Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learn to appreciate, even in the reel world

Today's blog is gonna be a lengthy one.

Moral of today's entry: Learn to appreciate things in life.

Logical right? No. Not to some people apparently. Imma telling why.


Rainy day today. I'm feeling sluggish because of the headache. And thanks to buddy's iPen plus Mac's piping hot coffee, I'm feeling cloud nine again. Yes I'm skiving, while waiting for some things to happen in office. Pending stuffs that's never gonna move if I were to procrastinate. But I'm too lazy to follow up so, yeah.

Anyway, today's topic is about people not being appreciative. Mostly the juveniles, if you ask me.

Now if you've read my blog long enough, you'd know by now, that fangirling constitutes to a substantial portion of my life. Yes, it all started with handsome looking boys, but at times, it's the company that moves you on.

Imagine, if you were to join an ECA you heart so much. So, so much. But the fellow mates sucks? On the contrary, you work for a company that is just so-so, but the colleagues are simply anglic, you feel like glueing yourself to the company and never leave? Yeah, that's what I mean.

What inspired me to blog today, was because someone snapped at me in YT yesterday. (Petty much huh? Lol) Frankly, it didn't matter lah. I couldn't be bothered, but it somehow struck me to use this as a splinter to start the topic, which I wanted to pen about but couldn't find enough contents that frustrates me. So now I finally have.

I'm not taking this whole fandom thingy seriously, trust me. But it occurs to me, if this is the way people are behaving, then there's no hope for mankind.

"Learning to appreciate things in life." Every one knows that. So, why aren't some people appreciating the efforts of others - in fandom?

Scenario 1) Bloggers

I salute fandom bloggers I tell you. It never fails to amaze me how can they do their entries so timely. And not only that, bloggers are also feeding information via their twitter these days so, more responsibilities.

So this is the equation:

Blogger wakes up in the morning, goes to school/work,

+ She tries to stay updated with the information with her smartphone,

+ She continues to focus in her lesson/work,

+ She makes mistakes in lessons/work, like anyone,

+ She tries to be accurate and timely in providing the latest news and information,

+ Blogger gets busy, she gets desperate and perhaps she ask someone to update her blog for her,

+ Blogger finish school/work, she rushes back home to continue updating the news.


People ranting at her not being timely.

People expect her to be all mighty and perfect in blogger's entries. Cannot make mistake.

People gets angry when the blogger herself moderate her blog to keep peace.

People threaten. (LMAO)

People cannot take it when blogger gets frustrated and rant abit in twitter.

People start anti the blogger for the above reasons.

Make sense or not? You tell me.


Senario 2) Subbers

Wah this one also daebak. I knew subbing was no easy feat. But not until I tried it myself. I actually signed up with some subber group to do Chinese - English subbing. They gave me 2 clips (clips, not even 1 episode) to try subbing. That's like about 10minutes per clip. So a total of 20 minutes of contents to sub - I gave up. Insane. It took me close to an hour odd to sub a 15 minutes clip.. Then again, maybe it's my incompetence.

Again, equation:

Subber wakes up in the morning, goes to school/work,
+ She makes mistakes in lessons/work, like anyone,

+ She tries to be accurate and timely in her subbing,

+ Subber finish school/work, she rushes back home to continue subbing the video,

+ Subber finally finished 1 episode and faster faster upload.


People ranting at her not being timely.

People expect her to be all mighty and perfect in her video. Cannot make mistake.

People write private mails to subber and complain subber is very slow, why can't she be faster?

People cannot take it when subber gets frustrated.

People start anti the subber for the above reasons.

Fair or not? You tell me.

So, you telling me - today you feel like doing charity. You charitably give someone $5. The receiver slap you and say "Look, if you wanna give, give $1,000. Don't give $5. You might as well go and die if you wanna give me $5."

No that this is happening, but people are doing something similar to make the those that put in effort - feel this way.


Senario 3) Complaints

Everyone can complain. If those on the receiving end can complain, then why can't those that are giving, complain?? It just doesn't make sense.

Very classic examples I'm gonna use here. Say, someone says the person you admire is UGLY, or FAT and actually tweets to his account. Well, he probably won't see it. Or he might. I really don't know. But my question is, if you are a so-called fan, would you tell your idol upfront that he is ugly or fat? And your sentence have no signs indicating you are joking?

On the contrary, this particular person, who had been putting in lotsa effort in supporting that same person, got vocal and stood up for her idol that had been criticise by a fellow fan.

Wrong meh? You tell me.

However, what I saw was people's rebuttal. Claiming the fan (who was apparently voicing out the criticism from others to her idol) insane, mad, crazy etc.

I know, everyone has the freedom of speech. No one is to pin point anyone for any remarks on any person.

But thing is, Fan A took action because Fan B is directly telling their idol "Hey, you look ugly."

Taking action under such circumstances wrong meh? You tell me.

Since when was standing up for the ones you like or admire, something wrong?

Since when did anyone owe you a blog update or nice pictures?

Since when did anyone owe you a translation from Korean to English video clip?

I don't know.

Perhaps that's the reason why more and more major account are going MIA. Because the (unecessary) response is just undeserving at times.

So my dear girls, think. As you grow, learning to appreciate is a great deal. You'd like people to appreciate you too. Learn to construct your thoughts before you voice something negative out. If you can't, then don't. Don't say anything at all.

If you wish to tell you friend that his or her new haircut doesn't suits her, you don't go "Hey, you look so ugly in your new style." - you do it subtly or you don't do it at all, no?

P.S. I'm not saying these because those people I've mentioned, are my friends. I reason out. I analyse. Sure, they might be nasty when they tell fans off. But I'm telling you, they are nastier in real. Fans are generally kinder towards their fellow fans, because they are in the same circle. It's normal for people to recipocrate, when you are nice to someone, he or she returns. Same applies when you are nasty to someone.


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