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(Updated 18 Sep) SS501 Park Jung Min Singapore Fansign - cancelled. And predicted.

(Updated 18 Sep) 


Lovelies, we are compiling the information of fans whom has yet received their refunds from JNation Entertainment in hope to seek legal advice. We are in the midst of our plans so please be patient. I will be providing updates when the date nears.

Please provide full information in the below format and send to sgtripleS@gmail.com. Pls state email subject as [PJM fan meet fans info]

The provided information will allow us to verify your identity and contact you if necessary.

Particulars provided will not be divulged so worry not! However, it might be shared to the relevant party should we decide to take yet one step up.

Contact no.:
Local or Overseas fan:
NRIC/Fin/Passport no.:
Amount owed by JNation (please include $3 service charge):
Receipt / Order confirmation no.:

Send it to sgtripleS@gmail.com, subject header remember to put it as [PJM fan meet fans info] else they might missed out your email.  

     • Only fans with full particulars will be included in the data compilation.
     • Overseas fans who bought their tickets thru SGTS, you do not need to send in your details. SGTS will send you an email personally as most of your details are already given to them. They will send you an email to only to request your passport number.

Any queries you may tweet or email me at @violettacal / violettacal501@gmail.com

- One more. The tweep whom received the mailer from EventBrite that claimed her refund was in process, she filed a dispute to paypal. Paypal has revert to rule in her favour.

At least a piece of good news.


(Updated 17 Sep)

Latest updates in summary:

Disclaimer: My apologies for not seeking credit. There's just too many and challenging for me to get individual permission. If you are the owner of the below comments and would like to be excluded from my evidential post, please inform me, will remove upon request.

- 6 days to refund. No news yet. I believe we are getting more and more upset as each day passes, as if we are waiting for.. nothingness.

For me, I wait for the worse to come. Which is why I'm (and many others who are helping in this) cracking my brain daily to see what else we can do to resolve this. (People whom had been equally involved into resolving this matter and particularly helping me out, I genuinely thank you.)

- A fellow tweep said this (not quoting her word for word lah, but the meaning is about the same):

According to the stipulated deadline i.e. 23 Sep, if JN adheres to it, we should be:

(1) receiving emails to advise us on our refunds tomorrow (18 Sep), considering the bank needs 4 working days to process the payment.

(2) With that, if you count 4 business days (Wed 18th, Thur 19th, Fri 20th, Mon 23rd) we should SEE OUR MONEY IN OUR BANK ACCOUNT ON 23rd SEP, MONDAY.

That is IF they even follow the timeline. So in a nutshell, if no news tomorrow, I'll proceed to the next step. (Will update again what is the next step. I should be working with SgTripleS I suppose. But it seems like I'd need to do a lot a lot a lot of fact check even before I proceed so... *sigh* anyway, I'll keep all of you updated. Meanwhile, pls be very vigilant and do continue pressing JN for an answer, tqvm)

- Spoken to MD of a particular magazine publisher. This person immediately gave a cold laugh when I mentioned the company. This person also shared that JN is well known for the things we had been witnessing - Avoiding emails, phonecalls, debts from creditors, giving all sorts of excuses etc.

- Spoken to another media, likely to help should refund fails.

- A tweep shared that she received an email from EventBrite on the refund, on 30 Aug. Here's how it goes:

(a) She purchased the tickets on 15 July. Received confirmation email to say that payment has been made to Joseph's paypal account. 

(b) 30 Aug, 12am she received an email indicating refund had been processed. This tweep later checked with JN's admin and was advised the payment had been deducted from his paypal account.

(c) Eventbrite indicated it takes 4 business for the refund to be completed. This tweep has yet received any payment till date. That's many, many business days.

(d) This tweep seems to be the only person whom received the refund mailer from EventBrite. Or is there anyone else experiencing the same thing?

- Tweep whom mentioned @EastSingapore, @KPOPFiesta and JN are all affiliated, further shared her details. No concrete proofs to penalise the said parties, but I leave you all, my intelligent lovelies, at your own discretion to decide whom to trust and whom not to.

I am here to share, not to spread malicious attacks. And I share because I see a need to.

- See underline in red. "If they don't have it (refund updates), who has?"


What do you mean by no updates? Shouldn't it be processed or in the midst of processing or something? I mean, SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE AFTER 23 AUGUST AKA END OF REFUND (FORM) SUBMISSION RIGHT?

