Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trending tips!

So as most of the lovelies are aware, #501ysday will be my last till.. further notice? Lol. I've made a pact to myself. That is to arrange all 5 boys' birthday TT and I'm good.

I've done that.

In short, I won't be around for a bit.. And since I'm more known as someone in Twitter and arranging the TT sessions, amma imparting all I've learnt to you all. Let's all be a spammer! Kekeke.

Ok, back to basics!

1) Get the your timing correct. We live in different parts of the world, so time difference is definite. KST means Korea Standard Time.

2) Usual TT last for 2 hours. Officially. And our results will be finalised from that very minute. That's the fun part. (Trending is about reaching the top in a specific time given. Of course, if there are enough people to trend a topic for days, why not?

Just so happen the fandom I'm in, doesn't allows that. Hence I'm rather specific when it come to the session I arranged.) Anytime when the TT ended, sure, you may wish to trend further if you have more to spazz.

But in my experience, most of my spammers - stops soon after. Because we are usually preparing for the next TT session so we are saving our tweets! xD The newer tweeps will tend to trend after the session. The spammers, will rest.

We spam well. That I guarantee you.

3) Make sure you get the trending tags right. Simple mistake will get your tweets uncounted and hell yea, efforts wasted.

4) Get ready your drinks, tidbits. For you might not be able to have any break! In a good way, that is. Cuz you'll be having so much fun you won't wanna leave your computers. Your fingers might not even listen to you if you wanna stop.

5) Cut your fingernails. Hey, it's silly. But having nails while you type intensively is.. insane. Lol. Ok, that one is optional.

Now, comes the more technical tips. Alot of them are circulated. But I'm sure some of the rules were never known. Not unless you read Twitter's rules and regulations word by word.

(Hey, people don't term me the trending queen for nothing, ya know?)

6) Rule 1: 1 tag per tweet. Multiple tags will get your tweets uncounted.

I love #SS501 (counted)
I love #SS501 and #hyunsaengkyuminjun (risky)
I love #SS501 #SS501 #SS501 #SS501 (VERY risky. Pls don't do that or you might simply cause the tag to be classified as a spamming one)
Some said the tweets WILL NOT be counted. My take is, it might, it might not. But to play safe, I went ahead with my approval.

Reason being: Twitter might sense you as spamming if you tweet more than 1 tag. (Although we are, somehow. But we don't want twitter to know, do we? Cuz the consequences are... unbearable. Scroll down for more)

Say, there are REAL spammers that tweets as much as 5-6 tags in 1 tweet. This, Twitter will definitely take it as spamming. 2 tags, I'm not sure. Which is why you see me sometimes doing 2 tags together. :)

7) Rule 2: Minimal amount of Retweets. It used to be ok until Twitter changes its rules. Too many Retweets will be classified as spamming too. Unfortunately.

8) Rule 3: Using multiple accounts to tweet. Now, many of us are not strangers to this platform call "Tweetdeck". For spammers, it is almost a MUST to have multiple accounts.

And in order to contribute more tweets, we tweet using applications like Tweetdeck, which allows us to send tweets from all our accounts at a go.

violettacal: I love #SS501
ss501tags: I love #SS501
violettacal2: I love #SS501

All these, at 1 go. However, tweeting in format like this won't get you any further.

I realised alot of the newer tweeps are doing this - tweeting the same tweet with ALL accounts. Twitter will throw you out in no time. Probably if you do this format for... 20 times? Twitter will track you down and BAM! You bear the consequences. (I know some of you are wondering what are the consequences, patience dear. I'll touch on that soon)

9) Rule 4: Tweeting with no relevant context.

Jungmin is so handsome omg I love #SS501! (relevant)
korean pops are wonderful. I love #SS501! (relevant, to a certain extend)
My mum is asking me to do the chores. #SS501 (not relevant)
I'm working now. #SS501 (not relevant)

Again, Twitter will classify as you spamming because you are not tweeting to the trending topic.

10) Rule 5: Traces of publicising 3rd party sites. For instance, to a particular website of portal.

Omg check this picture of HJL! #ilovess501 http://www.insertwebsite.com/
Wow I love their blog! Full of SS501 stuffs #ilovess501 http://www.insertblogaddress.com/

I don't know what's the limit to this. Probably 50 times? To play safe, don't do it at all. :)

11) Rule 6: Tweet limit. Meaning you tweeted too much in a given period.

Take 1 hour as a benchmark. Some get their limits within 30 mins. Some 45, some an hour. It really depends on how many tweet you sent in, I reckon.

A quick math I did was: Approx 150 tweets in 1 hour. Any faster or more than that, your account gets blocked.

Which was why I desperately got more tweeps in to join us and subsequently advised us to tweet slowly, enjoy the process. Because the tweep-base is there.

(Too technical for you all I know. To keep it simple, GET MORE TWEEPS TO TREND AND YOU TREND SLOWLY. ^^)

There were more rules but I omitted it because I don't think it's relevant to the fandom trending. ^^ Things like excessive following and unfollowing etc. Irrelevant.

Here's the possible consequences:

a) Account gets block. Usually from 30mins to as long as 2 hours. Account will revived then.

This happens when: You tweet excessively in a given period of time. (Rule 6) Or what we usually term as "tweet limit".

b) Account gets suspended. From 24 hours to forever.

This happens when: You are suspected of spamming or publicising 3rd websites (all rules + especially Rule 5)

Consequences (a), still ok. Just that you don't get to use you main domain. The sub accounts comes in handy then.

Consequences (b), you won't even wanna go there. Period.

So here's all I can think of for the time being. It should be pretty updated.
Mostly importantly, enjoy each and every session as efforts are put in during the arrangement.

Make friends, like I've did for the past 1 year odd.

Say something that is in your mind. You never know if the boys will get to read your tweet. :)

I love you girls~!


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