Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Go orangey in 2012

So I read on the papers, trend color for 2012 is gonna be Orange. Tangerine. Orange. 

Then, the mum casually remarked Orange, Yellow and Beige - are gonna be the lucky colors.

Beige? Fine. Yellow? Not so much of my color but I own a yellow tank top and I lurve the contrast on me.

But Orange??!??! 


Not that I'm superstitious to stick with the so-called "lucky colors of the year", it's the trend I'm worried about. AND, not because of the trend that I'm gonna follow, I'm worried because...

EVERYMUTHAFU*KG piece of apparel with absolutely stunning design that caught my eye, would come in none other but orange color.

Life in 2012's gonna suck much.

Ok that's abit exaggerated. I kinda felt better knowing that the said color come in this tone:

Chanced upon this while shopping
for my new year clothes.
Very much like red, yet not entirely. Thought of grabbing some CNY clothes and eyed this. Occurs to me that the color's called "Burnt orange". (And it's on its way to my home!)

Digress: wtf why Beatrice Tan so chio ah?!?! Zellousssssss only.

Nice. Not forgetting peach is also in the orange color family. ^______________^

Concidentally, I changed my bedsheet over the w'kends and found out much later that, "hey, my bedsheet's orange.. -_-"
Nail color in.. nude red? 
Perhaps some pictures on the makeup for above dress sometime later? Contemplating if I should do it in earth or nude tones. We'll see.

Abrupt end. 

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