No. JN chose to inform people and further worry them by saying they have got no updates. 

- This one to show A-Jax fans had their refund owed for 3 long month. Aka 90 days. Not 9, not 30, not 60. But 90 days.

- A few more things to check and verify before I can even share. Let's hope for a better tomorrow.



(Updated 14 Sep)

Latest updates in summary:

- Left 9 days to 23 Sep, 2359 hour.

- @JNationEnt had changed their ID to @JNationEnter, everyone please take note. 

From my understanding, this action would means JN would not see the below @mentions I've screenshot for example. 

Disclaimer: My apologies for not seeking credit. There's just too many and challenging for me to get individual permission. If you are the owner of the below comments and would like to be excluded from my evidential post, please inform me, will remove upon request.

Why the sudden change of ID I wonder? Perhaps some fengshui master advised them to do so?

Or perhaps this could allow the account user to not see any bullshit @mentions or chaser tweets or maybe, just maybe, reminding the account user to refund them their hard-earned money?

- Above screenshot, we could clearly see that DMTN refund had not been completed. How long has it been? Since July?

- Also, if you refer to the above screenshot, someone jokingly mentioned if @JNationEnt (now, @JNationEnter), @EastSingapore and @KPOPFiesta are all affiliated? 

Again, I wonder why she tweeted that.

Will any kind soul be able to investigate? Infomation should be shared and keep others vigilant I feel. So people, the usual - should you find any information that could lead to what user xxxxxxxis had commented, email me at violettacal501@gmail.com

(Shoutout to twitter user id xxxxxxxxis: should you feel uncomfortable of me quoting you and would like to be removed from this summary, please let me know, I'll remove this. I'm being very evdential and detailed especially when I'm taking extra note so that JN don't delay the PJM fanmeet refund.) 


- Met some familiar faces yesterday and it seemed like none of us or people around us had gotten any refund for the said subject yet. 

Can't help but to think - is JN going to accumulate the entire pool of money and only refund ON 23 Sep one shot? Do people do it this way? Pardon my ignorance.

I'd thought (or rather, many of us would have thought) the refund could have been done on staggered and thus, at least some fans would have received their refunds already.

But no? It seems like none is receiving any?

- Pending for a fan to share more information on what might be a possible fraudulent claim from JN on refunding her money. I'm only reading bits and pieces of her story so this pointer as of now is inevitably, inaccurate. For my own reference only.

Ok update again. I reckon should have new information over the weekend.

3am now. Nights lovelies.


(Updated 19 Aug)

Latest updates in summary:

- More information regarding JNation Entertainment was shared. Shall not publicise here as yet.

- EventBrite http://pjm-es2.eventbrite.sg/?rank=1  is still selling the FM tickets as of today at 7:25pm. Tweeted twice but to no avail. Anyway, fans please take note. I'm pretty sure most TripleS are aware of this entire cancellation hoo-hah already.

- JNation Entertainment replied today morning. It occurs to me the following stated is not very convincing?

"We apologies for this incident and we have no rights to further explain on the situation"

Why not? If you are have your difficulties or that the Korea side had done something that made you feel unjust, why not?

Unless the statement ParkJungMin Official said, was true.

Unless you cannot explain yourself. 

Silence is not necessary golden. 

Anyway, me being me - very kiasu, had requested them to reply upon receipt of my email and form.  Occupational hazard, you call that. CC'd a friend too. In case they claim they never receive my email. Which is likely to happen if people are deliberately trying hard to avoid the issue, my personal sentiment though. 

- Refund form of mine looks like this. 

- VERY IMPORTANT: They have indicated the refund payment will only be made after the end of the refund submission (23 Aug 2013). I read it as:

"If you do not send in your form by 23 Aug 2013, e.g. if you send in on 28 Aug, you could potentially expect your refund to be completed latest by 28 SEP, which is also, a month from your submission date." 

If you submit late and they refund late, they are not wrong, ok? Take note.

So lovelies, make sure you do so early. Do not allow them to have a reason to delay your refund. If you ask me, I suggest you to do it no later than Thursday evening. Even earlier for the overseas fans, if you ask me.

- Then again, I wonder how are they going to refund overseas fans.

- I also wonder why are several digital media still helping JN promote their events. Sincerely hope their next event will proceed smoothly.

- Planned to call the media today but I totally forgotten. 

Ok bye..


