Monday, August 22, 2011

Park Jung Min 『Not Alone』 versus Van Ness Wu 『Is this all』

Just when I lately posted about Jungmin's Not Alone being plagiarised, there's another I found. It's not a plagiarised work for sure, but there's some identical parts I've spotted. Great minds think alike perhaps? Or good stuffs had to be shared maybe? ^^

Happened to chance upon Van Ness's "Is this all" MV and was surpised by the amount of similarities. I originally thought the tune sounded like "Not Alone", while watching the MV I went, "hey the MV seems like Jungmin's one ah?!

Crossed my mind I wanted to talk about this butI nearly forgot.

So here you are! Picture says it all:

The "prayers" gesture

The settings

The punk style and the makeup

The violins

And of course, not to mention the song itself. Here you go:

Check out Jungmin's 0:18 and Van Ness's 0:18 (Omg the timing also the same? Is it me or what?)

Check out Jungmin's 0:45 and Van Ness's 1:05

Check out Jungmin's 1:01 and Van Ness's 1:17

Credits: TonyKPOPMV via YT

Credits: universaltwn via YT

Similar not? :)

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