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(Stalking) Kim Hyung Jun 2nd fanmeet in Singapore


Why is it I'm stalking Hyungjun when my bias is Jungmin ah?

*Shouts* Shewen~ wo xiang ni~


So the day was Thursday. Where Jjun reaches Singapore. I didn't know his arrival date and time till Wednesday.


Nice. Failed fangirl. Again. I've been calling myself that recently.

And to atone for my guilt as a failed fangirl...

... I fake MC.

Hey, at least I'm responsible to take only half a day's sick leave. Not the entire day ok.

So we were waiting. I reached around 1pm. His arrival was estimated to be 2:15pm. Not too many people in the beginning, but it got better towards the back. And so after some 1 hour plus of wait, our magnae finally came! As usual, the terminal was in an uproar.

Excited fangirls. But not so excited Jjun. Tired? Troubled? I don't know. Despite he took his time to walk out, accepted fan gifts

and even took pictures with some of the fans, he didn't look too chirpy. Well as least not like the 1st time he came. I felt uneasy. We felt uneasy..

It was still early, I completed my fangift, (show below, wrapped in blue) couple of days back, so I had ample time to do fanboard.

1) For @crazynoona

2) Yo, my brother

3) Fangift. Compilation of pics from TS all over the world.

Took me 45 minutes to do the fan board for Jjun, and 1 hour 15 minutes for @crazynoona's. -_-"



Waited outside Ink Bar. Jjun was just behind the curtains. I know, so near yet so far. And saw the host, Ah Ken. For the z-th time already, considering he's always hosting kpop events.

Not forgetting I treated him green apple. From the hotel. (Digress abit, the apple there very nice leh! I had 2. SC had 3..)

So, Yvonne, Ling, Chu, Crazynoona and I waited while some of them are rushing to complete their fan letters etc. SC was in the midst of preparing her's when Jjun walked out. So her's wasn't passed to him as yet. (But rest assure, we think Jjun saw her gift. Don't ask me why. Lol)

Anyway, was complaining some stuffs (never, never ever cross a woman) to the organiser and told her she can make us less upset if we can pass Jjun our gifts. Was then told by her that Jjun will accept any gifts. Security will not block.

The mission: Pass Jjun the ready ones.

I can never forget how Ling pushed her container and tell me: "Cal, you go give him!!!" xD

Eh wait, I forgot to steal 1 piece for myself.. tsk.

Frankly, if it's just mine, I'll probably hesitate. If I'm doing for others, I'm a lot more braver. (Looks at Jacintha and the story of me sabotaging her to Ken. :Þ)

So that was the start of my stupidity..

He stepped out. There were about 3-4 securities (or lesser? Anyway, not more than that lah), Jjun wasn't very closely guarded. The mission was gonna be easy.

Or so I thought.

I'm not BoA. He wasn't even looking at my direction for me to pass him our gifts.

I panicked.

Then I went...

*hop* Yo! My brother!
*hop* Yo! My brother!!
*hop* Yo! My brother!!!!!

(Don't laugh)

So he turned. I am not gonna deny, the smile wasn't genuine. God know what happen to our poor boy. But well he smiled all and all.

"Yo my sister..."

Me: faster faster! *gestured him the bags and bottles and letters and stuffs*

Then I...

*turn and perpetually ran away, squat down in 1 corner in shame*

No, Usain Bolt isn't fast. I am faster.

So that was funny incident 1.


Trooped down to Suntec not long after. It would take no longer than 10 minutes from the hotel to Suntec.

Took a teeeeeny beeeet longer than usual because.. apparently.. the route.. well, blame the GPS. SC, Chu and Von's gut feelings were way better. Ling and I direction idiot. She was reading her weibo and probably telling her weiboers the earlier incident. Me, staring at the strawberry shopping bag dangling at the back.

Reached Rock Auditorium with incredulous number of bags. Picture below shows a mere fraction of it I tell you.

Goodie bags. Courtesy of Only Jun. My green band glows brightly on my table when the lights are off. How 'bout yours?

Flower stands. 1 from SgTS, 1 from Quainte, 1 from Only Jun, 1 from Ling (tgt with Christina + Angela I think), 1 from Yvonne and me.

I feel so indebted to Yvonne. She does most of the things. Very smart of her to use this picture and had it zoom big big big big, so big that our flower stand got aired in xin.msn for quite a few seconds.

Very stupid of the organiser to place the standing ovasions at the back entrance of the auditorium. How can Jjun see right? I mean, he's not even entering from the back door. Again, managed to dig some information that he saw the stands already during his rehearsal. How true it is, I don't know..

Hi 5 session

Mission: 1) Keep promoting @crazynoona, 2) Say "Yo! My brother" again so he rembrs me and 3) the ask if he has ate the piropiro cookies, 4) Ask him to cheer up, 5) Stick Only Jun sticker on his hand, 6) hi 5.