(Updated 18 Aug)

Latest updates in summary:

- Sources had touch based with me between 4 - 5pm, to claim my allegations for  kourier.co untrue. Stories from their end was shared.

In a nutshell, it appears they are equally victimised as we are. However, I, as a fan, may not see the difficulties they are facing thus no concrete proofs to say who is right and who is wrong?

To the founder and its team: if this is true, mark my words - I will do my best to help you guys. I am not afraid to apologise and share with the community (and if media entertains me, media too) if I wronged anyone.

Facts will be facts. If anyone does come across anything to back kourier.co and MyKPlayground - do share. We can be very transparent should we be not guilty of any wrongdoings.

- To reiterate, I did not point my fingers at the "friends" helping JNation Entertainment - I was voicing out that people helping JNation Entertainment could just be his friends and thus, should not be involved in these entire ordeal. My bad for not making this clear enough. 

- JNation Entertainment, should you be reading this, please pay whomever you should. Fans and people whom have helped you and deserved their paycheques. Should you not be able to do it (which is not acceptable, actually) - please at least give an official statement. I am in no position to teach anyone how to work, but at least honesty is the best policy. 

omy.sg, Xinmin and Lianhe Wanbao - have all covered this article, with Park Jung Min's event as the header. I shall not share here.

- JNation Entertainment sent all fans an sms around 7:30pm to advise refund details. Contents as follow:

"Greetings from Jnation. As park jung min party being cancelled. Refund will be made. Kindly drop jnation an email to request for the form. Email to (address) we apologies for all the inconvenience caused. Thanks."

My reply at such, around 11:30pm:

Hi there, 

Thank you for you keeping your promise to advise the refund details. If you have been keeping a close monitor of TripleS community, you'd have been aware that I was the one whom gathered information and yes, placed pressure on your end. 

Please send me the form. If possible, I intend to have the form uploaded into public portal where all tripleS can download. That way, it eases your end to send each and every individual of us the form. Speed up the refund process too. Please let me know if that is possible. And please help us to help you too.

 I bet you have enough to handle at your side already.

Do note that we are ready to co-operate with JNation Entertainment, as long as JNation Entertainment is ready to come clean, TripleS are a bunch of understanding people, as far as I'm concerned.


I intend to give them some grace period to reply. Since my reply was rather late. I suppose they will be diligently replying all our emails the next 1-2 days. Especially since this matter have blown up. Thus, I have yet seen how the form looks like. 

Do note that I am offering JNation Entertainment a helping hand, which is to upload the form in a public cloud so all involved individuals can download themselves. Having said that, JNation Entertainment has the option to decline. No right or wrong.

To be fair, I would at least give JNation Entertainment some credits for keeping their promise. I'm merely stating facts.

I hope this encourages JNation Entertainment to really look into TripleS' matter and resolve it ASAP.

- Fans whom have replied JNation Entertainment, has apparently received response from the former rather promptly. Thank you, JNation Entertainment.

- Fans who have received JNation Entertainment's reply basically shared a screen shot of their email:

As you can see, the time where the above was shared, was approximately 20 - 30 minutes after their sms. Which is actually, quite prompt.

- Due to the community's bad experience, I do not intend to let my guards down on the 1 month. At such, I sincerely hope JNation Entertainment would give us some form of updates. Not sure what can they do though, but yes, an update would at least ease the community.

I feel this could give victimised fans (from other fandoms) some hope too. Afterall, especially since they now know that, as consumers, we ARE able to do something. I speak for my own fandom - TripleS only. My apologies for other fandoms again, but at least you know that TripleS have set a precedent for such incidents. 

Ok that's all for today. Shall monitor closely and hopefully, close our case on 23 SEPTEMBER, which is 1 month from the date of refund application.

Thanks lovelies.

(Updated 17 Aug)

Latest updates in summary:

- JN has not refunded LUNAFLY's fanmeet, too - just how many events have they screwed? Someone please tell me the final count?

- Founder of JN is a very young chap - explains his lack of financial capabilities and social responsibilities. 

- kourier.co is JN's affiliated website - people, please take note in future

Disclaimer: My apologies for not seeking credit. There's just too many and challenging for me to get individual permission. If you are the owner of the below comments and would like to be excluded from my evidential post, please inform me, will remove upon request.

Senders of the below information will not be shared or disclosed to protect their identity. Thanks.

