Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome to Singapore, Kim Hyun Joong

As we all know, the impeccable Kim Hyun Joong will be reaching our sunny island later at 9pm. Not very excited I really don't why. Perhaps it's the fatigue I'm experiencing. Or the fear of crowds. Hyungjun one was okaaaay. I was expecting HJL one to be mad packed since he's generally more popular in the eyes of BOF fans or non-tripleS.

And I knock off at 7. =.=" Techinically, my knock off time is at 6.30pm but it's usually 7pm by the time I step out. Else it's later.

Brought my camera out today despite I'm more prepared that I won't be able to welcome our Kim Leadja, but still I'm having the hopes.

I'll be lugging my company's camera too. Secretly. Kekeke. Not a DSLR but it weighs almost like one. So it's a total of 2 cameras I'm gonna have with me for later and definitely, Friday.

Pray hard for me! I'll do live tweets if I pop by the airport. And of course, fancams. :)


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