Monday, November 15, 2010

HyunJoong ah~~~!!

First and foremost, 5 loud cheers for The Face Shop Singapore for bringing our beloved Kim Hyun Joong to the sunny island, another 5 loud cheers for their very fast response. It was almost immediate where we got our questions answered:

But nay for the ripoff. Gees, I mean, $250 worth of TFS products just for the fansign? Insane that is.

Not that I don't want to see this gorgeous. In fact, I'm dying to see him. SS501. Here. In. Singapore. Who in the world will miss the chance to see our heartthrob right?

But it's just for fansign. Like what I told Hyesa, HJL's busy schedule doesn't seem to be able to fulfill our wish for interacting with him. So it's probably 10 sentence, HJL gets ready to sign whatever that TFS gives us, chop chop sign, kamsahamnida, saranghae and poof! Annyeong. 再见. See you again. *waves*

I won't mind spending if it's a fanmeet. Where we get to hear him sing couple of songs, then a little interview. That, $250 is perfectly alright. Come to think of it, I think I spent a good $300 odd for Hyung Jun baby's. And it oh-so worth it I'm telling you.

As much as I'd love to provide live tweets for the lovelies, alot of things vary. I'm waiting for more information to come out. If there's anything more to just sign, sign, go - I'm heading for it.

Else.. Imma hiding in the blanket and go anti-social for the next 1 week after Hyun Joong's arrival.

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