Monday, June 27, 2011

Random fangirling that intertwines with my life philosophy

Thought I had to pen this down because it was a joy too pity not to be shared!

And so she did it. Jjun followed OnlyJun! Was told he followed the account less than 12 hours (or 14? Aiya, Bad with numbers as usual) after she setup the twitter account.

Say you are jealous.

Ok, jealous is not an appropriate word. Say you are happy for her! Because really, you cannot imagine the amount of effort she has put in all these while to get this result. Small, but significant.

But anyway, that wasn't the point. What I am trying to say is, the boys really saw their hard work and effort. If you are sincerely supporting them, they know. And fellow fans will know too. Most people are selfishly nurtured, but mankind are born kind I believe. If people think you deserve help, you will receive help and if you deserved to be thanked, you will be thanked somehow or rather. Basic logic.

Basic logic that sadly, some people don't understand. I'm glad to be able to vouch for Tom and Jerry that they belong to the appreciative ones.

And it's because of this, fans continue to support. I mean, who wants to throw in money, not ask for anything in return, and end of the day, get someone who doesn't even appreciates right? Hee. Well at least here, we get to see JM and Jun's response.

Nuff said, here's a pic I niap'd from Shewen. Heh. As usual, she share her experiences of JM's thoughtfulness which never fails to get me squeeeeealing.

This Shewen also got fair share of significant gestures from JM. Teeheehee. So cute this 2.

Sometimes, being in a large group doesn't get you anywhere.
Sometimes, being an individual gets you somewhere.

Sometimes, being loud doesn't guarantee you are heard.
Sometimes, silence is the best form of communication.

Sometimes, going to the frontline doesn't reflects your braveness.
Sometimes, being a backup diminishes your cowardly side.


Abit of kukudemic stuffs:

Shifting Jjun's albums up and some other people's album down. Also checking on the shelving of DS's albums. Crazy women. (That includes me as well)

Think I better hide their identity because they are all very low profile in real.
If you know who are they then good. If you don't know.. too bad.

Random happening in my whatsapp
1) discussing to go KL or not. -_-"
2) talking abt xmm fans
3) the buddy talking abt her sibeh bo liao friend that can be very good friends with my manager. We think both of them got no friends.

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