Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jungmin will have a voiceover in upcoming drama "Fondant Garden"

Not officially announced, but yes, like rest of the taiwan dramas where korean actor / actress is present, our Jungmin too, will not be spared from a voice dub.

Jungmin's character in Fondant Garden, as what we already knew, would be someone from korea and has a rich family background. Additional information I just found out was that Jungmin would be a Korean Chinese, not pure Korean. Which was probably why they eventually decided to dub Jungmin's voice I guess. Despite the poor boy put in lotsa effort into his chinese learning and we all agreed, it was considered spectacularly good for a korean whom studied the language for such short period, it however, did not seemed good enough to pass off as a Korean Chinese. Thus the decision.

Sad. I had a glimpse of the current aired "Skip Beat" played by Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae, heard their "new voices", and I couldn't bear another second. It just sounded so uncannily weird. I bet same goes to Jungmin. Still, I believe the decision was for the better.

And I'm praying very very hard the drama turns out well.

Nights all! (Geez, it's past 3am already. I don't feel sleepy. But well....)

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