Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Park Jung Min JN fansign by Shewen0629 **Edited 29/6/2011**

**Edited to add**

Was telling Wen I don't know how many times I'll have to edit this entry.. Lol. Nvm, shall go as she spams.

"The sincere look he gave...."
(jinxed: I could have died if the one he's looking at was me)

"Clarifying if he got the name right? But just love this side of him. keke..."

"Rabbit Min. So cute!!! dedicated for @ who is having her tues blues!!"
(jinxed: FYI, if you are not sure who hiromi is, she's one of Jungmin's loyal fan from Japan. ^^)

"Like this angle but its blur....sads!!"
"How can we miss out on him pouting?"
(jinxed: Loves!!!)

It's nice to hear and know that the boys are always attentive to the fans, no? Sadly, I only hear it from this pair of sisters. I hope I can make friends with hardcore HyunSaengKyu fans to hear their sweetest sides too. ^^

P.S. It's Shewen's birthday. Have you sent her your well-wishes? :)

Spreading some more ❤ from the pics I kiap'd via Shewen's twitpic! She appears normal to me. Soft spoken and all. But looking at her captions (yes, caption's hers, not mine) I'd think Jungmin drove her crazy.

"Looks like he's got an idea...kyaaaaa!!!"

"Got an idea to the right too. Kee ;p"

"No idea why he was so happy putting the microphone down...keke!!"

"Don't anti me. But look at him. He was so tired."

And of course, being sweet as she is, she gave me one exclusive pic of his that looked like this:
Using it as my wallie. ^^

Random happening: Whole world's talking about Hara and JunHyung.

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