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Of JNation Entertainment

Hi all, this is a spin off from my previous post "SS501 Park Jung Min Singapore Fansign - cancelled. And predicted."

As this entry might possibly be read by other fandoms e.g. DALMATE(s) aka fans of Dalmatian, LOVE BEAT(s) aka fans of LC9, I've decided to keep it separate from the entry mentioned above, in case it confuses others.

Allow me to introduce myself, in case some of you are not aware who I am. I nick @violettacal in twitter, I am a fan of SS501, equal victim whom experienced JNation Entertainment (named JN henceforth) and its cancellation of (many) events. 

I work closely with local fanbase, TripleS Singapore (named SGTS henceforth), nick @SGTripleS in twitter for this entire saga. And I thank them (alongside with many TripleS + anonymous), sincerely, for this is really too much to be handled singlehandedly. 

Disclaimer: I do not belong to the fanclub. I am a standalone fan, whom (sorta) initiated JN's exploitatory behavior and it grew to the stage it is, today. Having said, please note that should anyone be unhappy (was there?) with my statement or actions, please point it to me. I take full accountability. SGTS shall not be responsible for my acts. :) (FYI, they never complain, my initiative to state this just in case)

SGTS and myself, we discuss on most of the plans before we execute them. We also challenge ourselves on what could be done and what are the backup plans. 

I mostly try to collate the (super duper many) evidences, screenshots, filter them - and disseminate the information to whom-it-may-be-concerned. I also try to find out more information from players from the industry, with that, I touch base with SGTS (actually, Jennis lah. Lol) and we see if we can nail down any evidences.

SGTS will help to gather (super duper many ) information and compile it so I can go through and sieve out what are good, what are worthy to be shared to the public.

SGTS also help to physically go down to divisions (of which you may be aware, are small claims and police). Poor thing lah they, have to brace the sun and rain and storm and tsunami so please thank them whenever you can. And if it's convenient, please give me a pat on my shoulder. It helps me to brace through the 4 to 5 hours worth of investigation too. Haha.

So, I seek your kindest co-operation, I do tweet directly to individuals or other major accounts because sometimes, timing is very critical for me. If I were to get SGTS (whom are also equally busy with their day jobs) to ask a particular individual and wait for them to revert, the information might just be, expired? 

Ok I guess the introduction is enough. I'm also very long-winded.


Ok, so who is JN? He basically is a "one man show" whom in short:

1) Organizes KPOP events.

2) Cancels  KPOP events when tickets sales are not good. (Quote: DMTN, Lunafly (Edited to add: not cancelled, but fans did not get their meet & greet. Where got like that one?), Nu'est, yes, Park Jung Min and many more)

3) Forced to cancel KPOP event because of alleged irresponsible attitude which pissed the KPOP artist's agency off (Quote: Park Jung Min)

3) Cancels KPOP event because the communication was not done properly with the artist's agency and went ahead to organize anyway, and then later the artist's agency had to issue an official statement that the event was NOT a confirmed one. I.e. Illegal. (Quote: Kim Soo Hyun)

4) Is HIGHLY SUSPECTED to be East Entertainment. (yes baby, we finally had the evidence omg)

5) JN has reportedly deleted its facebook. Screenshot below was a cached, on 26 Sep. Tried searching it today (27 Sep, 9pm) but to no avail.

6) JN was claimed to NOT PAY THEIR PART TIMERS AND HELPERS. (A LOT of evidences)

7) JN is NOT ACRA registered, thus, not a registered company. At such, monetary transaction is an offence, accordingly to the regulations of ACRA.

8) May I add, whatever applies to JN, might HIGHLY BE APPLICABLE to East Entertainment.


Things we have done so far:

1) Small claims - Claimed JN is not a registered company thus unable to advise. 

2) Police - whom ordered JN to pay up by Friday. JN has not adhered to their order. Less than 10 received their refunds. Remaining 50 over not refunded. It was suspected Joseph left town (got evidence too), presumably to avoid calls? Or get money? I don't know. My own thoughts only.

3) Managed to push through a 2nd article for the PJM fanmeet refund. Featured in digital and hard copy of wanbao.

4) Officially gotten DALMATES to work with us. Their refund amount is madass huge I tell you.

5) Planning on wave 3. Which is SUPER AWESOMELY UNIMAGINABLY tedious. We are talking about the higher authorities than the ones we have tried. 

As you can see, we are already trying our best to pursue the refund. And we have banged a lot of walls and met a lot of obstacles.

For those whom asked SGTS and myself "what happens after Friday (which is today, 27 Sep) if we don't get our refund?" - we feel very sad, because the response we have gotten from the police was...

"we are unable to do any investigation."

So much for the country's protector. This is obviously a fraud and non could help victims like us. 

My answer for you is, helpless as we are, WE ARE WORKING VERY VERY HARD TO PUSH THIS FURTHER. 

And by means of very very hard, i mean VERY. Both Jennis and I are often zombified. On weekends where I don't work, we sometimes discussed till 1am to 2am, of which I will try to document down our pointers for future good use.

On weekdays, I can see Jennis sleep very late too, working on this.

We sometimes get breathless doing all these because we too hold a day job. :( At such, we may get a bit cranky, but forgive us.

6) Security (Bodyguard) company contacted SGTS (again, actually it's Jennis lah) and told her about his share of story and he is equally victimised by JN. Another piece of shocking infomation was shared by him, about Nu'est's event. Not disclosing to public yet.

Ok bye. Update as and when I got news. Meanwhile, TripleS, DALMATES - stay strong!

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