Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I like red....

But the pictures doesn't say so.

Check out the amount of pink belongings I have! Goodness I'm gonna puke at the amount of pink I'm seeing here. And I hope people stop assuming I adore this color..

Reason being why I thought of doing this entry was because I got back from lunch and placed my wallet on the desk and went =_=". Literally.

Pink water bottle.
Bought 2, mum said she don't want the pink one so I kio the leftover.

Pink cup. (Gift from the ex-manageress)

Pink wallet. Ok this one I chose it myself.
The other colors were blue and/or yellow I can't remember.

There. Just the office table alone I see so many pink items it's hard to convince people it's not my favourite. Not. My. Favourite. At. All.

It's just that, the color I fancy, red, is sometimes too wild, too overwhelming, too loud to be carried around. I used to wear red alot. From head to toe. Maybe because I thought I could carry off the color. Digress a little, I had this HORRENDOUS experience of wearing red top, red pants, red shoes, matched with red nail colors and bag.

And I thought it was cool. *facepalm*

Imagine a gigantic firecracker walking around the streets of orchard? Wah piang fashion disaster. Tsk tsk tsk. I is mad. But no leh, that time I think I very chio. xDDDD Okok don't click on the [x] to close your window.

My point is, I like red. But I don't carry alot of red stuffs. Especially I'm more.. toned down. Which is why I pick the color only for certain product. Like my nails or the organiser show below.

Look, what is next to red? Moving on with the color chart we have Orange, Pink, Purple. Orange? Yikes. Purple? Nah!! Pink? Ok deal.

Hah! See, I made do with pink because it's a safer color. My 1st preference is always red. I hope people stop relating me with pink already. :( Albeit I have lotsa of pink.

I irk Hello Kitty. I irk Melody or Twinkle stars or whatsoever Sario products.

Signing off with a pic of the poochies.

With a peek-a-boo from Johnny. Teeheehee.

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