Monday, August 8, 2011

This is a day where...

You step into the office just to wait to step out of the office.

Because it's public holiday tomorrow! Everone is feeling the pre-hol.

Was reading the papers today and saw this interesting article that basically says "If you want to pour your sorrows to others, you should pour it to yourself first."

Hmmm. Interesting.

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Well, the author claimed people should learn to do a self-reflection (or so she said "complain to yourself first before you do so to others") and that what help does it make for one to post their emotions on the social portals - does it simmer one's temper should a person "Like" the complain made? That people are contantly in need of attention, so much so they failed to think it through when things happened, which eventuates to an inadequacy on tolerating things, as compared to the older gens.

I guess the author herself belongs to an older generation. For she fails to see the invasion of social media. It is the exact purpose, for people to contantly update their latest happenings. While some chose to post the happier things and not wash their dirty linens, on the contrary, others have their freedom to post their unhappiness and complaints on social portals, no?

Yes, and no - to the question of author made: does it simmer one's temper should a person "Like" the complain made?

Subjective. Some may feel a little sense of comfort. Some don't - because the complaint made doesn't seem that serious afterall. My sentiments to the "constantly attention seeking part" thou. ^^

Venting on social portal ain't the least bit of inappropriate I feel. It's like the older gens keeping the diary and leaving it in their drawers unlocked.

Only difference is that people nowadays are "wearing mini skirts and short sleeves and showing their skin" as compared to "long ah-umm skirts and three quarter sleeves and wrap oneself up". In short - people are more open these days I feel the author should look into this and do an article about it. I like Miss Shenton of course. So much so I read her articles carefully, with much considerations, whenever I had the chance. :)

Coming back to the article, I feel what she said is quite true actually. People tend to complain more without knowing why exactly is their purpose of complaining. In the case of her friend, it's just like I've mentioned - she didn't know what she want. Which was why.. she complained for hours? Sad girl.

I'm glad my friends usually come clean with me. They made it clear they just wanna complain for the sake of complaining, vent their frustrations, finish and move on. Simple as that. Either that or they truly want your advise because they are lost.

Ok, not really lost-lost. Or rather, people get blinded by the amount of choices they had they get confused between right and wrong they need bystanders to throw in some suggestions because it's undeniable that they are the ones who see the clearer picture.

Should they not fall under these categories, sadly, no one is obliged to wait for them or hear them complain.

3 hours of complain is really a killer.

Then again, maybe not. If that 3 hours is a once and for all thing and not recurring. *rolls eyes at my previous encounters*

What is 3 hours compared to 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months?! Hah! I've come acrossed people grieving over the tiniest thing for the longer period. Evar.

Penning off with a doodle:

Love Singapore. But not feeling patriotic at all.

Happy advance national day y'all!

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