Date: 17 Aug
Source: email

Date: 17 Aug
Source: email, facebook

P.S. Thanks for sharing the info with just an overnight notice. I'm deeply touched by the efforts of all of you. While I have a handful of screenshots, I did not choose to share everything here because some are repeated, and some are not concrete enough. 

Nevertheless it is still very helpful to me. :) Keep it coming. If you could reach out to the victimised fandom and get them to send in info, please, do so. 

[Important] While I tweeted to JN that "this week denotes Aug 18 2359", it occurs to me late last night that JN could potentially do these to buy themselves time, so I urge all fans to take note. Here are some of the things I suspect they could do:

- ignore my tweet and delay;

- reply within my given timeline and say things like "hi, we are doing up the forms, pls be patient and forms will be share next week";

- please email us your details and we will get back to you;

So on. 

My take is: 
1) do not cut them any slacks, pls continue to pressure them over the weekends,

2) details, details, and more details. Press them to be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. If JN were to get us to email our info to them, press them for things like "then what are you going to do? When are you going to get back to us?" Force them for a timeline.

3) In arguments like this, details, date and time plays a very important part - if we decide to bring it to public's awareness. It can help determine how long JN has taken to do the next step and for people to assess if they are truly apologetic or deliberately fooling and delaying us.

Ok apologies for the long-windedness. I feel like some legal advisor now. K bye lovelies.

(Posted 16 Aug)

Hi guys, it's been the longest while since I pen down anything in this forsaken blog of mine. Didn't expect I'm posting for this very reason:

The cancellation of Park Jung Min Singapore fanmeet. 

Well we all know, the statement was released by ParkJungMinOfficial facebook earlier on 16 Aug. Around noon time. 

Pls see all the facts that I've consolidated in chronological order.

Date: 6 Aug
Source: Twitter
Status: No reply

Date: 10 Aug
Source: Twitter
Status: No reply

Note: Jungmin's tweet for Singapore fanmeet, at this point of time, was removed. Not sure when exactly he removed.

Date: 15 Aug
Source: Twitter
Status: Read on

Then, never before so promptly, JNation Entertainment replied. May I reiterate, this was after my many tweets that very much addressed my frustration.

No reply after this. Note that they technically, owe me an answer still.

Date: 16 Aug
Source: Twitter
Status: No reply

Note: Told me the day before that event is still on and I can collect tickets. Lo and behold, statement from ParkJungMinOfficial came in the noon. Which was why I tweeted JNation Entertainment again:

Still no reply. Saw tweets from them that they will provide refund details on 18 August. Which I then tweeted this very stern message to them:

@JnationEnt This week denotes 18 Aug 2359. I await your timely advise. Pls be professional enough to address all areas. Alot of TripleS are professional working adults so I truly hope your esteemed team will settle this carefully. As we had been receiving many hearsays of the unprofessionalism on your kind end, we will not hesitate to take legal actions for the community should this not be settled in a hollistic manner.


And why did I do that? Why did I send JNation such a message?

See below screenshots that various TripleS had shared. Sorry if you are the original owner of these and wish to be removed from my evidential post. I can take down upon request.

Self explanatory. I bet there are more to come. Will add on top as and when I receive any new ones. 

To add, here was the conclusion I tweeted:

So, here's my conclusion. JM and Jnation had decided to call off the event weeks back. Explained why JM deleted his Sg fanmeet tweets n info from Facebook. I speculated Jnation kept it from the public until the very last minute, so they can encourage more tix purchase. At such, they are able to use money pooled from TripleS' end, and refund the previous fans which experienced the same issue. Now, they are gg to use the money they get from any upcoming events, to refund us. My 2-cents worth. So, bottom line is, don't support Jnation amymore.


TripleS whom paid for the tickets, we may or may not get our due compensation. Or, it might be delayed for god knows when. Other fandoms are experiencing it, as you can see from the above screenshots. We might be next. Please be mentally prepared.

I also heard that many of them are too young and helpless to take any action. They have my utmost empathy but sadly, it really is beyond my meager strength to take this so far.

But for our own fandom, I'm prepared to take our own case further. Media have been alarmed, One contacted me. And should we be yet the next victim of JNation, I have plans in mind. Not sure if it will even work but I'm not going to give up without trying. 

Meanwhile, I need your help. Really. I'm tired from all these but I'm still gonna put a fight. Let's all unify and pull this through together. 


So how to help?

