, 2011

Trending tips *revised* !!

There's gonna be abit of repetiton against my previous one in this post so pardon me. On top of that, I'll be clearing more fundamental queries for the benefits of newly joined tweeps.


Trending Q&A

1) What is a trending topic?

Ans: You may wish to read Twitter's version here.

Or, in layman terms, it means "what people are talking about now" or "the hot-topic of the moment". This is where you can view what are the current trending topics:

Q2) How are the "hashtags (#)" aka trending topics formed/decided/created?

Ans: For most global ones, Twitter probably has a solution to trace the keyword thus I'd say "it's created automatically".

In most fandoms, tags aka trending topics are usually created intentionally. And the fandom I'm in, it's usually decided by the entire twitter community. Tweeps submit their tags aka trending topic. Subsequently, a poll will be conducted thereby the tag with the highest votes naturally becomes the trending topic.

Q3) Why do I see some topics with hashtag (#)? Is it a must to use hashtag?

Ans: It is not a must to use hashtag. Reason being why hashtag is used because the website that allows us to check a particular tag's statistics, requires a hashtag.


Trending Rules

Read rules 1 to 6 here:


Trending facts

i) A topic does not trend even if you tweet more frequently. Rather than the number of tweets, it's the amount of people tweeting the topic that matters.

I'm not sure how to make it clearer, so I'm gonna come up with an equation. Hopefully it helps:

5 persons x 1,000 tweets = 5,000 tweets → will NOT trend

10 persons x 500 tweets = 5,000 tweets → will NOT trend

100 persons x 50 tweets = 5,000 tweets → will trend

Well of course, I'm not saying with 5,000 tweets, our tag will trend.

Probably works couple of years back when twitter trending wasn't as popular as now.

See, as more people joins Twitter, the benchmark for a topic to trend increases too. For instance, it used to take (e.g.) 10,000 tweets and 3,000 contributors for a tag to trend. As time passes, more people are in Twitter to talk about a topic which probably brings up the benchmark of (again, e.g.):

50,000 tweets and 5,000 contributors for a tag to trend.

I hate to say it. But with that, our little fandom (albeit growing!) is way too small to reach that kind of volum. Therefore, the idea of us getting our tag to trend worldwide is getting tad far-fetched. Lest to say, get the 1st spot?

Which is why, it gets tougher for our topic to trend.

Again, the probable solution I can give is - to get more people. Yes, I believe we have tried all our mights to gather more people in. Let's just get our fingers crossed and try our best to make our tags trend..

ii) Face the fact, a deliberate topic is much more tougher to trend in comparison to a natural one. Think about #prayforjapan, think blockbuster movies like Transformer 5 or Harry Potter.. 27. (I'm trying to be funny, can't you see?) Such topics are more likely to be discussed by people around the world.

It's like 501,000 TripleS versus the rest of the population on earth. We, are a meagre bunch of girls trying to smoke our through with the loopholes of twitter. Amen!

What I'm trying to say is, let's not get disappointed (I admit, I DO get disappointed) not getting our tag a worldwide topic.

Unless we could get ALL the TripleS into twitter. Which is unlikely lah. ^^

Well, it's the thought that counts, ne? ^^


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