Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fondant Garden *Premier* [翻糖花园 - 首播] ep 1 **SPOILER ALERT**


Live broadcast - 24th Feb 2012

Gyyyyaaa! Have you watched have you watched have you have you have YOUUUUU?

I'm still feeling the hype after watching it. Been waiting for so long for this drama to air afterall. Didn't intend to do an entry for this but HE IS MY BIAS. Period.

So. Right. I nearly missed this episode because the links I found were ALL not working egmbr24fdkjm881!$4ihh#he2773wyfdhhfhe!!#X$$%.

9:20pm - Started searching for the links

9:42pm - Panicked because most of the links weren't working

9:50pm - Whining to L and J and them, frantically helping to solve my problem

10pm - Can't work, can't load, can't think

10:11pm - "Nooooooooooooo~"

10:15pm - "Ok. Not fated. Forget it.. :(" (Was about to go watch Running Man instead..)

10:20pm - J found a working link! WAH YOU IS MY SAVIOUR.

10:24pm - KNN my Adobe not working. Gotta install the latest version (whhhhy did this always happen to me whyyyyy?)

10:32pm -YES. GOT IT!!!! TADAH!!! *throws confetti and blows trumpet*

Anyway I missed the 1st 30 mins of the drama lah. Kinda sad. And pardon me, I didn't bother to do any screencaps because it was airing live. You know? Live. Cannot go backwards nor repeat. Reckon I'll do so when the other major drama sites start broadcasting Fondant Garden.

The scenes were evenly distributed amongst the 3 main actors namely Kingone, Jian Man Shu (简嫚书) and our very own Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min.

Not too much vivd scenes of JM in this episode. Maybe the part he went matchmaking with this fa.. chubby girl and he tried to sabotage his brother by introducing her to him.

Rather, the NGs (they call it "Fondant's secret Garden") aired last was more interesting than the episode itself.

In the NGs, you get to see JM...

- forgetting his lines i.e. kept quiet when it was his turn to speak

- getting slapped by a tie (and he spoke Taiwanese dialect after getting hit! Cute or what?)

- mumbling

- saying absurd sentences like.. "She is my boyfriend... I am the girl, she is the guy.. I have round tummy because I pressed my boobs down, she's got boobs because she pushed her round tummy up."

Seriously JM, WTF? LOLOLOL.

Also, you get to see him making funny faces too. Here's one I managed to screencap, just for you. ^^

(Translation: Single eye lid in just 1 second!)



(Highlights of the episode will be shown here. So watch this space)


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