Monday, January 9, 2012

Age - from Surplus to Deficit!

Just in case you are confuse or unaware what surplus and deficit means (it's accounting terms *pushes thick framed glasses like a boring accountant*), scroll all the way down.
In short, surplus is when there is extra. Deficit, on the other hand, means shortage. Not good in the eye of the finance people, but good in the eye of vanity-heals's blogger! 

Yes that's me. 

I remembered how I always look 2 years (otherwise, more) older than my usual age. I get into clubs when I was 14 (legally, 16), get into adult clubs when and watched rated R movies when I was 18 (legally, 21). I hardly get my IC checked when I buy alcohol or ciggies. 

Or perhaps I was so calm it didn't disclose the fact I was a juvenile.

***Not a good example I've led. Minors should not attempt the above things I've done. Not fun anyway.***

Point is, I used to look much older till I was about.. 23? That was when I start getting age deficit, so to say, people are starting to claim I look younger. First they correctly guessed my age. But as I grow older, they start to get it wrong. Averagely, I get compliments that I look at least 2 years younger. 

The importance of skincare - I cannot stress enough how important is that.

Well I guess there are a few things that could make you look youthful:

1) Skincare, skincare, skincare!!!

2) Your behaviour. Maintain a light heart and a jovial personality. Smile even when you don't feel like it, for it takes more muscle to frown. And worse, it leaves you wrinkle!

3) Dressing. Need I elaborate more? You dress old, you look old lah! 

4) Makeup. The heavier is your makeup, the older you'll look.

5) Weight. This one damn sad. But yes, having excessive weight makes one look old. Of course, being severely underweight to the extend that makes one look like a dried prune - is even worse. 

What I'm saying is, always find out your BMI and try to have your weight scaled towards the lighter side. (Gentle reminder, pls lose weight healthily ok!) 

For me, I'm on the heavier side for sure. In fact I'm close to overweight already. So I'm trying to shed some pounds (FOREVER). Good enough, I've lost close to 4kgs since my new job.

People had been telling me I'm complacent because I'm still young. I beg to differ. It's exactly because I keep reminding myself that I'm not young, that pushes me to work towards status quo. The amount of time spent on taking care of my skin is twice as long as I take my bath. Everyday. Insane.

I'm 28 this year. 29 in the Chinese calculation and no, I'm not young. I'm not afraid of saying it. In fact, I'm proud to disclose my age because I'm aging gracefully. 

Accept the fact. Face yourself. Aging can be a beautiful thing if it grows with your soul. 


Surplus [sur-pluhs, -pluhs] noun, adjective, verb, -plussed or -plused, -plus·sing or -plus·ing. noun 
1. something that remains above what is used or needed. 
2. an amount, quantity, etc., greater than needed. 
3. agricultural produce or a quantity of food grown by a nation or area in excess of its needs, especially such a quantity of food purchased and stored by a governmental program of guaranteeing farmers a specific price for certain crops. 
4.Accounting . 
a.the excess of assets over liabilities accumulated throughout the existence of a business, excepting assets against which stock certificates have been issued; excess of net worth over capital-stock value. b. an amount of assets in excess of what is requisite to meet liabilities. 

 Deficit [def-uh-sit; Brit. also dih-fis-it] noun 
1. the amount by which a sum of money falls short of the required amount. 
2. the amount by which expenditures or liabilities exceed income or assets. 
3. a lack or shortage; deficiency. 
4. a disadvantage, impairment, or handicap: The team's major deficit is its poor pitching. 
5. a loss, as in the operation of a business.


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