Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So I bade goodbye to the girls. Those silly girls I doted like my younger sisters. :)

Their goodbyes and well-wishes sent warmth deep beneath.

Feels sorry without answering some of their questions, some, their bewilderness. Cuz if I were to answer each of their reponse, it would take forever and who knows, I might just change my mind and stay in twitter. Ummm.. That is not good.

Cath mentioned something like "so the rumour was true?" - Didn't know it'll turn out to be a rumour. Sounds... major. Lol.

Yes I'm still active in Facebook. Just not twitter. Not till that day comes.

Yes Menu I'm trying very hard to save up for Europe. The post-it promise I made to myself, must be fulfilled. Menu & Mai remains in "the girls I MUST meet" list.

Hiromi dear found a way to text me for free. Kudos. MUST meet her soon too.

Sorry Jane dear, I left without explaining. Sorry. DM me if you need me. :)

And yeah, for the antis, happy that I left? P.S. I didn't leave because of you all lah. Unfortunately.

Right. I actually have antis. Whoa. P.P.S. I have a fanclub. It's call "BBQ". The fan names are "kebabs". I named it myself. I got 4 members to date. Maybe 5. Idk. ROFLOL.

Like I said, I'll be hanging out here more often. To pen down all my thoughts and misses for whoever, whichever.


Abrupt end. Bye.

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