Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How TripleS am I?

Someone once asked me, "how TripleS are you?"

Interesting. I mean, how to justify how TripleS is a TripleS? By knowing every single songs from all their albums? By remembering the lyrics backward forth? By spending a bomb on their mechandise and events? Through the count of posters and CDs? All those play a part no doubt. Me? I feel, it's not quantifiable.

Well, for what I know, we all love....

(with my bias looking awesomely cute *kisses the monitor*)

So, how to justify that you are a true blue (or green?) TripleS?

There's no right or wrong answer. Everyone has got his or her different addiction and syndromes. Here's mine:

1) I start buying green. It was merely a year back when I irk the sight of green.

2) I'm hyper-sensitive to the alphabet "S", "T" and the numbers "5", "0" & "1". To a certain extend, I think I'm quite sensitive to the alphabet "D" too.

3) I click on any link that has their names - whether or not I will read the article.

4) I feel like strangling anyone who speaks untrue facts about them. (I mean, I can take it if they say the boys are "plastic". It's the truth. I do not deny. But if one were to say the 5 are untalented, then they are gonna get it from me.)

5) I help promote our boys via twitterverse. (need I say more?) And if it fails, you have no idea how bad I'd feel.

6) I think of them at least 3 times a day. More on Monday. Because I hate Monday. So, spazzing on that 5 is the best remedy~

7) I dislike peas lesser these days. I HATED peas. But not so much now. Even thou I still refuse to have any peas landed in my mouth.

8) SS501 songs are always in my Ringtone album and iPod.

9) I do not download their songs. (Ok, I admit, the ones before my fandom started, I did. xD)

10) I go crazy learning that there's any event related to them that would be held here.

11) I can't sit still when experiencing (10).

12) I run round my room when experiencing (10), hence resulting in (11). Rofl.

13) I weep listening to "Wings of the World" and aches listening to "Wandukong".

14) I still do my fangirling despite I have 578,881,079 things to do. Like, now. (Reads: Got shitload of work to do but still I'm blogging because, I feel like doing it!)

15) I do incredible things for Jungmin. Things I've never done for a person. (At least that's what my peers felt. Seriously, they are beginning to demand I do the same type of creative for them. *dies*)

16) I smile during 5:01pm and 10:55pm everyday. (FYI, it's 5:01pm now at the time I'm typing this! ^_____^ )

17) I feel proud of them, all the time.

18) Standing on chairs in the airport just to catch a glimpse of them? Hah! Tell me more.

19) I can't sleep if I don't have a firm answer of whether the event ticket is proven bought and belongs to me.

20) 2 hours of wait? Chicken feet!

21) I get excited seeing horses.

22) Extremely sensitive to the words "Park", "Jung" & "Min".

23) I refuse to hang any handthebone accessories other than SS501's.


There, the few TripleS syndrome I can think off hand, amidst my work. (I hope that answers the person's question. Sorry I can't remember your name!)

So what's yours?


  1. TripleS is TripleS. i think there's no limit to being TripleS of a TripleS kekeke i like your post! ^_____^

  2. my addiciton is so much that I spent the past 3 mins reading all your 23 syndromes..

    for me, my greatest syndrome is to keep on translating news of the boys to spead the love across to fans who doesnt understand Korean. Despite that I have to work (and a period of time I was studying part time too), I continued on, even though my Korean isnt that great and sometimes it takes me long to find out certain words (esp. internet puns) but instead of feeling frustrated (unless I couldnt find anything at all), I felt I've learnt more of the language.. ^_^ SS501 fandom is part of my life and it makes it even more wonderful than I can imagine even tho it hurts my pocket alot of times.

  3. really hats off to u xiaochu... u will surely be blessed ... ur hard work will pay u off one day remarkably ..

    i Think instead of how Triple S r u it would rather be like Once Triple S will always be Triple S, juss cant get rid off and cant get enough of..

    we dont need reasons to be Triple S.

  4. my kids thinks i'm nuts to be fangirling at my age !! yet im 501% into it !! it makes me feels young all over again..
    i dunn bother to know any other boybands, but for SS501, i took the trouble to get to know them all !!
    Being a TripleS has make my days more interesting, somthing to look forward to whenever they have events !!
    Being part of TripleS has given me lots of frenz worldwide and has also thought me lots of stuff, Youtube and bogs seems more interesting..
    Just love them !!

  5. xiaochu unnie's done a lot for Quainte; many-many translations! need to thank her if not we won't be able to understand SS501's articles kekeke and she's right! SS501 fandom can be money-losing but i think it's worth it. worth meeting Hyungjunnie, worth listening to their great voices ^^

  6. hmmm... after reading your syndrome, I somehow agree that some of those happened to me too. But I have to say I did that to CNBLUE too. So how loyal am I as a TripleS, I really not sure especially when Kyu said that "Don't change boyfriend when SS501 is away". hahaz.


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