Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm, spinning around~

Nyoohoo! Howdy people? Had a good weekend not?

I'm having some contant gastric since last Friday. And it doesn't seem to be going easy on me. And a bonus! I'm actually running some slight fever now. That explains the title quoted from Kylie Minogue's "Spinning Around". Dizzy.

Work up this morning feeling my most lethargic (REALLY lethargic. Not Iwanttogetmctosleep lethagic) but went on to work anyways.

This is a good sign. ^^

Random stuffs:

- RIP, Amy Winehouse.

- RIP, those affected from the Norway killing. My heartfelt condolences to all of you. And you, my reader, if you happen to know anyone from Norway, please send this stranger's love to them. TQVM.

Random, once in a blue moon confession:

- I miss Blue, Meanie, Jeanie (and Cindy who is bugging me via facebook, right now). I feel I haven't been showing them alot of concerns.. Idk if it's the "married woman" curse that is stopping me to call them as frequently but I'm taking it as a lousy excuse of mine now. As far as I'm concern, quality meetup with these people are highly necessary be it they are hitched or not. Else I'll kick their ass.

Oh wait, Meanie ping'd me last week to meet up. Oh shit. *flips calendar* Pali pali fix a date with this roly poly of mine.

- Me ♥ Kymmie. Albeit I'm always nagging and jumping at her, she remains my top hierarchy of friends. I can never not worry about her.. Sometimes I wonder if she's really coping well with her work. Not because of her work capability lah, but her very innocent mind at times simply puts me to endless worries. *shrugs* You know, society can get as bad as it gets. Then again, it gladdens me to hear she's been pacing through some quite nasty things, pretty well! I should learn to tell myself to take it easy.

- Mum's birthday coming. I'm gonna give her 4pcs x $50, 6pcs x $10 and 8 gold coins. Make the ang pao fat fat big big heavy heavy. Mummy superficial, she likes this heavy heavy big big. Like daddy. So trust me, the thought of changing $100 worth of gold coins and give her as a birthday present, crossed my mind. xDD

K, gonna bath and medicate myself and watch 醉后决定爱上你. Last episode iszit?

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