Be my investigator, please. Help me gather as many evidences (like the above screen shots) as possible. I need to compile them together and you know, do my homework.  Email me all the screenshots. I'd prefer email.

You may wish to email me at violettacal501@gmail.com 

Tweets might get overwritten and as a result, I might missed yours. So no no to tweeting me the screenshots. :)



  1. Thank you so much for your hardwork! We will try our best to help you with this matter too..Thank you once again! <3

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and help in advance.. :)

  3. Wow, never thought about this before. By the way, I'm from Malaysia and they will bring A-PRINCE here. So far they will go to 2 states. In KL, A-PRINCE will do autograph and handshake. Fans just need to buy CD/poster. At that time, I wonder why it is like FREE EVENT for a Korean artist.

    1. Hi there, as someone whom has personally experienced back lash and went through so much trouble to get JN's response, I would strongly advice the Msia consumers to be vigilant and do their researches too.

      I'm not exactly sure how JN fared in Msia but it's definitely not ideal in Sg. Especially since this has been reported by the media. Bottom line, if Msia fans are keen to go for events organized by JN, keep a daily lookout and press them for details, details, details!

  4. I admire you for initiating it.. i may not have bought tickets, but a lot from my friends did.. complete with plane tickets and hotels in SG,, since a lot are experiencing it.. legal actions must be taken.. i dont really know how it works there, but i think it could be done,, i pity all the victims.. not just my fellow TRIPLE S,but everyone... let this be the last!

    Its really heartbreaking too see them doing this to kpop fans.. taking advantage of the scenario

    1. And thanks for the nice words! It's actually not that difficult to initiate all these, but very cumbersome to be watching the subject and it's interaction with fans on a close proximity? Which was why I called out for help, knowing very well that TripleS, are mostly quite ready to help *thumbs up*

      And I'm thankful many ppl from local, overseas fanclub and veteran accounts, stepped up to back this further.

      Yes it pains me too. I truly hope we are the last as well and that issues with other fans could be resolved in an appropriate and timely manner. Fingers crossed!

  5. Thank you so much for the hard work! I'm an indonesian fan of Jungmin and I have bought a VIP ticket + a fansigning pass. Which cost me a LOT of money, not including the plane tickets and hotel fares, but I was willing to pay it all as long as I could finally meet Jungmin again in an intimate setting. I was HEARTBROKEN and FURIOUS to find out that the fanmeeting was cancelled and Jungmin's side made a statement saying how JNationEnt did not respect him.

    I received an e-mail from them asking me to FILL A FORM to get a refund, and that the refund will be WITHIN ONE MONTH after the closing date of the form sending. Which is to me FUNNY. I've been through cancellations before in my country and NONE caused me difficulties like this. No filling form, just bring our receipt if the refund is in cash, and if you use credit cards/bank transfer the money will be returned to you AUTOMATICALLY via your accounts. And why should the form sending has a limited date? Does it mean if we send the form late, our money won't get refunded? But it's OUR money, our right, we should not even have to fill forms! Don't they keep track of the transactions?

    I am furious and disappointed. I feel sorry for all victimised TripleS and fans of other groups like DMTN, A-JAX, LUNAFLY etc. I am AMAZED though that although JNationEnt has repeatedly victimised people, it can still go and deceive more people several times. I think they should have been reported to the authorities a long time ago. I wonder if there is anyone or any institution to whom we can report this scam company.

    1. I'm sorry Sg had to bring you such miseries. :( Not too sure about tje form filling, afterall this is the first case that I've experienced. And predicted. Hahaha. I believe late submission of forms will still guarantee a refund, but perhaps a later date too.

      I'm generally a very objective person, so I'd say yes, they probably don't have a professional system to track all transactions? Considering they are a bunch of youngsters, i don't think they are trained to do that also. Thus for this, I'm hoping u give them some leeway too.. :) Thou they have done many things wrong and I'm crazy pissed. Hahahaha. I apologise on behalf of Singaporeans, not all are like that! Kekeke

  6. Violet thank you for all the details and update on the refund information. Really appreciate your effort! Thank you Thank you!!!

    I have not received any e-mails from J Nation. I just dropped them an e-mail for the process on the PJM fan party SG refund. Hope I am not too late as I saw that the refund form should be sent in by yesterday 23 Aug :(

    And if you need any support on the feedback or complains I am in! You can count me in! My e-mail haru.kjs@gmail.com & Tweeter haru_lee (private).

    Best Regards,


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