Oh my goodness oh my soul, 6 things to do within less than 5 seconds. Can meh?!!?!

Cannot. I missed out (4). But it was done later so I'm happy anyways.

Crazynoona was told to stand in between Yvonne and I, so that our fanboards arrow point the correct direction. Either way, the sequence was always Von, Crazynoona, me.

Von said something like "Crazynoona has done alot for you. Please rembr her." (Von ah, sorry if I rembr wrongly...)

Me: *Stepped forward* "Yes yes yes. Crazynoona *shows board* Daebak, daebak."

Jjun: "Crazy..Noona? O.o"

Crazynoona: "Dehhhh" (With possibly the brightest smile I've ever seen) *hi-5 with both hands and they lock fingers* and I dunno what else they said. I is nervous till want to die already*

So my turn.

*Points "Yo! My brother" fanboard*

Him: "Annyeonnnng"

Me: "Have you ate the cookies?"

*He didn't catch it*

Me: "Yo! My brother!!!"

Jjun: "Ahhhhh~ Yo my shista~~!" (Ken came and disturbed at this point of time I swear I could have kicked him)

*Raise out hand* We shook hands.

*Grabbed his hand over and pasted the sticker and pressed it 3 times so it's secure*

I didn't think I was slapping. But according to others, they heard me slapping the sticker rather than sticking it. So there I go. I slapped Hyungjun's arm. xD I hope I don't get any antis.

Other random actions:

- Yvonne, Xiaochu, Ling, Crazynoona and I shouted: "Hyungjun ah, Saranghaeyo! Him neyo!"

(Can't rembr what Jjun replied.. was it "Na do"?)

- Same group of girls, together with.. was her name Jessica? Shouted: "Crazynoona daebak!"

(But it seems like he only heard "Daebak" and prolly mistaken it as us saying he's daebak. Ok lah, Jjun you daebak also)

I'm sure you've seen the fancams. So it's not gonna be posted here. Lazy!


Jjun was back into the hotel around 12:30am. We could have took the same lift as him but none of us knew why we didn't.. =_="

If you saw the "Exclusive footage" fancam, clearly someone asked Jjun a question. This was what happened:

Chu: Have you eaten?

Jjun: Yes I have eaten!

Ling: OH! But we haven't eaten!!

I kept laughing at her "Oh". It was.. full of emotions. LMAO.

That's funny incident 2.


Well, remember I asked why didn't we take the same lift as Jjun? Right, we were tad stupid not to do so. But not entirely stupid - we rushed up immediately. In fact, we've already got ourselves familiar with the route of the level.

Sadly, he was already in his room. So in short, we "sent" him back to his doorstep.


Funny incident 3 relates Xiaochu. No defamation intended but she really is very different from the translator-xiaochu we all knew. Ok, same. Only difference is, she is actually damn funny.

While settling down for our very late dinner, or dipper (dinner + supper) we should say, at about 1am, Chu suddenly came out from the bathroom and asked,

"does anyone knows how to use the shower??!!?"

Very user unfriendly - none of us knows how to operate it.

So she picked up the phone and called the operator.

*waits for a few seconds, while rest of us still struggling*

"Hello, I want to know how to use your shower."
"They put me on hold. I think the operator also dunno how to use."

Not that it is wrong. But her straightforwardness at that point of time got me laughing like mad.

I wish I recorded Ling and xiaochu's randomness. I love randomness.


Other random stuffs:

- We were all worried Yvonne fainted inside the bathroom. Ling keeps checking on her to see if she was alive.

- Yvonne got fetish for bathtub. Or so we claimed.

- I am a "ren yao". So called transvestite. xD Proclaimed by Ling. (So if I were to call myself that, please, I'm a REAL female. The boobs so small the stomach so big I am not a transsex. xD)

- Ling uphold the spirit of "humji sisters" (reads: cowardly, timid, gutless) because she was the only 1 not stalking Jjun.

- We think of JM whenever we see houseflies. And wherever Shewen is, she kenna our nonsenses. Even if it's 5am Sg time.

- I miss Zoel.

- Jjun prolly likes his new CK underwear.

- Jjun prolly played poker with his dancers before he slept around 2.30am.

- Jjun screams alot. (lol)

- Jjun prolly had nightmare of people walking and ghost whistling.

- Jjun prolly walks with his eyes close, using shades to cover his dorkiness.

- Jjun likes starbucks.

P.S. We could have ran more than 500m within 10 minutes just to send that boy off. So be thankful of our fancams especially the departure ones! Lol.

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  1. this one is 有够好笑好吗!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can totally imagine xiaochu's expressions when she made that call! like i told her even though just 2 short sms from her just now, i is LOL till my colleagues O.O at me....

    u gals really fun! go set-up stalker company! sure good business too! haha


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