Monday, December 27, 2010

of Cal, Jungmin and Blingz

Nothing new. Just that the boss is away, so I'm here to pen some stuffs down! Off note, I received a comment thanking me for sharing the lyrics from SS501's Rebirth album. I.e. New TripleS! ^^ Am happy the fandom is still increasing!

Huuuuge smooch for the new TS! Yay! Despite I myself is pretty new a fangirl too.

Anywayhoos, here's what I've been working on. Day and Night. Been dedicating at least an hour (otherwise, more) daily to do this. *admires my own art*

The completed Park!

Now I'm left with J,u,n,g,m,i,n to blingz. And the other letters. And the background. Lord, kill me. The crystals are soooo tiny I'd very much require a magnifying glass.

Then again, I feel like keeping the board for myself. Lol.

Teeheehee, saw this "86" grey hoodie on the rack and grabbed it without much hesitatation. 15 bucks. Cheap. Comfy somemore. Good for rainy days when you wanna snuggle and wrap yourself round inside your blanket.

Right. Ending this abruptly with a smoking hawt picture of Jungmin. Wooo I lurve, lurve, lurve, lurve him to bits bits bits bits bits.


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