Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hyung Jun's 2nd visit to Singapore

Can't believe I'm about to fake ill so that I have the excuse to leave office and go welcome someone in the airport. 2:15pm. Whhhy must it be such timing? Tsk.

And pray hard for me the GM is being a little less meaner (he's usually mean beyond believe) and let's me go off.

But I'm half expecting him to say "since there is no 1 in the office and you are on leave tomorrow, I'd think it is not appropriate to take sick leave (I know, wtf), why don't you stay in office, take things slow, rest in office if necessary."

Yup, my colleagues, me - we experienced that before. Leave or no leave, office got people, no people - he never like anyone taking MC even if one is genuinely sick. Bah.

Anyway, that was a digress. Woman. Old. Naggy.

Gonna shove this to Magnae tomorrow:

Wish me luck! (For the airport trip I mean)

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