Thursday, November 4, 2010

Loves from all over the world

The peers are definitely gonna think "wtf is this? Who are this girls? They even made a video for her?"

Only if they understand the real reason why I was so immensed with twitdom. It's not only about fangirling, but the friends you made throughout.

Even more important, it's the things they do to show that you meant something to them.

Well, what can I say? The mind went blank seeing this. I really wasn't expecting it. Yes yes yes, the tap was on for abit. I was touched. (who won't?) I'm not a person who likes surprises. Because I don't know how to react to it. Or rather, I don't like people seeing me weep.

Therefore I'll try means and ways to not let myself be caught in the act. I usually prempted surprises. Most of the time.

I didn't do alot. Really. All I did was to make things less dreadful for the days when they feel shitty. That's all.

Sure, I could have gone on a hiatus without alarming them, I wanted to go off quietly for I don't want people to think I'm seeking deliberate attention. But I wanna say a proper goodbye. Afterall, it's my friends we are talking about. So I started to log in lesser, reply lesser and hinted abit here and there..

Message from Nisa...
Message from Faith...
Message from Noy...
Message from Zoel...
Message from Menu...
Message from Hiromi...
Message from Nopi...
Message from Mai...
Message from Danika...

As well as the rest,

Your love seats well in my heart. :)

Seriously, when was this done ah??? How come I have no idea at all?! *ponders*

Thank you dani.. and the rest of you girls.

And Sazeena.. Read your DM. And since it's a DM, I thought it's better not to copy her entire message here.

Thank you for your heartfelt message! The things you said, trending sessions and me calming the situation, I guess that's was the only thing I could do for others. I can't contribute much actually..

No, I do not remember any angry Saz at all.. not even in the DMs. All I saw was a friend whom need a listening ear, someone who trust me, someone who is willing to share her fears with me.

A friend not only share one's joys and strengths. A friend welcomes your woes and weakness too. No? :)

I'm no one special. I'm just, me.

And I'm your friend.

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  1. Aww thank you so much for reading my DM.. u know something u feel really good when someone is their to hear u and even better when someone comforts u doesnt really matter if its only by words...coz word speaks ur heart.. I a glad u will be active in facebook though i dont have it...but i wish u wont stop blogging and post ur sexy pics hehe... I am also happy that i can DM u whenever i want to coz i believe u will read n respond... Such a relief... this is exactly what i am gonna miss Cal ... be around n stay healthy coz u have the habit of skipping meals juss bcoz u r bg n so n most importantly smile n laugh as u always do... remember that dibidibidip clip of urs hahha i can still smile at that juss remembering it...

    take care


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